Chapter 6: Sexy Bam and me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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its been 2 moths sench you meet bam and every thing was great. and tonight evet one was meeting at duffers for dicos brith day. you and sarah got him a box of descases it had a lot of funny stuff in it. it was made for him. it was 7:00 and you ans sarah were all ready to go.

you heard a nock at the door you opend it it was bam and ville. sarah came up behind you you had on a pare of black jeens and a dark purple heartagram shirt and sarah had a black heatragream shirt.

"you griles lok lovely." bam and ville sayed.

"thanks you both dont look hafe bad eather."

you got in bams hummer and like always you and bam wee in front and sarah and ville were in back. on the way you lisoned to CKY. 20 minests latter you wear there. bam and ville got the door for the both of you. sarah had dicos gift. as you walked in you saw every one. Dune, Rack, Rabe, joe franze, and well the hole jackass crow and you saw ape and phile wich you havent got to meet yet couse they were on vacason form bam. yes for 2 months they sayed they needed it and they never told bam or any one were they wear they even traved under differnt names that how bad they need to get away. but you heard vito yell


you hade to laugh.

you set dicos gifted on the table. he grab it and stared unwrapping it. it was funny couse you wrapped it like 10 times and he was yelling.

"what the fuck grils making me work for it are ya!!"

"HELL YA!" you both yelld back.

he got it onpend and screemd


you fanely whent over to talk to ape snd phil.

you talke for ever they werre realy nice.

FRANK"S POV: --------if you dont reamber who this is reread the intro on the frist ch or you will find out soon.____________________

you and rich were in the middle of having getting to slotes close of when your phone rang you look to see it was your half cusen who lived in PA you let it go but he would not stop calling so you picked up.


"dude sorry but i just thought you would whant to know whos in this bar called duffers."

"do we car??"

"all right then i gess you dont whant me to tell you JAMIE AND SARAH are here with a bouch of guys by."


"you heard me."

" dude rick Ben found are grils."

"Realy." he sayed with a smile.

"ok who are they with you sayed as you put it on specker.

"hold on while i ask the bar guy." "ok they with some people frim a show called Viva la bam and Jack ass and hold on."

"What wich guy are they with!!??"

"dude that what i was asking couse there leaving now and jamies with a guy Bam who is from both shows and sarahs with some singer Ville frim HIM.

"Shit dude they watched that fucking show all the time and thats there fav band!!!!!!!" RICK YELLD

"ok ben follow them were ever they go couse me and rick whant to say hi and find out wear thouse guys livestay out side there house all night if you have to. and we will pay you whne we get there k.

"ok dud ethey are all over thouse guys."

"were going to take care of that."

you hong up the phone.

"thouse bithes are going to get it frank."

"got that right now lets finsh with these bitches and get the hell out of here.




ok incase you dont know the Show viva la bam ill show you the crow and tell you who they are

ok they guy bams hitting is dunn then the guy who looks like hes going to bit him is dico love dico, the you have raab you is next to him then rack AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

and hears ape and phil


ok then hers the jackass crew

now if you havent even seen jackass and you have no idea who these guys are then you look it up

Submitted: December 31, 2008

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