Sexy Bam and Me

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - sexy Bam & Me

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



You got out of the shower and you put on Blue Jeans with heartagrams on it. You and Sarah both had pants like that. Then you put on a Black shirt that said GWAR on it. Then you put on your cool looking cross nickles with a paire of Black earrings. You did you make up and went down stars. you saw Sarah she was wearing her jeans with heartagrams on it along with a black evanescence shirt. she also had a black choker nickles on along with black earrings.

"Damn Sarah you look go."

"Thanks you too."

you looked at the clock. "Shit its 7:30 we better go!"

You grabbed the keys and leafed. You got to Bam's at 8:15 the place was packed. But you found a good spot you parked the car and got out. When you got to the house you heard CKY playing you when to the back of the house they were on a stag playing LIVE. You stood there lisaning of a while when you heard 2 vices behind you

"Beers ladies??'

You look to see ville and Bam holding 2 beers each. you looked at Sarah.

"We would love one." Sarah said.

"So you guys like CKY." Bam asked

"Hell ya."

You both replied. they guys smiled and laughed. You all stood there and lisaned to CKY for awhile till your beers were empty.

"Lets go to Pirate Bar."

OK you all went to the bar every one else grabbed a beer you grabbed a pop Bam looked at you funny.

"I'm driving."


you sat on the couch and talked to bam and Sarah Talked to Ville.

BAM"S POV: You loved talking to Jamie she wasn't like most girls she was way cooler.

"So Jamie how long you been skating??"

"Lets see I'm 24 now so about 14 years."

"That's cool o hey speking of skating would you like to come to my room for a sec."

she looked at you "Bam I'm not that easy."

"What?? O No NO I want to give you something. I wont try any thing scout's honor."


she told Sarah were she was going. she said ok and whent to get another beer.

YOUR POV: Bam grabbed your hand you couldn't help but smile. You got to is room he told you to close your eyes you looked at him. "Please."

you did. ok put your hands out. You did you felt something long and a little heavy "ok open."

you did you couldn't believe it he got you a new board and it had a way better heartagram on it. "Bam" you gave him a hug he smelled so good you never wanted to let go.

BAM'S POV: You never wanted to let her go she smelled so good and you wanted to kiss. You saw ville at your door Sarah was on his back.

"Hey Ville,Sarah." You couldn't help but laugh a little.

YOUR POV: you kept go of Bam and turned around you laughed


"Look Jamie i got me a Piggy back ride." she smiled the passed out.

"Sorry Ville."

"Its ok i don't mind." he smiled

"well i guess we better go. Ville can you take Sarah to the car."


the 4 of you walked to the car

BAMS POV: "So do you guys have boyfriends??"

"NO we did but not any more."

you could tell she didn't want talk about it so you drooped it.

"Do you guys have girlfriends??" Sarah mumbled

"No." You both said.

"Bam i thought you were dating Jenn." Jamie said

you hated that bitch.

" No that fucking Bitch cheated on me all the time."


"its ok."

you got to her car you help get Sarah off ville's back and into her set and ville put her set-belt on. she looked at him lightly slapped his cheek and said "Night night sexy." you and Jamie stared laughing ville just smiled. You opened the door for Jamie.

"Thanks." she smiled you loved her smile. she got in and you closed the door.

"hey Jamie can i call you tomorrow??"

"Ya." she got out a piece of paper and a pen "Ok the top # is the house the 2 is my cell, and the 3 Ville is Sarah's." she looked over at him."well see you guys latter."

"By Jamie."

"By Bam By Ville."


she drove off. "Ville"

"Ya love?"

"I think I'm in love."



"Me too."

YOUR POV: you got home you looked over at Sarah.

"I should just leave your ass in the car. But I Wont."

You got out of the car and you helped Sarah out. you put one of her arms around you. then you shout the car door, and stared walking to the house.

"Well Jamie I had fun."

"Me too."

you went in the house. "NOW I'm not caring your ass up stares."

you took her to the couch and covered her up. then you went back to the car. you got your board and locked the car again. Then you went back in the house locked the door went to your room. You put your board some were safe then you layed down your last thoughts were of Bam

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