Me Being Me

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Zaylor Quinn is an average 6th grade middle schooler. Picked on, has awesome friends, nice style, back stabbed, but she swore to herself shed never change. She hits rough patches, like you never have. See how she deals with her life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Me Being Me

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013



NEW SCHOOL YEAR ZAYLORS POV \"Hmm. Perfect!\" i said picking out my outfit. Baggy knit sweater, colored skinnys, rainbow high tops. I ent tk the bathroom and applied some light tint lipsick and eyeliner and make a fishtail braid. Nice way to start my day. \"Zay! Come on, i wanna get there early!\" Maya yelled. Long story short, my, 1 year older than me, sister. \"Im coming! Calm your face, women!\" i yelled at her grabbing my phone and messenger bag. I ran out my door outside, but grabbing an apple first, then hopping into Maya's car. Ready for middle school Ms. Zaylor?\" she asked. \"100%. Guess what i look forward to?\" i sing songed. \"The Acadimics. We all know, nerdy,\" she answered. \"Um what else is there to look forward to?\" i asked curiously.\"Ahem! Boys!\" she said like it was so obivious. The only sound was One Dirwction on the radio singing More Than This. \"If im louder, would you see me? Woulf you lay down, in my arms and rescue me. Cause we are the same. You save me, but when you leave its gone again,\" i sang my favortie 1D song. \"I never found the words to say, but now im asking you to stay. In my arms one last time. And when you close you eyes tonight, i pray that you will see the light. Thats shining from the stars above,\" Maya and i sang in sync, plus we are very great singers. \"Here we are, BrookWater Middle,\"she announced. I nodded and we said our goodbyes. I looked around, pretty empty besides some people and staff around. I walk to the fromt office. \"The newset edition, eh?\" the lady at the front asked. Maybe Canadian. \"Yep im here for my schedule,\" me and someone from behind me said. A guy. I turned around to be face to face with a really cute guy. Sandy blonde hair, emerald green eyes, white teeth with cute lopsided grin. Wow. \"Woah, im sorry!\" i said backing up. \"No its ok,\" he said. I barely noticed the Canadian lady at the desk. \"Here are your schedules,\" she said. We thanked her and walked out. \"What do you have?\" mystery boy. I handed him my schedule. \"We have all the same classes, rad!\" he said. \"Oh im sorry i didnt introduce myself. Im Oscar Dawner,\" i smiled. \"Zaylor Quinn,\" i said. \"Zaylor. Has a good ring to it. Describes you perfectly,\" he said. I dont know either to be offenced or flattered. \"What is describes me?\" i asked. \"You name, beautiful,\" he explain. He called me beautiful! Wow, ive never been this ectatic like, ever. \"And your name describes you too. Handsome,\" i said. His face turned bright red. I giggled and ut turned redder. Guess how this moment was ruined? The bell, thats what. \"Wanna walk to class, Zay?\" he asked. Flattered i accepted. After all, we have the same classes, right? Its not like it wrong.

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