High School Musical--- ch 1--- Me and Chad

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - HSM--Me and chad

Submitted: December 03, 2008

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Submitted: December 03, 2008




you got out of class chad came up to you.

"Chad why did you do that??"

"what do you mean??"

"well jocks dont usaly stick up for people like me. that why it took me away for me to ask you were this class was couse i thought you was just going to shack me off " he smiled and gave a little laugh

"well i use to be like that but im not like that any more. " you smiled

"so when and were is detanasion??"

"its after school in the autruam. if you like i can asurt you."

you looked into his eyes and smiled


You were wating on Jamie by you locker you saw her coming fanaly.

"hey Jam Jam."

"hey Sam Sam."

"so you find you class ok??"

"ya and your not going to belive me."

"what?? it cant be as weird as what happend to me." you told eather what happend so was shocked when you told her a jock stood up for you.

"ok sarah a ask a guy for help couse of his hair and you ask couse of his hat man we are weird people."

"i know. well sis we better head to are next class."

"ya i gess your right sarah but hey whant to her some dog??"

"Hell ya you both put your head phones on and played the dog the bounty hunter them song

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