My Bucket List Made This

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Leanae Eastwood is only 19 years old. She has only one wordto describe her: Adventurous. So she makes a bucket list and sneaks out of the country with her 2 best friends to help her accomplish her dreams.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Bucket List Made This

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



LEANAES POV I awoken to the alarm. I wasn't so groggy because I know what day it was, bucket list day. I texted Finn and Jake that us was awake, our flights leave at 2 and it's currently 11. I called downstairs to see if anyone is home, nope\" I take a shower and got dress in a white band tee, orange skinnys, and white high tops. I grab my suitcase and pack everything in my bedroom and bathroom, from band posters to bed sheets to toiletries. I glanced the clock at was 1. Then Finn and Omar pulled up. I ran downstairs with my suitcases and iphone5. \"Are you sure you want to do this, Marceline?\" Finn asked. Marceline is my nickname cause you know Adventure Time yeah that's why. \"1000% sure Finny!\" I said. \"Now let's go before were late to our flight,\" Jake said they grabbed my suitcases to be loaded into Jake's Fiat. I know we are just 19. They put the suitcases in the trunk along with thiers. Truth is our families are abusive, leaving the state isn't so bad if you think about it. Jake pulled out of my driveway to the airport. ON FLIGHT LEANAES POV When we boarding the flight I was in seat 2b I sat down and played with my fingers. Then a boy sat next to me. \"Um hey is this 2b?\" he asked. I nodded and he sat down. \"Hey, I'm Leanae,\" I said. He smiled, \"I'm Aiden,\" he said. We got to know eachother more. \"Okay since you know all the songs on you phone, let Me^ test you,\" he said. \"Okay go!\" I handed him my phone. He turn on We Are Young by Fun. and we sang in sync. \"My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the empire state. My lovers waiting for Me^ just across the bar my seats been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar and,\". \"I know I gave it to you months ago,\" I started. \"and I know your trying to forget it,\" he sang. Then we sang in sync, \"But between the drinks and subtle things, the holes in my apologies. You know I'm trying hard take it back,\". we sang One Direction songs, Janoskians songs, Fun. songs, and Imagine Dragon songs. \"You know, we could be a band, Lea!\" he exclaimed. After this I learned how he was 20 and we had the same birthday and how humorus and sarcastic he is. I nodded, \"So what are you and your friends doing here alone?\" he asked. \"I'm doing the things on my bucket list and my friends are joining me. Truth is our families are abusive. But when I found my bucket list, I knew I had to persue my dreams and get the hell out my abusive home. We decided we're never coming back. What about you?\" I asked. \"My family is abusive too but I'm stay here for good as well. I snuck out and drove their car here. I never want to insure pain like that. But before I left I took like 15 stacks of cash. They really don't mind,\" he said. Then I felt the plane landing. \"Live with us, Aiden. I don't want you to live alone,\" I said. He agreed And we got our suitcases and junk And got off the plane to the room thingy you go to. \"Who's this?\" Finn asked. \"Oh Finn, Jake, this is Aiden,\" I said. \" I'm here for the same reason minus the bucket list,\" he said. \"His going to be living with us!\" I said excited. \"Yeah my abusive family is so rich it doesnt make sense. Don't worry about money,\" he said. \"Yeah we should really find an apartment,\" Jake said. After that we set out.

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