Me & Leland Chapman

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ok yes another story but this one is of leland chapman here is the intro

Your name is Jamie your best friend who is like your sister is Sarah you both moved to hawaii and you have lived there for 3 weeks. you work at a bar most of the time but same times you and her go and work at a strip club to get some more cash. you are hugs fans of dag the bounty hunter and you always had a cush on leland and sarah had on on Duane lee

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Me & Leland Chapman

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008



YOUR POV: you and sarah just got ready to out on the town.



"the frist thing we should do today is go get surf boards."

"Ya we should get 3 each. one can have a heartagram, then one can have criss angel mind freak then the last shall be."

"dog the bounty hunter."

"right. lets go."

you locked up your house wich was one the beach. when you got in the car you blared HIM and when to the surf store. you told the guy what you wanted he sayd no problem he can do it. you stared waling away from the shop.




SARAH & JAMIE'S POV: al of a sudden you felt some one grab you and turn you around then put a knif to your neck.



they yelld "well do it dog."



that when you saw do and the team come running up.



"Ladey just stay come well get you out of this." Dog sayd.

"Cona, Jona you dont what to hurt them." Tim sayd





YOUR POV: you looked at sarah and you both smiled



BOTH POV:you ellbowed the guys in the gutthen you grab there arm and twised it then pulled him around front and need him in the nuts then bhen he fell down you hit him one last time.



YOUR POV: Tim got the guy who had you then dog got the guy who had sarah they hand cuffed them.



"Damn girl's." Beth sayed "You sould be bounty Hunters??"



you and sarah looked at eatch other.



"got that right beth." leland and Duane lee sayed



"Whats your names???" Beth asked



"im Jamie."

"im sarah." you both were holding back how exsided you both wear to fanley meet dog and his famley mostly to meet his 2 sexy sons

leland and duane lee. they all shouk your hands and sayed who they were.



"How did you guy learn to firght like that??" Beth asked.

"Well we took some classes and we learnd some stuff from movies." you sayed.



"Sweet." Tim sayd "so are you guys a fan of the show??"



you looked at sarah



"a no we have only seen a few eps." just then your cell rang and your ring tone was the them song to there show.



"not fans of the show ha??" dog said

"well ok we are hug fans."


your phone rang agen you grab it and sayd hellow. it was your boss he whanted you and sarah to come in now.



"Sarah we have to go to work now."

"all right so much for are day off."

"were do you work???" Tim askd

"at a bar/club called cool canes."

"well hey stop by are place some night we could use some help." Beth said

"ok sounds good we would love to help you heres are # if you need us."



you said by to everyone and then got in the car.



"Jamie we just meet 2 sexey men."

"i know and beth asked us to help out how cool is that."

"i know."








you were in the car beth was driveing and your bro was in the back with you. you could not stop thinking about Jamie just some thing about her was just so.



"Leland, Duane lee!!" beth yelld " Whats up wit you 2 you are usaly so hiped up after a bust but now your,,,oooo i see whats up its thouse girls you like them."



"NO." you both said



"Ok who likes who."


you got to the jail and you all hoped out. you pulled your bro aside.



"ok who do you like??"

"sarah you??"


"Thats good i thoue we both liked the same one."

"ya that would be weird."



"Leland, Duane lee Come." Your dad yelld

"Ya you both said."



"so tell us who likes who."

"we dont like them can we please go." you both said as you hoped in the car.





LELAND AND DUANE LEE POV:after 30mints of everyone asking you who you liked you were fanley home and still you could not thinking of jamie/sarah.






"Sarah is it just me or did they look hoter in person??"

"Hell ya."

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