Me & Leland Chapman

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - ME & Leland Chapman

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



Leland's pov:

You were looking for a guy who was known to hang at clubs. So you and Dwanelee went to check out the same place Jamie and Sarah worked so you at least had an excuse to say hi. As soon as you got there you saw them. You heard Beth yell "Guys! Hello!"

"What Beth?" You both said.

"We do have a job to do." So you went up to Jamie and Sarah and they smiled. "Hey guys, what can we do for you?" Jamie asked. "We're looking for someone." You said, showing her the picture, "Does he hang out here?" "Yeah, he come's in here all the time." Sarah said looking at Dwanelee, "He comes in at 11:30 sharp. He keeps thinking that he's going to score with us." "So you guys can go outside, and when he comes in Sarah will come out and signal for you to come in." Jamie said. "Ok," you said, "We'll park in row three." Then you, Dwanelee, and Beth went back to the cars. You and Dwanelee got in the car with your dad and told him what was going on. Beth got on the walkie talkie. "So are they out of their daze yet?" "What's going on?" Dog said. "Nothing!" You and Dwanelee said at the same time. "Beth fill me in!" Dog said. "It's Jamie and Sarah." Beth said. "They like them but I don't know who likes who yet." "We do not!" You and Dwanelee yelled."

Your POV:

You saw the guy come in. He sat down in front of you. "Hey sexys what's up?" You looked at Sarah and she went outside. You made sure that the guy didn't look behind him at all times because that's where Dog and the crew would be coming from. "So would you like a drink on the house?" You asked, giving him googily eyes. Then you saw Leland come in. (grrrr....nice shirt...take it off...) Then you saw Beth, she looked at you and you blushed. Dog and the posse came forward.

Dog's POV:

"Zuben Canaru, you're under arrest!" You growled as you handcuffed him. You saw Leland looking at Jamie and Dwanelee looking at Sarah. all right i got it befor Beth. Yes you could not help but smile. "we cant think you enough grils" Beth said.

"No problem beth anything we can do to help the Chapman Famley." Sarah said. "I know why dont you guy come to mine and beth's house tomarrow for dinner." Thats a great idea Dwane" Beth said "So what do you say. they looked at eather we would love to they said at the same time. OK Leland, Dwanelee you pick them up. you said as you leffed with Zuben, Tim and Beth. Leland, Dwanelee were talking to Jamie and Sarah you smiled. whats up dwan. beth asked notheing


you told them were you lived. you could not help but smile you talked for a bit but then your boss yelled at you to get back to work. so you sayed your goodbys.


you and beth were getting ready for bet you still couldnt stop smileing. "OK bub whats up??" "Nothing." "Dwane Tell me!!" you layed down i know who liked how and you dont." she jumped on the bed next to you. "Tell me" "No beth they need to work this out on there own." "PLEASE" "ok only of you promise not to interfear."

"OK." "Leland likes Jamie and Dwanelee likes Sarah." her eyes go big. "Beth now rember." "But." "Beth." "Allright."

BETH POV: you sayed you would not interfear but you could help things along some

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