The best day of Louis' life

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"Louis, I think I'm pregnant!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The best day of Louis' life

Submitted: July 28, 2013

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Submitted: July 28, 2013



(Marys POV) It is a Sunday morning, I wake up to the smell of bacon and banana... Yummy!! I walk down to the kitchen and see Louis cooking. "Oh my gawd Louis! I have never, I repeat NEVER, seen you cooking before!" I stood as still as a dead fish with my mouth wrenched open. "Yeah? So what! Doesn't mean I'm not doing it right now!" He said. We laughed our heads off until I suddenly felt the urge to be sick. "Louis!" I shout from my room. "Babe what is wrong?" I hear him faintly. I rush straight my toilet and am sick. I hear heavy footsteps running up the stairs, I could tell it was Louis. "Are you ok, babe?" He says. (Louis' POV) "Are you ok, babe" I ask Mary. "I'm fine" She says, I feel this wave of relief go through my body. _______________________________________________________ 3 hours later______________ (Mary's POV) I have been sick 3 times today, twice in 1 hour! I told Louis that I am going to the shops. "Just don't be sick there, K?" He said jokingly. In about 10 minutes time I am in the pharmacy. A kind lady of the age of around 40-50 comes to greet me. "So you're Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?" She asks "Yes" I say, nervously. I start walking down the pregnancy and new mothers aisle, searching for pregnancy tests. I quickly spot them. I take 5 off the shelf and go buy them. $40! Pathetic! I drive home as fast as I could. Crap, I broke the speed limit! I pulled my leg off the pedal. in 2 minutes I arrive home. I run to the bathroom and take the tests. 4 came positive, 1 came negative. I I got to go tell Louis! (Louis' POV) Mary calls for me. I run upstairs and she says "I need to tell you something because I don't want to lose you by lying/keeping secrets. Im sorry..." She says to me. "What! You will never EVER lose me! Now tell me!" I say. "I took 5 pregnancy tests, 1 came back neg and 4 came back pos, so, I guess what I am trying to say is: Louis, I think I'm pregnant!" Oh my god, this is amazing! I don't know what to say! "uh-" I forget what I am gonna say, I quickly remember "Babe, that is just- This is just- Just- Just the best day of my life!!!!" I shout accidently. "You really think so? Me too...." She tells me. __________1 Week later________ (Mary's POV) "Louis, I think its time to tell the lads" I really think so. "I am with whatever you want to do, Mary had a little lamb!" he agreed. (A/N: I am gonna end this chapter :( see ya'll tomoz!)

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