Vampire Story.--Blood of old

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ok heres another stoy i did its about Vampire.

and heres the intro

Your name is Jamie and you live with your best friend Sarah you are like sister. You wear both cops once but you both got tired of lessening to the boss she seemed to be always on to you about something. So you both quit and opened up your own PI business you called it Blood investigations. You get a few weird cases. Shit the weirder the better. you both love it when the cases are weird. People think you are both crazy for lessaning to people who have a problem they cant explain then trying to help them and for believing them. But they shout up when they need your help with the same thing. The only out there thing you got to del with so far is ghost. your still whiting for something more out there but you guys only opened up 2 Weeks ago so my be something might come along. on your guys spire time you love to watch scary movies
go to night clubs. But apart Sarah Loves to write storeys and you love to paint but mostly of Sarah's story's she say something and you had to paint it or you would just wake up in the middle of the night and you had to paint or draw what ever you had in your mind. Sarah was the same way in her story's. and Sarah also gets some ideas form your art she would see a new painting and she got an idea.

and latter in the story when i use something called Illumination del Sol

now you will know more about it when i get there and i will also have a pic when i use it so you know

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Vampire Story. Me and Henry Fitzroy

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008



Your Pov: You and Sarah were waiting in your office for a client to come in.

"Hey Jamie when dose that new painting go up in the art show??"

"2 more days."

"Sweet cant wait."

" me ether. Man this is my 5th painting I put up in a show and i still get nerves."

"Well that's you always nerves about something."

"I am not." she looked at you. "Well not all the time."

You heard some one say hello. You went to the other side of the office

"are you 2 the investigators??"

"yes come in and sit down." Sarah said

"Whats your name??" you asked


"Hi Dana im Jamie and this is Sarah how can you help you??"

"Well i want you to fallow my husbend I think hes cheating on me." sarah looked at you you know what that look meant. not another one cause thats what you were thinking.

"all right you give Sarah his hole name, what cried cards he has so she can do a such to she if hes going to a spot more than once to meet some one and you give me a list of places he likes to go since ill be following him and a pic of him.

"Ok sounds good whats your price for this???"

"$600 a day."

"ok i think i can do that she gave you what all you needed and gave you $600 now and said she will be in Daley to pay you the money. then she leafed.


"ya Sarah."

"im sick to death of this cases ."

"same her. but its $600 a day."

I know why cant we get another cool case that one about the ghost was cool. even thou it was a fack."

"Ya but rember Sarah the joke was on them cause #1 we know it was a fake and #2 they already payed us."

you both laughed for a sec then got to work Sarah whent to see if he had any other cried cards and you were on your way out the door to check out this bar he liked. Sarah yelled for you


"you forgot your taype REC."

"thanks." you used that instead of writing things down cause your not a good speller and a strong witter".

So sarah go you one. You got in the car and went to a bar called Jakes you hated that Bar cause all they Play is country. AAAAAA. You got to the bar and show the guy talking to some hooker your cell rang it was sarah she said he did have another cell and Po box and he called ahead to motell to reserve a room. ok ill go ahead to the room and put the stuff in it. its the place right down the street The name its under is john looker its room 121. k by. you went to the place a be fore you went in you messed up your hair a little and put some bright red lip stick on stuff like that to make you look like a a hoocker you grab you bag and went in to the front desk.

"Hi sir i would like a key to room 121."

"Im sorry mam I cant do that."

"please john is expecting me." you podded a little.

"Mr locker is not in."

"I know he a went to get a some one els if you know what i mean. you acted as slottey as can be.


"Please sir.

"Alright here you go."

"thanks o a when he comes in don't say any thing about me cause hes a little nerves."


you went to the room and put in a small camera a few mices. and as soon as you leafed the room and got a little down the hall here he came to you wated itell he leafed to get your stuff then you messed up your hair some more then whent sown stares to give the gay the key back then leafed. When you got back to the office Sarah was writing up a storm. she looked up at you.

"you get everything."

"yep you ready to go home."

"just one sec." it was more like 5 min "ok ready." she got up

"so when can i here the story.

"when you do another painting."

when you got home you stared working on an old couse like in the 18th century this was the frist time you painted theis house most of the times it was a old casel you felt drown to it. You also painteda house a few times. like in most of your paintings you drew a guy with his back turned on the street, at the door this time he was on the baloney something about him just drove you crazy you never gave him a face. you tryed a few times but nothing fit. You even dream of him

you can fell him touch you kiss you but he never specks and you never see his face.



SARAH POV: You always wrote storys about these 2 sisters Lobelia and Tanta. Lobelia was older but only by a few months. And you wrote about there life and how they loved 2 guys.

Lobelia Loved Henry and Tanta loved Jacob

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