High School Musical--- ch 1--- Me and Chad

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - CH 3 out of ????

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



The Next day in your last class


You liked talking to chad and sarah liked talking to Ryan you never thought you would e talking to a prep and a joke. the clasa phone rang and the techer picked up. then she looked at you.



"your needed in the office."

you stared waling you ran into Sarah in the halls.

"Whats up sarah??"

"i got called to the office."

"me 2."

you both got there you saw 2 vaces of flowers sitting on a deck.

"o thouse are nice."

"Ya i like the one on the right it has more blck roses in it." Sarah sayed

"i wonder whos thay are."

a vice form behind you said "the one on the left is yours Jamie and Sarah your is the right."

you looked behind you it was the princabell

"realy??" you both said

"ya theres note on them."

"you both grabed your note."

Note: Jamie meet me in the parking lot at 5:00 ill show you im more then what you think i am."

you couldnt help but smile sarahs note sayed the same. you both whent back to class with your flowers still smilleing you sat down every one was like who got thouse for you and stuff like that but all you could do is smile you hade 6 purple, 2 red and 4 pink and 2 black. sarah had 3 purple, 6 black, 4 red, 1 pink. the bell rang and you when to the car sarah had just put her flowers in the car when you got there.

"So we going to meet them??"

"ya." sarah sayed

"cool lets go get ready."

you both got home and took quck showers and you put on a nice dark purple top and blue jeens with your heartagream neckless and sarah put on her otep shirt and black jeens with her heartagrem neckless. you pulled in to the school at 4:50. you saw Chad and Ryan standing in the parking lot. You looked at sarah and got out. You guys got us the Roses??? you both said

"Ya did you guys like them??" ryan asked

"we loved them." you both sayed they let at a sig of relefe and both smiled.

then they both walked up to you.Chad looked in to your eyes you ready??

"for what surprise he smiled and took your hand he led you to his car and ran lead sarah to his they opend the door for you. dang you thought not use to that. you looked at sarah and sayed by you gto in the car, Chad shot the door and got in the driver set and handed you a bland flod. you looked at him.

"come on trust me i'm not going to try any thing."
"better not."

you grab it and put it on. he stard the car and you felt it start moving.

"so what kind of music do you like??"

"any but country i hate country."

"Same here, how about 96.5.??"

"sounds good chad."

thoue the hole ride you talked about movies and about both your famleys.

"ok were here."

"cool so can i??"

"no just give me a few secs."

you heard his door open and close then another door open and close you just sat there until you heard your door open you felt his hands touch your hands your heart skipt a beat.

"ok im going to help you out of the car and were going to walke a ways then you can take off the bland fold"

there was a picneck set up by a lack it was great you coulndt belive it.

"o Chad its so perfict." you coulndt stop smilling

"im glad you like it." he said as he handed you a pink rose."

"thanks Chad."

still holding your hand he lead you down to the blankit and you both sat down.


You had your bland fold on.

"so Sarah what do you like to do??"

"well i love to read if i could i would own my own laybery."

"cool, hey have you read the pig man??"

"ya that book was great did you read the 2nd one??"

"What they have another one??"

"ya ill let you borrow it some time."

"cool. ok were here no leve your bland fold on."

you heard him get out of the car then you heard him open your door. he grab you hand and help you out of the car. you walked for a bit.


"im all ways ready." he took off your bland fold you were in front of a them park it was comply empty. "its just us here??"

"ya well after Chad and Jamie get done doing there thing there coming over.

"sweet." you couldnt stop smileing you had never been in a park that was just you and a few people it was great. you rode a few rides.

"so ready to go on a roler coster??"

"ya im a little scared of them."

"it will be fine im here with you."

"all right but im going to scream."

"fine by me."

you got on one not a big one. just one thats just right to start off on. you got to the top and it stop.

"o shit it brok i new this would happin i..!!!"

"sarah its all right come down i had him stop us here couse the sun setting and i thought this would be a great vew to see it."

"o ok just next time tell me that before it happend."



the sun was setting it was so lovely

"chad i had a great time."

"o the days not over yet come on."

he grab your hand and you both got in the car a few mintes latter you were in front of a park and he tols you that ryan got this for him and sarah for the day and that we were going to join them.

"just us 4??"




it got late so the guys took you both back to your car at the school they open the doors for you agen.

"chad im glad i whent with you today."

"same. so have i prove to you that im not like every other jock."

you smiled "ya you did."

"good." he took your hand and kissed it "ill see you latter"

"look forword to it."

you and sarah got in your car and stared driving.

"sis im falling heard for a jock but not just any jock and nice one."

"shit im falling for a prep a a great prep."

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