High School Musical--- ch 1--- Me and Chad

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - High School Muscical--- ch 1--- Me and Chad

Submitted: December 03, 2008

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Submitted: December 03, 2008




you and sarah are just geting ready for your frist day of your new school. You had on your heartagram shirt, blue jeens, black eye liner. sarah hed on the same thing but her shit was a diffenrt heartagram shirt. you both grab your skate bords couse you dont go any were without them. you put them in the car. sarah got in the driver set. you look at eatch other. and noded you put him a him cd and took off.


Your summer sucked. Tayler moved and 3 days after she moved she called you and said she found some one els. you couldnt belive it your heart was broken. You were at school talking to Troy in the parking lot when this black car pulled up the music was blarring. thes 2 grils got out they were new. this one gril got your eye. you coulnt help but smile.


you walk in the school and it seemed to be filled with jockes and preaps.

"Sarah so they have to be in every school?"

"of couse the school can servie with out people who think there better then every one els."

you had a list of all your classes in one hand and an ipod in the other.

"ok Sarah who do we ask." you saw an girl in glasses and whent over.1

"Hi were new can you help us??" Sarah asked

"Sure i can help you im Kelsi "

"Im Jamie and the is Sarah."

you gave her your list.


the inercome came on "would Kelsi Nielsen please came to the office??"

she rooled her eyes

"ok jamie go down this hall and Sarah go down that hall you cant miss the class sorry i have to go??"

"its ok."

she leffed

"well i gess we go are suppert ways for now good luck Sarah."

"good luck Jamie."

you stard walking you loked all over for the class ill have to ask some one you looked the was a big group of jucks you bit your toung. you saw one and you liked his hair so you tapped him on the shoulder a exsue me. he turnd around oooo he was nice looking.


" a im new can you tell me were Mis. Darbus's room is."

he smiled

"ya i know were it is I have her now ill show you." he said by to his friends.

some thing was differnt about this jock he was nice. he ask you stuff like were you moved from was it nice there. after a while you were there.

"well this is Mis Darbus O keep your cell of she likes to talke them away and give you detanasion."


you whent in and sat down the bell rang and in cae mis. darbus. the guy who walked you to class sat in the back. you got in your backpack and got your notebook out but when you pulled it out your cell fell on the floor.

"Mis Howes!!" you loked up "Cell please and ill see you in detanasion."


"no buts phone."

you gave it to her

"Mis. darbus thats not right. you heard some one say from the back you looked it was the guy that walked you to class.

"A MR. Danforth."

"It fell out of her bag its not her fult."

"Well i gess ill just see you in detanasion as well."

ok a juck just stood up for you. Damn sarah willnot belive this.


YOu just leffed jamie the bell was going to ring any min. you saw 2 a people talking guy and girl, preps. but there was no one els. and pluse you liked the guys hat.

"a exsue me."

they looked at you "what do you whant??" the girl sayed.

"i need help finding my class." she looked away. you whanted to his her.

"Ill help you wear you going."

"mr. hill"

"i have that class now ill show you."

"ryan the girl sayed."


"come on.

you stared walking

"so a you know my name now whats yours??"


"nice to meet you"


a prep being nice.?? Jamie not going to belive me.

"can i ask you something ryan??


"Sharpay seems why to preoy and i thought you sere but your not so why do you hang with her."

he smiled and laughed. "Shes my sister"

"o sorry.'

"its ok i know.

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