Sexy Bam and Me

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Sexy Bam & Me

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



you work up the next day and your first thoughts were of Bam. You quickly shook it off and went down stares to check on Sarah. She was at the table holding her head.

"Hey Sarah how you doing!!!!!" you held as loud as you could.

"God damn it Jamie." she wined

"Sorry I had to. You would have done the same."

"True. What the hell happened last night?? Last thing I remember I was talking to Ville and you going up stares."

" Well Ville came up stares with you on his back and you said look Jamie I got a Piggy back ride." her eyes got big.

"No no no.....Waite a minutes I remember a little bit now and I remember you hagging Bam. What the hell was that about??"

"O he got me a new board way better then the first."

"Sweet. So what else happened??"

"Well then ville put you in the car and when he bucked your set belt you lightly slapped him 2 and sad night night Sexey."

"O SHIT. any thing else??"

"No nothing I just gave the guys are #."

"O ok well I'm going to take a shower,:

"Ok I'm going to watch TV." 20minutes latter your cell rang. "Hello."

"Jamie its Bam."

"Hey." you could't help but smile.

"What are you doing today?" Bam asked

"Nothing, why??"

"Well I a was a just wondering if a you would like to a go to dinner with me??"

"Bam.........I would Love to."

"OK. and a if Sarah says yes to Ville we can all go."

"Sounds great. hey do you think we can skate after word I really want to break in my new board."

"Hell Ya. What Ville O Ville said Sarah said yes so were see you about 6:00."

"sounds great Bam."

"Great o Me of Ville will pick you up were sending some one els."


"Trust me."

"Ok see you latter."

"By Jamie."

"By Bam."

you Hung up the phone. you were just about to scream "Jamie!!!" when Sarah bet you to it and came running down the stares.

"Ville called."

"I know Bam called."

"Were going out with Bam and Ville."

you both screamed

"Ok we got to remember its just dinner."

"right. So what Bam say."

"Nothing much just that some one else id picking us up and that were going skating after word."

"Sweet hey Jamie."


"Its 1:00 now and we got a good 3hrs before we start getting ready so what the hell do we do??

"What else sis watch a movie."


BAM POV: You hung up the phone with Jamie. I cant believe she said yes. you looked at Ville who was smalling just as big as you. you helled for Dico and Dunn. they came in from out side.

"Yo Bam." they both said

"Ok around 5:00 we need you 2 to go pick up some great woman and use the limo and behave."

"Why the Hell did you pick us." Dunn said

"Ya. Not that I mind but Why."

"Dose it matter I'm going to give you both $1,000."

"OK." they both said


Hey guys get going and pick up Jamie and Sarah and then met us at duffers.

"OK." they stared leving.

"You dick heads better take care of them!!"

"We will." they helled

Ape and Phil came in a few secs latter.

"Were the Hell was dico and Dun going in a rush?? What a minute Ville you have on your Your putty face is going to hell jacket on with nice shirt and bam your wearing your bugundy blazer and you both look like you shower. which means you guys met someone.Who who who."

"There names are Jamie and Sarah we meat them at the skate park??

"Im so happy for you. And you two look so good i need a pic."


"Bam came on just one.'

"Fine." you got your pic taking and Lefted to go to duffer's.

YOUR POV: it was 5:55 and you both were done getting ready. Sarah had on a nice Black top with blue jeans. You had on A pink top with blue jeans. You heard a knock at the door. You both went to it and you opened it.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Dico Yeald "Were sopost to take you 2 lovely Ladies to meet bam and Ville."

"Now Which one of you is Jamie and which one is Sarah??" Dun asked

"Im Jamie."

"Im Sarah."

"Nice to meet you now lets go." Dunn said

you all got in the limo. Dunn was driving like a crazy person.

"Dunn slow the Fuck down before we kill you." he just laughed You got to duffers at 8:15 Dico and Dunn opened the door for you both.

"thank you guys.: you both said.

"any time hopefully well see each other again."Dico said.

"Im sure we will." Sarah said.

they got back in the car and as they drove off you heard dico yell

'AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" you and Sarah laughted then whent in side. You and sarah went inside you saw Bam and Ville.

"Hey Girls." they both said

"Hey." you both repealed.

"You both Look amazing." Bam and ville said.

"Thanks you guys don't look bad your self." you both said

they pulled your chairs out you both said thanks you never had a guy do that.

"YO lades you herd dico and dunn yell" you looked behind you "Forget thise?" they were holding your skate boards


"I did it agen." dico stared sing the song. and you all stared laughing. after he was done bam told dunn to put the boards in his hummer. they said by and leafed and Dico stared singing the song agen. A water came up to the table and ask what you all wanted.

You all got what you wanted. an Hour latter you were all done.

"So Ville ready to learn to skate?" Sarah asked

"Think so."

the bill came you went to grab it and Bam took it.



"You know what let us help pay."

"I dont know what your talking about girl." he looked at Ville and they went up to pay it.

"Bam Ville!" you both yelled. but it didnt do no good. a few minutes latter they came back.

"We could of helped pay on that Bam."

"No we asked you to dinner so we pay." you both rolled your eyes.

"So ready to go?" Ville asked.

"ya." you both got up and you thanked them for dinner.

"anytime." they said with a smile. you all went to Bams hummer and you got in the front with him and Sarah and Ville got in the back.

"So what do you want to listen to."

"Bloodhound Gang."

"great choice." bam said with his sexey smile. 10 minutes latter you were at the park.You all grabbed your broads it was cool cause the lights were on.

"See you two latter." You and Bam said then you stared skating. after 30 minutes of skating you and Bam took a break to watch Ville and he fell. You both laughed a little.

"Hey Jamie."

"Ya Bam."

"A if you don't mind me asking what happened with your last boyfriend??"

"I don't mind. His name was freak him and Rich sarah's x boyfriend were bothers. They were alcohol and drugs. We know them about 2 months before we stared dating. And a week later he wanted to have sex. I said no I wasn't ready. See I wanted to have sex with someone i loved some one I can trust and for some reason even thou I told him I loved him I never really felt that I loved him. Well two days latter we were kissing and he put his hand up my shirt. I told him no he got mad and hit me and over and over. the next day he came back and he said he loved me and he would never do again. I told him I for gave him but still something didn't fell right. awhile latter he ask me are you ready and I still said no. he ask why I said I was nerves."

"Why were you nerves."

"Im a virgin Bam and like i said I didn't love."

"your a virgin."

'Ya you could say i been waiting for the right guy. You think somethings wrong with that."

"NO mo nothing wrong with that. So what happened with this guy??"

"Well for the next two mounts ma and Sarah got hit every day cause we would not have sex with them. so one say me and sarah packed up and lefed while they were at work."

"Jamie did he ever rape you?"

"No, came close a few time thou." you looked down at the ground you felt a tear come down your cheek. You felt his hand tuch your chen and trun it to face him. you smiled.

"Look at me you ask me one qustion and i tell you all my ficking problems."

"Im glad you told me so if I ever see that Fucking Ass Hole I can kill him." You both laughed for a wile. you saw sarah and Ville came up.

"Bam." Ville winded "I had enough of the day."

"well were not done talking."

"neither are we, but can we do something else please."

"i got an idea. How about You and Ville come to are house and watch a movie.But which one??"

"Cabin by the lake." Sarah said with a smile

"I love that movie!!" Bam yellad

"I never saw it." ville said

"That settles it." Sarah yelled.

you all jumped in the hummer.

BAM POV: when you got in the hummer your cell rang.


"YO its Dunn hows every thing going??"

"Great were on are way to there house to watch Cabin By The Lack."

"Dude can we came??"


Please Bam." YOU rolled your eyes and ask Jamie.

"Sure the more the marryer Ill order pizza."

"OK you can come."


"By." you Hung up. "YOu sure You wanted to do that."


when you got to there house everyone was out side

"O Bam Novax yelled did you get some food!"

"I orderd pizza it will be here in 15 min."

"Bam I like this girl all ready." Novack said

you all went in side Jamie put in the movie and Sat by you and Sarah sat with Ville. everyone Just sat were ever right when you both got comfy the door bell rang. Jamie rolled he eyes and got up You went to grab your money.

"NO NO Bam my treat you payed already its my turn."

"You sure."


When she brong the Pizza in everyone solve for it. You went to get up but Jamie was on her way back with 2 plats of Pizza and 2 beers.

"Here you go Bam."

"thanks Jamie."

"Anytime." she said with a grin on here face.

After everyone sat down she played the movie. then after that one she played the second part. then when that was over everyone got tired.

"Every one can stay here tonight.' Jamie said

YOUR POV: You let everyone stay the night cause it was late they were tired and they were drunk. you told them You and Sarah had to get up Early cause you had to be at work at the movie theater at 12:00 so you would be up at 10:00. You got everyone Blake's and plows to sleep with. You and Sarah always had lots of that stuff cause you never know when something like this will happen. then You mad up one spare room for Bam and Sarah mad up her bed for Ville she was going to sleep with you tonight. Then you all said good night and went to sleep

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