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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




I was not enjoying, but said nothing, as he rode us all over, god knows where, I just shut my eyes and held on tight.

James eventually pulled in.

You can let go now he said laughing.

Thank god, I thought, were home.

I opened my eyes, we were not home.

James helped me off the bike.

It was getting late but being summer, it was still light, and warm, which was nice, seeing we were up in Scotland.

So how did you enjoy that, he said taking of his helmet.

I didn’t I said then taking off mine.

James laughed.

It’s just the best feeling, he said looking around at where he had stopped.

Where are we? I asked also looking around.

Just a country road, near Stirling.

Christ that far out I thought, we have to get back yet.

Any taxi ranks around here, I said.

James laughed out loud.

So did we go see many places, in the dream then James asked.

Yeah we went to a few places, I replied.

So this dream then he said, is it planning out, how it should of then?

Well parts had, and today, I met up with Gilb and Dave, so it seemed it things were happening but not in the way I thought they might of.

There is still a lot to this story James, I told him, but things are happening, like me meeting you and coming up here, and others things.

What other things he asked.

Today I met two people, but one in particular appears a lot in the dream, I told him.

Who, he asked.

His name is Gilb, and he becomes a good friend.

Oh said James.

Well we met in Scotland then, I don’t see him for a while.

Then he ends up marrying my best friend, who I am yet to meet in this life.

James was fiddling about with the bike, but was taking notice of what I was saying.

So do you and this Gilb get it on then he asked?

I laughed out loud.

God no, I said.

What does this Gilb do then? James asked, coming over to stand by me.

At the moment he is a, would be, comedian, just starting out.

But in a few years time he becomes quite famous, I told him.

So is he on at the fringe, James asked?

Yeah I am going to see him tomorrow, do you want to come, I asked him.

He thought about it a bit, like he was jealous.

Yeah why not, he said.

There was no one about on the road, and it was really quiet, apart from insects chirping in the grass.

Right you ready to get back then, James said putting his helmet back on.

Do we have to? I said getting scared again.

We don’t have to go back if you want stay out a bit longer, he said looking all concerned.

No I mean do we have to get back on the bike, I said trying to laugh but I was really bricking it.

James laughed.

Come on lass. He said coming over and putting my helmet on and doing up the straps.

He looked into my eyes and I looked into his.

He was so fit for a man in his 40’s.

Ok the hair was going, but he still had that spark in his eye.

And I knew what a lover he was.

Coming back to reality, I looked away.

James coughed, and got on the bike.

Then I got on behind him, and held on tight again.

He revved up the bike and we rode off, again home.

When we got home it was dark, and had gone a bit cold.

I must smoked about five cigarettes, to calm my nerves.

While he sorted out the bike.

Then we both went in doors, and he put the fire on in the lounge.

I was already to fall asleep, but he got the vodka out.

Handing me a glass and sitting beside me on the coach, which was also my bed, he told me he would sort the spare bedroom out tomorrow, instead of me sleeping on the coach all week.

It was comfy enough, I did not mind sleeping there, I told him.

He poured me a vodka.

So how does this all end he asked.

Did I really want to tell him I fall in love with a Spanish man.

So I told him the end.

I die.

James knocked back his glass of vodka.

You die he said looking concerned.

Yep, at the age of 35, I said still remembering it, as if it were yesterday.

How he asked.

I had a cancerous mole, I never knew about, and I suppose you could say the shock of finding out finished me off.

Was I there at the end with you, James asked, pouring another drink.

Oh yes, I said.

James did not know what to think.

You have less hair though, I said, trying to make a joke of the situation.

Great he said, trying not to laugh.

But maybe in the real world I won’t die, I said, thinking god if I am to die before I get old I better start living right now.

I necked back my vodka.

And I had another 6.

The bottle lasted about an hour.

And I fell asleep on James on the couch.

I woke up at about 3 am, James was still asleep.

With a sore head, I looked up at him,

He looked so quite sleeping there.

We had left the fire and light still on so I thought it best to get up and turn them off.

I went to the toilet and brushed my teeth as my breath must of stank, of booze and fags.

Then settled back down, on the couch, my head lying on his lap.

James moved his hand to stroke my face.

It felt nice.

I then took his hand and kissed it.

Then held on to it.

I rolled over and looked up at him.

He was looking down at me.

Well it’s now or never, I thought.

He took my other hand and pulled me, towards him.

Our lips met.

I was a virgin in the real world.

But this was his home, not a crappy hotel.

We made out on the coach for a while then he said to me, bed time I think.

I nodded.

And he got up off the coach.

He took my hand and helped me up.

Then he lifted me up.

And carried me up the stairs.

When we got to his bedroom, we could not get our clothes off quick enough.

Then we got down to business on the bed.

He was like how he was in the dream.

Rough, but so good.

Before we went any further he asked if I was on anything.

I told him I was on the pill.

Good he said I don’t want your dad after me he said laughing.

I laughed as well, then he kissed my neck and I began to grown.

We were at it for hours.

In all positions.

But it felt right.

Though it did not mean I was going to marry him.

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