Chapter 2: Ch2 of sexy bam and Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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You grabbed the hand in front of you. as you stood you you said you was fine. Then you looked up and you could not believe who it was.

"Are you sure your ok? Your arm looks putty red."

"Its ok Ive been hurt worse."

"I here that."

"I'm Bam and you are."

"Jamie. Thanks for helping me."

"any time" he looked down at the grand "O no."

He picked up your board. The front end was broke off.

"Damn it i cant get a new bored for at lest 2 or 3 weeks."

SARAH'S POV: You were skateing when you some guy fall you held in the laughter and went to see if he was ok.

"You ok?" he was looking down

"Ya I'm good. this is hearder then it lookes."

"No shit." you handed out your hand here. he looked up at you. You could not believe your eyes. he grab your hand and you pulled him up.

"Thanks, I'm Ville."

"I'm Sarah."

"Nice shirt and neckless."

"thanks. can I ask you a question??" trying to chang the subject.


" way in the hell are you trying to learn to skate by your self??"

"Well my friend was going to help me but ever since we got here his been staring at that girl over there. You looked over to were he was pointing.

"Thats my Jamie and shes talking to Bam Margera."

"Ya that's who I came here with."

"I bet that mad here day?"



"You friends with her?"

"Ya shes my Best Friend."

"can I meet her?"


YOUR POV: You heard Sarah yell your name. you looked over to see her walking with Ville.

"Hey Ville."Bam said."

"Hey Bam thanks for leaving me hanging."

"Sarry Ville."

"That's ok Love."

"Bam this is my best Friend Sarah."

they shook hands then you sook ville's.

"Sis why are your arms all red??"

"I fell, Bam came over to see if I was ok.And I Broke My fucking bored "

"What." Bam said. "You said you 2 were friends?"

"Ya Bam why?"

"Well she just called you sis."

"Well were like sisters so most of the time we say sis."

"Ok I was last there for a minite."

your watch stared beeping.

"Hey sis we got to go home Almost time for Mind Freak and Dog."

"You like mind Freak and Dog The bounty Hunter??" Bam Ask

"Yell Ya we never miss a show."

"well Jamie we better start walking."

"what." Bam said "did you 2 skate here."

"Ya we onlely live 10 Miles sown the rode."

"Well Bam Bam I think We should give these Lovely lades a ride."

"Great idea Ville. How about it."

"NO that's ok we will be fine."

"Come on." Bam said rolling his eyes.

you look at Sarah she nodded her head.


They smiled. you whent to Bams hummer and Bam opened the passenger door for you and Ville opened the other door for Sarah. Bam stared the car.

"Thanks Bam for giving us a ride."

"any time." he gave you a look that sent shivers down your spine. "O I'm having a party tonight at 8:00 would you two like to come?"

you looked at Sarah she smiled at you.

"Bam we would love to."

"great." a smerk came across his face.

a few mint latter you were at your house. You said your good bys and got out of the car. then you both whent into the house.


"I KNOW. and were going to a party. this has been a kick ass week."

you both jumped around for a wile untill criss came on but even then you could't be still you could help but think of bam and you know Sarah was thinking of Ville.

BAM"S POV: Jamie was so sexey you could not get her out of your head.

"Hey Ville sarry for leaving you alone like that. But when I saw her fall I know that was my chance to talke to her."

"Dont worry about it if you dont leave I would have never mant Sarah he smiled."

"Jamie and Sarah are putty sweet girls."

"Hell ya. A Bam why are we here."

"I have to get something."

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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