Vampire Story.--Blood of old

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Blood Of Old CH 2

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



2 days latter


you and Sarah were at the art show. Your panting in the show was on of your favs it was a room and in the middle there was a guy biting some woman's neck. as you was looking at everyone's paintings you saw one that drew you in. Only one persons art dose that to you it had to be a Henry Fitzroy panting. You stood there and just looked at it. a guy got right next to you.

"You like this panting??" the guy said

you looked at him he was tall with long brown hair down to his shoulders, and his eyes just looking at him mad you go crazy.

"Ya I love this panting."

"Whats so great about it."

"Well the color is great and it drowse you into it makes you fell like your there. Of cause only your Panting do Henry Fitzroy."

his eyes got big .

"You know who i am??"

"Ya i have 3 of your paintings at my house."

"Really i have 4 of yours at mine Jamie."

"What you know how i am."

"I love your work cause something about it reminds me of home."

you couldn't help but smile. then it hit you he said he had 4 of your paintings and you have only sold 4.

" whats up." sarah said coming over. she got beside you.

" Nothing hey sarah this is Henry Fitzroy."

"o O your the painter & the guy who right those Comic books."

"Graphic Novels." You and Henry said at the same time. He look at you and smiled

"Ok what ever. Jamie were are all the really cool bloody paintings at this year."

"down the hale and to the left."

"ok see ya." she lafted

"Hey Jamie."

"Ya Henry??"

"How did you know who i am."

"Well i love your work."

"Ya but how did you know what i looked like???"

"Well it was a guess." he looked at you

"a guess??"

"Ya well I've played that game before."

"What game??"

"you go up to someone looking at your work and she what they think."

he smiled oooo did he have a great smile. You both talked for hours and hours

"Jamie." sarah said coming up beside you "its getting well early and the suns going to be coming up soon and we have work."

you looked at henry.

"its ok i have to go to. But ill see you around right??"

"ya." you both smiled and he kissed your hand.

"till we might agen." your heart stared betting faster. his smile got bigger. you could have swar he heard it.

"by Jamie by Sarah."

"by." he leafed


"So ready to go Jamie??" no answer you looked at her "Jamie." you laughed a little "JAMIE!!" you said as you punched her arm.

"What was that for?"

"You like him dont you."

"No." you looked at her


"well hes not bad looking."

"not bad looking?? come on tell me the truth."

"ok ok his drop dead sexy and theres something about him that's.. i dont know." is that weird.

"who knows maybe you meet him in the past life??" you both looked at eather


"ok Jamie can we go home now??"

"Ya just give me a sec." she walked up to the desk and you saw her give this guy money.

"Well thats another Henry Fitzroy for the house." she came back and she was smileling


"Henry bought my panting so now he has all the ones i sold."

"sweet well lets get your new panting and get out of her."

you got to the car. you got in the driver set and put in the RENT CD and played Out tonight. you both sang that on the way home. when you got there you stared working on another painting. and agen you had that guy in it but this time you gave him a face the only face that seemed to mach henry's.

The Next day


you got up and whent to Jamies room. She was still asleep you saw paint on her hand so you whent to the art room to see what see panted. you saw one panting with henry in it then one just of him you whent back to her room and kick the bed.

"what sis."

" well i would never gess that you dont like henry."

"What his face fits ok."



"whatever we need to get to the office."


Latter that night


"hey sis"

"Ya Jamie??"

"im going to walk down to the art store and get some things. So are you ok here by your self??"

"Ya ill be good."

you were working on your story when you heard a deep voice say Hello.

you looked up to see this guy who was damn fine staring at you. he had long black hair and Blue eyes.

"What can i help me with. i mean what can i help you with." shit you thought then he smiled and you couldnt help but smile.

"i need you to find." o please you thought dont say girlfriend...."My brother."


"Ya i heard you and your friend do great work."

you talked for a bit to get info on his brother. then he said he had to go but befor he leffed he kissed your hand. you couldnt help but did your good bys.

"O im sorry all this time talking i never got your name."

"he look at you its jacob." he smiled then leafed



you got your stuff from the store and was on the way back to the office. it was so nice out you couldnt stop looking at the night sky.tomorrow would be a full moon. you smiled then all of a sudden you felt some one grab you from behind. he put his and over your mouth you ell bowed his stomach then when you turned around to hit him he got you first then every thing whent black.


you kept calling jamie and she wasnt picking up the phone. so you locked up the office and whent to the art store to see if she was there. she wasnt you ask about her but no one saw here. then you whent home thinking she was there. she wasnt right when you were about to leave your phone beeped yo looked at it it was a text from jamie saying shes ok and that shell be home soon.


Your head heart you put your hand to it and opened your eyes and looked around. you were in a room. your first thought was o my god ive been kidnapped but you didnt fell in danger. you looked for your phone it wasnt there. you walked to the door it was opened. you look back at the room it seemed fermiller. but you shoock it off. you stared walking down a long hall way you when passed a room you had this stong feeling to go in so you did. it was filed with panting and they all had you in them.

"Remember." you heard a voice from behind you say.

"Remember what." you whanted to look behind you, but you didnt.

"Us." he said then you felt his hands wrip around you. you could feel his breath on your neck. "Remember what we had, What happpend, Remember me." his voice sounded different.

"Your not the person in the alley."

"No." he said with a little laugh " you now who i am." he put his hand on your heart it stared beating faster. then he moved his hand to you neck then you felt him turn you around and he kissed you. when he pulled away you could see his face couse it was dark.

"Now." he said with the strong voice agen. "Sleep my love." every thing whent dark agen.

You were awaken by someone slapping you across the face

"WERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sarah yelled.


"Ive been out all night looking for you. and here you are asleep in your room! tell me!."

"I dont know??"


"I mean i dont know?? i leafed the art store then some guy a tacked me."


"Ya then the next thing i know i was in this house. and the room i was in its weird couse it felt like was there before."

"ok go on."

then you told her about the guy.

"He kissed you??"



"you dont belive me."

"no i do. now come on we have a new clayint and i told him we would be at the office at 10:00 so he.

"He ok sis you have never been this Happy about work so he must be hot tell me about him."

"you now me to well ok his name is jacob."

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