Chapter 7: Sexy Bam and me ch 7

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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YOUR POV::: the next day

you got up to hear the phone ringing. you picked it up


"Jamie its tom from work."

"hey tom whats up??"

"I just whanted to tell you theres no need for you and Sarah to come in to day couse a pipe bursted and theres water every wear and we will be closed for a few days or a few weeks."

"o ok thanks for caling by."

you ran in sarahs room to tell her

"dude thats sweet so know what do we do??"

" i say we get bam and ville and we go get tats."

"sounds great call bam and when you do tell him to tell ville hi."

"all right."

you grab the phone and called bam he was # 2 on speed diel sarah of couse was #1.

"hey jamie whats up." he sounded out of breth.

"u you bam."

"i i just ran to the phone."

"ok aa are you and ville doing anything to day??"

"not that i know of why??'

"well a the water pipes busted were me and sarah work and wwe cant got o work i we was hopeing that you would take us to the guy who dose your tattos so me and sarah could get


"your frist ones??"


"what you getting????"

"heartagrams what els"

"sweet well ill call and make and apontmenat and call you back k."


you just got off the phone witht the tatto place and was just about to call jamie when you yelled

"VILLE WERE LEVEING IN A BIT TO PICK UP JAMIE AND SAR!!!!!" you didnt even have to finsh he was down saters

"Sarah were picking up sarah."

you told him what was going on and were you were going. then you called jamie back.

"you told her that you would pick her up at 12:30 couse there apontment was at 1:15."

"sounds great Bam cant what ill see you soon."

"same here by Jamie. I " you were about to say i love you but you stoped yourself

"What bam???"

"nothing by." you hung up ooo that was close

"what dico asked??"



you and Rich just got off the plane you saw Bin in his car you both jumed in.

"were the fuck do they live!!!" you both yelled"

"easy guys his a pick of the house. im going to take you there now.

at 12:25 you got there he parked a little ways back thats it. and the hummer you see pulling up is them."

you looked at rich.


you saw bam pull up you yelled for sarah. you got to the door right as he nocked onces.

"hey." you both sayed with a smile

"ready to go??" bam asked

"ready as ever.

you all got in the hummer and bam put a him cd in

"thatnks agen bam for taking us."

"any time."

"o whos doing are tatts??" sarah asked

"just what and youll find out lets just say she grreat at her job."

up got there in 15 mints. you all whent inside to see ket van d. how cool is that to have her do your frist tatto

"hey bam ville hows it going." she asked as she huged them

"were great kat how about you???' bam asked

"great. so are these the 2 lucky lades that are getting there frist tats.???"

"yep this is jamie and sarah."

she came over ok so how's frist??

you looked at sarah

"i dont know??? to bad we cant get it down at the same time??" you moned

"well grils it just so happends i have some one els here that might whant to do one."

"Who??" you both said at the same time. just them you saw imie form mimiink come out.

you and sarah taked you got your done buy him and sarah but kats. you sate down facing eatcher and holding eathers hade bam and ville wear right beside you both. after the you wear done you both looked in the mirror the were so sweet you and sarah huged eatcher then you looked at the guys . they need a hug to so you huged them as tightly as you could and you both told them tankes for bring you.


"Hey lets say we all go and get some grab. at the rode house.


every one said as you all got in the hummer. you could not stop looking at Jamie. as son as you all got seted at the rode house you got a call you told jamie it was bisses you took it out side


"helow mr margera this is bill from. kick ass jorly. just wanted to call and tell you your bracelts have come in. ok ill pick thim both up tomarrow."

ok have a nice day sir."

you sent ville a text saying im getting the stuff tomarrow jackass.

you got back to the table vile smiled. so whats up?? jamie ask

"o knokville he whant me to come to his house tomarow to hlo him movie a cople of things."

"when do you go??"

"to night but ill be back tomarrow night can i pick you up when i get back??"

"ill be looking forword to it.

you hade an ideia

"hey jamie helo me with the drinks form the bar"


you both wake over and you grabed her "how about we leave them??

"What why??"

"becouse i want to be with you befor i leave and villes a big boy if he wants he can call a cab or a limo if he wants."

"but sarah my sista."

"what would she do???"

"ok lets do it just let me leave a note she rote latter sis have fun." she told the some one to give it to her and then you lefted.


soe one gave u a pice of papper saying latter sis have fun.

"Ville they lefed use".

"i thought that ws what he was up to. o well at lest it just us now. he said . you smiled you liked that


you and jamie whent skeating for a bit. then you took her home. you walked her to the door.

"i hade fun tonght bam thak you so much.

"any time. hows your tat felling??"


she looked down at it them back up at you. you pulled the hair out of her face and bright it down to her chin you both looked in to eatch otheres eyes. you know if you didnt kiss her know you would hate your slef so you got colder toher and she to you. intill your lips were toching .

you never hade a kiss like that befor. it seeed to last forever.


After the kiss you both sayed your god bys bam walked to the hummer.

"you are stil coming over tomarrow right??"

"of couse i have to see you and i need to ask you something."


"youll have to wate. he said with a smile

"bam you jackass!!!!!!"

"i know. he drove off.

you when to your room and just layed on your bed.


ville walked you up to the doot the lights were on so you know Jamie was home.

"thank you ville for the great night."

"any time in fact do you aa thing that you would a like to go out tomarrow with me like say around 8:00 just us like a date.??"

"he ws so nurves it was cute. Ville i would love to."

he smiled and with out any woring he kissed you. dame that was a nice kiss


you heard sarah come up the stairs hey sis she layd next to you

"bam kissed me."


:ville kised me and we have a date tomarrow."




you both fella sleeep not nowing that the hole night you both were being watched..


Submitted: June 23, 2009

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