razor deep

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this story is based on my own battle with self-harm

Chapter 1 (v.1) - razor deep

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Beth sat on the end of her bed, she held onto her arm and let the tears poor down her face. Another day. more depressed than the last. she was alone. No one cared. Well thats what she thought. It was the summer holidays and she had just got back from going park with her mates. Yet again she had forced a smile and Yet again she had cheered other people up. If only they new what happened this time last year she thought.

"DINNER!!" her mum called from downstairs.

Beth stood up dried her eyes and looked in the mirror, she waited for a few minutes untill the redness had died down then she breathed in a deep breath and walked down stairs pulling the sleeves of her top down to cover her scars from her un-knowing mum and elder brother ashton.

Ashton pushed her out the way. "move it spaz."

Beth looked at him then down and grabbed her plate. He thought he had upset her and gently pulled her back.

"You know i was joking bethy."

she nodded.

"hmmm you okay?"

she nodded again.

"you've been crying."

Beth pulled away. "No i havent. And stop thinking everythings your fault. Just leave me alone."

Ashton watched her walk away and then sighed and took his plate.


Beth re-called the memorys of when she was five, the horrible memory that no one knew.

she looked in the mirror. Now 13 years old and a natrual look. Brown hair, dull grey eyes and a clear face. she was pretty but in a strnge i cant stop looking at you way. All the boys loved being around her, well they used to. until she rememberd what happened. until her life went down hill. now they ignore her and moved onto the blond new girl who always wears little clothes but a lot of make up.


"may i come in bethy boo?" Ashton said leaning on the door frame holding a glass of orange juice.


Ashton passed the glass to Beth as it was her favourite drink.

"whats up boo?"

"nothing. honestly."

he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.

"im here for you." he sat there hugging her for a minute then stood up. he left.

"i love you AA." she whispered.



Beth was friends with all the poupular people but wasnt poupular her self. she woke up extra early, had a long warm bath, washed her hair then dryed it.

she pulled out the whit button up top and put it on, then slid into her skinny school trousers, before curling her hair and putting foundation and mascara on her face. she looked beautiful, she didnt feel it. she still felt empty. but every one knew her as the happy bubbly girl who is always up or a laugh and there when needed. she is always looking her best even when she's ill.

she looked at her bare arms and held them under the light. the silver scars stood out on her natrually slightley tanned skin.

Ashton walked in......


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