Fulfill A Dream

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Ever wanted to fulfill your dream? No matter if its the wildest thing you could imagine? The craziest thing that could ever happen? Ever thought that New York was the place to do so? Nova though so. Nova wanted to fullfill her dream in New York, to become a world-renowned actress. But along with the fame comes the hardships, and with the hardships come the unbearable fact of giving up. With that unbearable fact comes the tiny hope you have to still go on..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fulfill A Dream

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



\"Wow I'm here, Im New York where dreams come true,\" I said softly. \"You and billions of other people,\" the taxi driver said, \"Now where is my money, miss?\" He questioned. I gave him his money and hoisted my bags. 'Of to my apartment I go!'I mentally thought. I casually walked to the front door of the apartment complex and tried my best to go through the spinning door thing. \"Ah, miss.. Virtueo!\" The front office door manager guy said, \"Apartment 1B,\" he said handing my the keys. ——-——–—————— After the settling down, I headed to my job I beforehandedly(if that's a word) set up. Once I walked in everyone was running and screaming in the other direction. \"You must be Nova Virtueo, I'm sorry but the government is letting us all go,\" A man said. Great just great, I have no job which means no money for rent! I'm gonna be homeless, in New York! How stereotypical. I exited to my apartment just in time to see the government confiscaing my apartment. \"I'm sorry but your going to have to find some place else to live, miss\" a guy said. \"Where do you want your crap?\" A man in a truck asked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I settled by a small cafe on the sidewalk. \"Excuse me miss but you can't stay here\" a guy who worked there told me. \"Some guy said I could stay here if a ordered a coffee so..\" \"Oh okay. You sure your okay staying out here, you know by yourself and all?\" He asked. This guy is kinda creeping me out but what the hay, I nodded. \"Okay then bye,\" he went back in the cafe. Weird that guy is weird but in some way helpful. I stood up and went around, with my coffee of course, to find a roommate. I found some poster thing from some guy who needs a roommate I'm guessing. I called the number and we met at his apartment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \"Well, I WAS asking for a guy roommate but you'll do,\" this guy said and I found out his name was Shawn.\"Gender wasn't specified,\" I said. \"True, now some questions,\" he said. \"Ask away\". \"Name?\" \"Nova Virtueo\" \"Age?\" \"19 going on 20\" \"Good, when do you want to move in?\" \"I want to move in now,\" Obviously I know I look extremely desperate now. \"Alright know some things. Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours.\" He said \"Deal\"

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