Turn of the Tides

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Kaylin is a girl with a troubled life. she is not happy, and that is why one day she decides to end it all for herself, so that she does not have to suffer any more. But little does she know that ending it is just the beginning.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Turn of the Tides

Submitted: January 13, 2011

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Submitted: January 13, 2011



The fall was long; it was like a roller coaster plunging down to its own death. I plunge down into the cold water and a feeling jolts through my body like an electric wire penetrating my flesh. My hair flows around my head turns into a seaweed green and my legs merge together to form a sort of tail. This creature that I have become is yet to still be unravelled. On the back of my tail a fin forms like a dolphin. My fingers are numb and in between them flesh grows; now I have webbed hands. At first my eyes were blurry and they stung from the salty water, they are ok now and everything is clear and my eyes do not hurt. I thought I was going to drown but I never, something that did really want. First my throat went dry, then moist and then strange, as if my throat was on fire. I have now got gills on the side of my throat. Now I can breathe under water. I try to swim but all I can is swim around in circles. I finally get it right and I swim straight. I look for some place nice and comfy, a sea reef! No that won’t do, it’s all hard, rough and bumpy. Questions swirl through my head as I search; what will happen to me? What have become? Will I die like I wanted? And what about sharks, is what I have become, bait for them? I finally spot a patch of sand and I lay myself down. But before I do I wave my hand over the area looking out for anything that is able to harm me in anyway. I ‘am sure there is nothing there so I rest my body on the soft gentle sand and drift into a dreamless sleep.
I wake up alarmingly to something that passed me and left a trail of bubbles behind, I get up and follow them before the disappear . On the other side of the rock that I swim past, a huge coral palace lays before m. ‘what is this place?’ I wonder to myself. I see a kind of fish with a head of a human but the rest of its body a fish, swim past me. I move forward and I see creatures that look just like me. Sea horses swim so fast that they blurred as they went by. I go past the rusted gates and enter this enchanted place. I find someone or something that looks kind enough to talk to me but as I approach, she leaves. I look after her in surprisment and I knock into a young man. “Sorry” I mumble and move on. Whoever I had bumped into was now following me which made me feel very uncomfortable. “Hey wait up! Wait! What’s your name?” The guy stops me by putting his scaly fingers on my bare shoulder.
“What’s your name?” he asks again but softly this time.
“My name is Kaylin, now if you don’t mind I’m trying to figure this place out and find out what I have become. And I honestly do not think talking to you for my benefit is not very safe. I do NOT know you.” I stand my ground not letting him see my real nature. I pull up my shoulders and swim away. “Ooh, you’re new. You don’t know anything. He says as he catches up to me.
“Well if that’s the way you put it, then yes. “ I say without turning my head. 
“My name is Urchin, I guess we started off on the wrong side of the tail, forgive me? “ He asks.
“Ok, ok, I do, now could you please tell me what is going on?” urchin explains everything to me from the dreadful tsunami 2005 to this fateful day in the year 2013. We had made it to the end of the coral reef at the end of the sea bed. We turn back, making our way straight into the seaweed forest. We swim around it and in the distance we see the palace. Urchin told me the sea kings name is Poseidon . he also said that the kings scribe and followers are the only ones allowed inside the palace. I’m in awe of this whole place. My life has turned in a new direction.
The sea flashes a blinding white, and we hear a muffled rumble of thunder. “The tide is high, we must go back.” I ask Urchin what he means.
“When it is high tide and a storm comes and we are not in safeties arms we can be taken to shore by the current.” We swim fast and finally make it to where urchin lives in a cave. When we were settled own urchin fell asleep immediately. I couldn’t sleep. I was terrified. Next morning I was still sitting against the wall, my eyes unblinking.
“Kaylin, what’s wrong? It looks like you have seen a shark.” I don’t say anything, my mouth stays shut. Urchin pulls me towards him and I let him do it. My head rests on his shoulder and for some reason it felt like I had been crying. My eyes were sore. A hand strokes my hair. I sit up. 
“I don’t know what came over me, I still do not understand.” Urchin pulls a strand of hair that was floating in front of my face away and tucks it behind my ear.
“Give yourself some time. You need to sleep, we will stay in today. I’m going to go and get something to eat for both of us.” Urchin leaves the cave entrance. I lie down and close my eyes.
It must have been a while that I was asleep for because when I awoke everything felt dark. There is no time underwater so I had no idea what the time really was.” Wow you slept for a long time. I only went out twice” Urchin said coming in with stuff in his hands. My stomach starts to growl; only realising now that I’m starving.
“There is some fish over there next to you.” Urchin said obviously hearing my stomach moan. I look around my right shoulder and my eyes rest on a tortured, lifeless fish, its dead eye looking right at me, as if it knew that it was going to be eaten.
“Um… I’d rather eat seaweed over fish thanks.” I indicate to Urchin hoping that he’d know what I was referring to. But instead of knowing he cocked his head to one side, looking very, very confused.
“Meaning, I do not eat anything that has a face.” I tell him.  Urchin outs his stuff down on the cave floor and turns around to the entrance.
“Ok, then I will go out and get some seaweed for you. “
“Oh! I don’t mind getting some myself.”  Urchin shakes his head.
“Nope, don’t worry, don’t want you getting lost now.” He says already on his way.

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