The Search for a Scarless Soul

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An adventure with a new twist on the classic good vs evil.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Search for a Scarless Soul

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




*Beep beep beep be-smash* Its morning already? i thought to myself. I opened my blinds and an array of colors hit me, from the sunrise, the birds, and the trees, my eyes twitched adjusting to the light. Aiming for a personal best i slapped my clothes on as fast as possible, 10 seconds. Not bad i thought to myself as i headed downstairs to make breakfast. It was still 6:00 am so i had about an half an hour to prepare breakfast for everyone. I decided on eggs and bacon! Humming a tune i couldn't quite remember from, i whipped up some eggs and some slightly burnt bacon. The glass sliding door creaked open, " Morning Peter " said the person entering. This is Sora Winrade, my neighbor from across the street, and aslo my best friend. "Want scrambled or fried? I made both today." " Ooo Id love a egg mcmuffin! got any English muffins?" Your in luck my friend, last 2 English muffins in the fridge coming your way" he grinned and placed his back pack upon the living room coach. "By any chance do you have yesterdays Physics homework?" he mumbled as he searched through his backpack pretending he lost it. "yes, lucky for you, i do, its in my physics book on the counter." "thanks man, i don't know what'd i do without cha" he said with gratitude. "You know i wouldn't let you copy if i didn't know you were just a lazy genius." 'yes i know, i know" he murmured while copying the homework. Then I heard the upstairs door close and then "Sorry for party rocking" followed by an attempt at beat boxingin a screechy voice. "Looks like your sisters up" Sora chuckled. she slide into the kitchen trying to look cool but ended up stumbling. "nice one" I giggled. Then she gave me THAT look, half disgusted, half embarrassed. This is my sister Moriah, she is the brains of the family but surprisingly lazy. "I'll take some bacon and scrambled eggs" as she examined the kitchen. "already on a plate for you" i said as i pointed to the plate right in front of her. She then proceeded to grab the plate and sit next to Sora. "Gosh your just soo lazy" she said as she teasingly poked Sora in the side repetitively. ''Ha your one to talk" Sora replied with a giggle. After cleaning up the dishes, i decided to eat outside where i couldn't hear my sister and Sora arguing on about whose lazier. I sat peacefully on the front porch enjoying what was left of the sunrise and eating my bacon. "Think that sunrise is beautiful? Theres an island off the coast of Japan that would make this sunrise look like a childs drawing in comparison" Half startled i looked over and to my surprise Mr. Yamamoto was sitting on his front porch enjoying a cigar. Mr Yamamoto is my next door neighbor who happens to be Japanese. Despite his mean old man look, he's a real nice Christian man who's been teaching my Japanese in my spare time. Oh and he's also a little paranoid about the end of the world. He's got an bomb shelter loaded with firearms in his backyard. I turned back to the sunrise, trying to enjoy the fleeting moment. Sora knocked on the window signaling it was time to go. I reluctantly proceeded back inside where i found my parents eating eggs at the counter in their jammies. I laughed picked up my backpack and headed out waving them good bye.

Sora and i walked out the door with Moriah following, so i signaled to Sora to pick up the pace. I didn't want Moriah's noisy ear eavesdropping. Before we could say anything we heard " Peter, Sora!!" we looked to our left and saw across the street Blossom waving at us. Blossom lived down the street and we were fairly close despite the fact Sora disliked her. We waved back and Sora whispered "Freaking idiot's as annoying as ever". "you really don't like people do you" i mumbled. " I have no reason to, humans are untrustworthy backstabbing manipulative greedy horny animals that'll do anything that benefits them" he grunted. "So your saying your not like him, and you wont do that stuff?" "Sure as hell won't, when you've hit rock bottom like me, your forced to take a good hard look at life." He was referring to when he was a child, both his parents died in the war and he was so upset he stole squad car and crashed it into the Airforce recruitment center. It just so happened that i was coming out ofZap Zonenext door and i rushed in to get him out of the smoking car, that how we met. "I suppose your right" i admitted so there wouldn't be further discussion on the topic. We were coming up on Crystaline's house, and didn't want to be in a heated discussion with him when Crystal joined up. Reaching her house we found her standing there holding two bagged lunches, one for her and one for Sora. Since Sora couldn't cook we all decided to help him out food wise. "Morning" she said with a cheerful smile. Sora knowing talking wasn't his best trait simply waved and nodded. I decided to cross the street and leave them alone for a while, besides i had been dying to talk to Blossom, she had recently got a hammock in her backyard and i wanted to get on her good side. As i walked up beside her she turned and smiled, happy that i had come over to talk. As we walked side by side engaging in conversation, i felt, safe, and comfortable walking with her. But as we talked time flew by and before we knew it were at school. As Blossom and i went are separate ways to first period, i prepared for my presentation in speech class entitled "Quit complaining" We were supposed to make speech about depression and i felt pretty confident about my speech.

I got to class as the bell rang, and as luck would have it, i was up first. I got up in front of the class, cleared my throat and read my presentation. "My names Peter Schmidt and I don't have a perfect life, but then again no one does. I'm happy with my life, because being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means I've accepted things the way the are. If theres one thing my friends have taught me, its that no matter how bad things are, theres someone else out there who's got it worse. Even if lost everyone dear to you, that should be no reason to cry and complain. In fact it should be the opposite, you should go out and live life the best you can for those who can't. I'm sure your loved ones who passed on wouldn't want you to be sad. So lift your heads high, cause if your always looking down, you'll never see the brighter side of things." -clapping from class- "Very good Peter, you may sit down" said Ms. Bills our Speech teacher. At the end of class Crystal approached me, "Schmidty, your speech was very heart warming, thanks". I think she knew i wrote this with her in mind, she had been having a rough time lately. Her brother had recently passed away due to a medical problem he was born with. Despite acting cheery while hanging out with me, Sora, and Blossom at the park, she was hurting inside. Well Crystal, if you ever need to talk, about anything, i hear Sora's got a lot of free time" i said with a wink. she giggled and left. I had known she liked Sora for a while now, and i was hoping Sora would realize it soon too. The rest of the day passed quickly and soon it was time to go home. I proceeded my usual route home and was surprised to see Sora waiting at the corner of the street for me. "Whatcha doing waiting here Sora?" i exclaimed. "Waiting for you obviously" he said with a smirk" " Don't you have your fancy internship over at Aeronists Automated from 1:00 to 3:00, i normally walk home alone cause of it" I replied. "Not today, there was an accident involving a worker in the experimental design department. Apparently he was killed instantly." "No way! Is it going to be on the news?" Sora stopped and stared at the sky and said " that not the weirdest part of it, they say, the experimental machine now works,... and its producing limitless energy."

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