No Treatment for Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Prostitutes- Er, Hosts

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Rose Summers



Done! I thought to myself smugly as I glanced around my remodeled room at Ouran Academy. The frilly-ness was gone, replaced by my style with my own personal touch. I glanced around the remodeled room once more, looking for my small blue purse. After what felt like days of searching, but was really only a few minutes, I found the purse on my bed, right where I had left it. I went through my mental checklist to make sure I had everything in my purse that I needed, including tampons and my pepper spray (made in ‘merica!). I trudged out into the hallway to find Franki, hoping we could do something together at this new, snobby school.



“Franki, you in there?” I asked after I knocked. I put my ear to the door and listened carefully before pulling one of my pins out of my hair. Picking the standard school locks wouldn't be difficult. I scoffed at how easily and quickly I had managed to get myself in. Silly private schools.



“Franki–" I started, but saw her note on the side table. Music Room? Then where’s the music? It was way to quiet.



“Sketchy,” I grumbled to myself. I took off down the corridor to the abandoned music room number three.



 I skidded to a halt, noticing I nearly passed the music room door. I inhaled and shoved open the white door, expecting to see an empty room. I froze in my spot. That was so not what I saw.



Standing awkwardly and frigid in her spot was Franki, who was surrounded by five, I hate to mention, attractive guys. Her face was a bright red color, consuming her cheeks and flaring up to her forehead and a tall lanky blonde boy was reaching for her hand.



“What. The. Fu-“


Franki cleared her throat.


Bless her soul, she won’t let me drop my bombs, I thought to myself.



“What is going on here?!” I demanded, stomping over to Franki and pulling her behind me protectively.



“It’s a host club, Rose,” Franki whispered, another blush finding its way to her cheeks.



I stared dumb-founded at the five boys.



“There is a prostitution club at this school?!” I shrieked violently. The littlest boy who looked to be about four years old clutched his pink stuffed bunny and started to cry into the tallest guy's legs. I rolled my eyes and darted my eyes to the ginger twins.



“Gingers, you better give me an explanation,” I demanded, pointing my finger into one of their chests.



Ouch! I didn’t do anything, Hikaru, and she hurt me!” he cried dramatically to his twin while he shielded his eyes from me.



“Kaoru, where does it hurt?” the second ginger asked with an alluring tone and carefully cradled his brother’s face in his hands only inches from his own face.



Franki gasped and covered her eyes, obviously uncomfortable with the situation at hand.



“Whoa! Keep it PG!” I yelled, exasperated. Deciding there was no other option, I grabbed Franki’s wrist, yanking her with me in between the two brothers, successfully creating a good two feet of distance between them.



“Blondie! You better have some sort of explanation for trying to corrupt my friend and make her a school prostitute!”



“I am your prince! You shall not speak to me like that!” he shouted in my face with a flourish of his arm. Dramatic, much?



“I don’t see any crown on your fat head, prince,” I seethed at him. His eyes widened and his face dropped, obviously hurt by my comment. Boo hoo for you, loser.  Next thing Franki and I knew, he was rocking back in fourth on the ground facing the wall like a dejected idiot.


“Uhhhh…?” I turned and looked at Franki questioningly. She just shrugged. Her eyes shifted to look at something over my shoulder. I turned around, expecting some more uncomfortable-ness, and came face to face with what had to be the cutest guy I had ever seen. His dark hair and glasses made his very dark grey eyes swirl and reflect the light. His shoulders weren’t too broad, nor were they too scrawny. He wasn’t fat, but he wasn't too skinny, either. He was perfect.


“I apologize on Tamaki’s behalf as well as the other members of the Ouran Academy Host Club. I’m Kyoya,” his deep voice announced, making me want to shiver. Pull yourself together, Rose!



“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t expect anybody who runs a host club to apologize for anything, Kyoya,” I stated calmly, crossing my arms over my chest.



He gave a light chuckle and readjusted his glasses higher up on his nose.



“I assure you that this is not a prostitution club. It’s merely where girls who have too much time on their hands come and talk with boys who also have too much time on their hands. You see?” he asked patiently and wrote something down in his portfolio. I nodded warily and glanced at the members again.



“So from what I could gather in my unfortunate few minutes in here... This, in fact, is somehow not a prostitution club.  It’s a social gathering club where egotistical people work. Tamaki is the blonde prince with a head as big as his fat ego. The ginger twins with the awkward bromance are Hikaru and Kaoru. You also have a four year old in high school and his extremely tall nanny. Oh, and let's not forget, you were harassing my best friend,” I stated, ticking each observation off of my fingers as I went. They all stared at me with wide eyes and tilted heads.



“What, did I leave something out?” I questioned. Their eyes narrowed at Franki.



She started to back up nervously, hugging herself as though that would keep them from looking at her. Before I could grab her arm, she ran out of the music room. I turned angrily on my heel and glared at the five guys.



“What the hell was that?” I asked harshly. They shook their heads, trying to rid their minds of the cloudiness that had just been there a moment ago.



“She looks so familiar. She spoke English before, too,” the littlest guy said quietly, looking up at his nanny guy. Gosh, was he tall.



“Are you two Americans?” the twins ask in sync.


I was about to snap at them when Kyoya interrupted me with a question.


“What did you say your names were?”



“My name is Rose. That was Franki. Yes, we’re American. Yes, we speak English. Yes, we also speak fluent Japanese. And yes, I am leaving now. Goodbye!” I said, giving a slight curtsy to Tamaki and winking confidently at the rest of the guys. I walked quickly out of the room, reminding myself not to look back. Once I’m sure they couldn’t see me, my walking turned into a sprint. I had to find Franki.



Where the heck would she have gone? Her room? The garden? A different music room? Wait…tea! She would have gone to find tea!



“Franki, why do you have to always pick flight instead of fight?” I asked quietly, taking a deep breath before pushing myself faster down the hall.

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