Me & Leland Chapman

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Me & Leland Chapman

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



LELAND POV: you were getting ready to pick up Jamie and Sarah. You desided to ware your hair down.

"Leland!!!" Duanlee yelled. "come on we got to go."

"Ok im comeing."

you walked out of your room

"You ready Leland??"

"Ya you why??"

"your shirt is on backwords and inside out." he stared laughing

"dont laugh."


"couse you did the samn thing." you laughed

you both took off your shrits and put them on the right way

"So Leland were taking are own cars or are we taking on car."

"just take are own."

"ya you just what some alone time with Jamie."

"NO and its not like you dont what to be alone with Sarah"

"Hey came here bro."

he put your head in a head lock and stared giving you a nugge."

"STOP IT!! we got to go "

"all right." he let you go

he looked away and you hit him upside the head then ran to your car.

you got to the car and locked it


you laughted ha ha. then you looked at the time "o shit bro we had better go"

"all right but il get you."

20 mintes latter

you stoped the car you couldnt beleve it it was right on the beach . You both got to the door and duanlee rang the bell. Sarah opened it.


Sarah look so great you tryed not to stare but coulnt help it.

"Jamie she yells the guys are here!!"

"be right out!!"

you look on the wall you saw 6 surf bords 2 of each

"sweet bords sarah."

"she told you about them."

"Thats alsome i love to surf." Leland sayed

"So do we." Jamie sayed coming out from behind you both

you looked at Leland and he was like you were when you saw Sarah


She looked so great

"So Jamie you ready. im hungery." Sarah sayed

"Ya im ready bitch."

"all reight lets go then.

you all walked out side. Jamie sayd shell reide with you. so you walked over to the other side of the car and opend the door for her Duanlee did the samn for Sarah. The both seemed shocked that you did that.

"thaks Jamie sayd with a huge smile." she had a great smile


"Hey Jamie" Lealnd sayd "can i ask you something??"

"go for it."

"well i saw your surfbords and sarah sayed one of them was a him board. Whats Him."

"its are faverit band ever the lead singer is Ville Valo and they sing is the heartagram thats the sing that was on the board."

"What kind of music do they play??"

"Love mettel. next time we hang out ill bring the cd."

"sonuds good."

25 mintes lattter you got to dogs house. you were about to get out when leland sayed hold on he got out of the car and opend the door agen, you saw beth and dog came out of the house. hey girle she huged you both."

"hey beth, hey dog." you both sayed

"came in and make your selves at home." Dog sayed

Tim and his wife and kids were there.

"I hope you guys like stake."

"we love stake."

gary boy came running up to you.



"are you lelands gril friend." Lelands face got red and then he looked at sarah "are you duanelees gril friend.' then his face got red

"no just friends." you both sayed even thoue you whanted to say i would love to be.

"O ok." he ran off."

"time to eat." dog sayed


you all got to the table. Of couse Jamie and Leland sate together and Duanelee and Sarah were togetther. You saw Beth smile.

"so were are you 2 form??" you ask


"O your parnts still live there." Beth asked

"no both Sarahs and my parnts died in a car crash." Jamie sayd

O sorry we I didnt mean" beth stared to say

"NO its ok it happend years ago. they both sayed

"So" leland sayed. "how long you 2 been suffern??"

"O you suff." you replaed

"ya thats the frist thing me and sarah lurned to do when we came here."

"YOu all should go out suffern some time." beth said you looked at her. "well the only thing is Duanelee dosent know how to suff. hey sarah why dont you tech duanlee."


"what duan." she sade looking at you

"i would love to tech you duanlee, if he whant me to. sarah said looking at him.

he smiled "i would love it."

LELAND'S POV: you all talked for hours.

"O SHIT." Jamie sayd

"What???" you said looking at her

"we have to be at work in 1hr."

"shit sarah sayed."

"you want me and duanlee to take you to the bar."

"no" they both sayed."we have to grab a few things frist." Sarah sayed.

you all jumped in your car. you and Jamie in front and Sarah and Duanlee in the back.

"So when the next day you both have off.: you asked

"Why." jamie sayed looking at you

"well arnt we going to get together and surff."

"Hell ya." Jamie said "ill call you and let you know."


you got to the house you grab your him cd for duanlee and Jamie Grab heres for Leland.

"have fun at the bar." Duanlee saide.

"o i will."

they gave you a hug then leffed

"sarah i fell bad abput not telling them the truth."


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