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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




This was going to be a new adventure to me.

I was not marrying James in the real world, but we had a connection, thanks to the dream and my inner voice speaking when it thought right to.

Though now I was up here in Scotland with James, the voice had not appeared.

I did wonder if that was it.

Maybe I could speak for myself now.

Walking around Edinburgh, I remembered it well.

I went looking for shows advertising Gilb, and Dave.

But could find nothing.

Damn I thought.

I looked everywhere, and asked people if they knew, where their show was, but no one had even heard of them.

Well I know they were real, I said to myself.

In the end I went into a bar, for a drink.

Shit I thought, I hope they don’t ask for i.d.

But they did not.

I stood at the bar and ordered a Guinness.

The pub was quite packed.

But people from all over the UK were in there.

I got out a cigarette and went to light it, but my lighter was playing silly buggers.

Damn, I thought, I hating asking people for a light.

I looked around for someone to ask for a light.

With that two men walked into the pub and walked straight up to the bar.

You could not of missed them.

One was very tall.

The other spoke in a loud welsh accent.

I smiled, to myself.

Gilb, asked the barman for two pints.

Then I saw him take out his cigarettes.

So I then jumped in and asked him for a light.

He said sure, and passed me his lighter.

 I took a drag and handed it him back, and thanked him.

Now I would strike the iron while it was hot.

So where are you two performing then I asked him.

Gilb, who had now also lit his cigarette, turned to Dave, shocked.

How do you know we are performing?

I have been looking for a flier for you both all day and found nothing.

Dave butted in,

Well this is our first time here, and we don’t have our first show yet, but we are supporting one guy, we are sort of a warm up act.

Gilb added, we hope to get our own show, as we have written one, just need someone to give us a chance.

I am sure they will I said sipping my pint.

I got chatting to them both for a good hour.

I told them both they would do well, in the future.

They wanted to know how I could know this.

I never told them what I had seen in the dream, but that I had faith in them and they would travel far, and wide.

They thanked me for believing in them, as at that time they did not even believe in themselves.

They told me the time and place of their first show tomorrow.

I told them I would get and see them perform.

Then I decided to get back and see James.

This time, I was not chatting to them behind his back, so there would be no rows.


When I got back, I noticed a motor bike parked outside.

He must have visitors, I thought.

I went in and he was in the kitchen singing again, but there was no radio on.

Hey I said.

Hi he replied,

He was cooking again.

You’re in a good mood I said.

Yep he said all pleased, with himself

Did you see it, outside?

What I said.

The bike, he replied.

Oh that yes, I thought you had visitors.

He laughed.

No she’s all mine, isn’t she a beauty, he said well chuffed.

Yeah great, I said, not really having an interest in motor bikes.

How about after dinner I take you for a ride on it, he said getting back to his cooking.

Yeah ok, I said, though I was a bit worried, as I did not know he could ride a bike, seeing he did not in the dream.

As we sat down to eat, he asked if I had seen that he had bought a bike in the dream.

I told him no, and this was all new to me.

I kept thinking maybe the dream was slipping away.

But then I had met up with Gilb and Dave, today, so something was occurring.

I washed up while he got his bike sorted.

I hope he knows how to ride this thing I thought.

Here put this on, he said passing me a helmet when I got outside.

I looked like a clown, but safety first I thought.

You can drive this properly I said getting nervous.

Yes, of course, James said, all kitted up and ready to go.

He got on the bike and started it up.

I still wasn’t sure about it all.

Come on get on, he said.

I smiled trying to hide the fact I was scared.

Have you ever had a ride on a motor bike, James asked revving it up.

No I said.

You should of said, James said nearly laughing.

I felt like a right twat.

Look climb on the back and just put your arms around me, and hold on tight.

Oh god I thought, I am going to get close to him again.

I got all excited, then, composed myself.

 I hope he did not notice.

I cocked me leg over and put my arms round his waste.

It did feel nice holding tight hold of him again.

Right you ready he said.

No I said pulling myself closer into him.

He laughed, right here we go.

And he rode off fast.

I screamed and he laughed.

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