Chapter 5: Sexy Bam & Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 272

You got up at 8:00 so you could get dinner ready for every one. you got dressed and put your hair up. then you whent down stares slowley so you wouldt wake any one you whent to the kichen and was about to grab pancake mix but you saw flower you could not help your self you whent tp sarahs room and anticed her.

"Hey." she wined

"Sorry I couldt help my self and I tought you would want to anticed Ville???"

"Hell ya."

you both whent to the spar room. you whent to bams side and sarah whent to Villes side you gave a 3 count and and you let them have it.

"AAAAAAAAAAA" they both said

"Hey Bam."

"Ya Ville??"

"we just been anticed."

"NO Shit."

you and sarah laughed.

"Well are you 2 going to help us get every one els or What??: you both asked they looked at each other and said Hell Ya.

they both jumped up. you all whent back down stares and Sarah got Dunn, Ville got Rack, bam got Rabb and you got Dico. you all let them have it on the count of 3.

"Whats that for????" Rake Yelled

"Couse its fun." bam said every one laughed

"Ok Now how whants pancakes." every one yelled.

You stared cooking while Sarah took a shower. Bam came up behind you.

"Jamie you dont have to do this we can go out."

"No bam i said im making pancakes im making pancaks.

you both smiled

BAM POV: You loved Jamies pancakes they where great.

"Thats it im staying!!" Dico Yelled

Sarah came down and told Jamie she would take over while she took a shower she noded you watched her as she whent up stares. you felt someone hit you. you turned around and shaw Dunn staring at you.

"What are you looking at FAG!!!???"

He just smiled and said nothing. 2 and 1/2 hours latter Jamie and Sarah had to go to work.everyone huged them and thinked them for the GREAT food then got in the car and drove off. Thinks Jamie and Sarah for putting up with us."

"Ya thinks." Ville said.

you whanted to hug Jamie but you dindt what it to be wired so you huged Sarah frist while Ville huged Jamie then you swiched her perfum drove you Crazy.

"hey would you guys like to come over agen tonight???" Sarah Asked

you looked at Ville. "we would LOVE 2"

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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