The Dawn Of Something New

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Adventurous, Unique, and Ambitious are some words to describe me. But the one that stands out the most is UNWANTED. My father never wanted a girl, all my brothers but one despise me. In the hellhole I have a boyfriend, fairly popular, fake friends; what'd I give to change it all. What'd I give to have a loving boyfriend that actually cared or a non stereo-typical school with real friends. Nowadays I wonder if something could change it all.
~Makaye Hope

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dawn Of Something New

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



CHAPTER ONE: MAKAYE'S POV \"Mayake! Get your sorry ass over here!\" My so called father shouted, surprisingly happily. I ran downstairs to greet the face of my devious father. \"You see this? I'm finally getting rid of your worthless ass!\" I took that god forsaken thing and read it carefully. Once I finished my anxious reading I couldn't believe what I read. I got accepted in a boarding school off the coast of Cali, an all boy one at that. \"I finally can get rid of you, you worthless bitch!\" He yelled in my face. I heard the gentle steps of my mothers feet thumping downstairs. Super mom to the rescue! \"Now, James. You have no right to yell and or swear in my daughters face!\" My mom stated furiously. \"Whatever Brenda. This was our wish, to get rid of the whore for good!\" 'Father' corrected. \"You mean your wish. Know what just drop this, Makaye honey go pack.\" I obeyed my mothers orders and swiftly ran upstairs. I grabbed my suitcase from up under my queen size bed. \"Time to get out of here at last!\" I thought aloud. \"I see they are finally getting you up and out.\" I hear the bitchiest brother, Brent, say from my doorway. Why does he hate me? What have I ever done to him to make him this way? Tears threatened to spill over. I ignored him and continued my packing. Luckily he went away but then the nicest brother came in. The step brother, Liam came. \"Mayake? You alright?\" He asked. I nodded while continuing to pack my so called emo like clothes. The uncomfortable silence spread over while I went to my bathroom packing my brush and other toiletries. \"I'm fine Li. Just peachy.\" I said sarcastically. \"Um ok. I'll miss you Makaye, be safe alright.\" I nodded as he left me to finish my dreadful packing. I ripped down band posters, removed pillow cushions, and my childhood teddy bear named Tyler. What? Don't judge. After packing I changed into some more appropriate clothing for California. I dressed into a floral, no sleeve top, cream coloured beanie, matching floral boat shoes, and black skinnys. \"Mayake, I ready lets go!\" I hear my mother shout. I hoisted my 3 bags and iPod downstairs outside and stashed my bags in the backseat. I hopped in the car. \"Ready to go?\" My mom asked sadly. I nodded and checked the time. 1:00pm, hm that's 10am in Cali. As soon as we got on the interstate I drifted to sleep. 8 HOURS LATER. 6PM IN CALIFORNIA I awoken to the sound of gravel. \"Mayake wake up honey!\" My mom said. I instantly awoken and hopped out the car. I grabbed my bags from the back and almost knocked over a really handsome boy. \"Oh, I'm sorry! Uh I'm Casey. Casey Bradshaw,\" he introduced himself. \"Mayake Hope.\" I said smiling. \"Cute name. Now let me take your bags, Mayake.\" He said. I starting to like it here..

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