Just A Dream

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Life for 14 year old Irish Dyslexic girl Winnie Fox is not easy especially since she has moved all the way from Ireland to America. But when Selena the meanest girl in school begins to bully her about being dyslexic she must overcome her fears and prove she is more than what she seems.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Just A Dream

Submitted: March 31, 2014

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Submitted: March 31, 2014



Just a Dream

Chapter 1: A Whole New Country. A Whole New Life  


“Winnie how’s the unpacking going?” My mother yelled from downstairs.


“Good, I guess.” I replied.


It hasn’t even been a month since we moved from Ireland to America. I can’t say moving is great, but the town sure is pretty here. The only good thing about this whole moving thing is that I get to attend Oceania Equine Science High School. I can finally study horses, and animals. I would’ve been able to get my own horse, but we originally had to move to a small house in Lexington Kentucky because we couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage for our house back in Ireland. I just hope everything will go smoothly at my new school.

My name is Winnie Fox. I am a 14 year old Irish girl with beautiful blonde hair and brilliant ice blue eyes. I am as you could say different from other people. I can practically talk to animals, I am a math nerd, and my family doesn’t have a lot of money. In Fact we only had enough money to fly across the ocean and buy a small house outside the city of Kentucky. I don’t have very good clothes, but they are good enough for my taste. I live with my dad John and my mom Taila, lucky for me I'm an only child but sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister. Oh and there is one other thing you should know about me, I am dyslexic.  

The moonlight shone through my open window illuminating my leopard spotted bedspread. For some reason I just can’t fall asleep. I at least have to try because my first day of school is tomorrow. I look over at my alarm clock, it read 12:00 A.M. Great, I am not going to even be awake tomorrow. Hours passed by slowly as I lay staring at the ceiling thinking about what tomorrow would be like. Finally at 2:00 I drifted off to sleep.

A repetitive ringing filled my ears. I jerked awake and for a second forgot where I was. But then I remember that I was in Kentucky and it was my first day of school. I felt the panic rise deep within me. Great I thought to myself, I’ve got first day jitters.


“Winnie its almost time to go to school. Are you ready yet?” My mother called anxiously from the kitchen below.


“Yes!” I shouted back.


I grabbed my deep blue jeans, and a yellow t-shirt. Nearly tripping over my backpack, I raced downstairs. I just couldn’t be late for school, not today. I barely managed to grab a piece of toast before I raced outside and headed off to school.

“Class please welcome Winnie Fox, she came here all the way from Ireland.”


“Hi Winnie.” The class said in harmony.


But there was this one girl who glared at me with beady, cold green eyes. I took a seat next to a medium sized girl, with wavy brown hair.


“Hi my name is Colby we can friends if you want.” She smiled cheerfully.


“Yeah that would be great.” 


“Pay attention Winnie or you’ll get a detention!” Mrs. Connor shouted harshly.


I felt my ears get red as the class snickered.


“Open your textbooks to page 135 and begin reading the chapter and taking notes you have fifteen minutes.” Mrs. Connor announced.


“Oh and you can work in partners if you want to.” She sat down in her chair and started typing away furiously at the computer.


I opened my notebook to begin writing my notes when a shadow towered over me.


“Hello my name is Selena, would you like to work with me?”


I looked upward into her dazzling green eyes.


“Umm.. actually I was planning to work alone.” I stammered.


But she ignored me and moved a desk next to mine.


“Okay then.” I mumbled to myself.


“Well.. what are you waiting for? Lets get started.” 

   “Okay class times up, whether you are finished or not put your notebooks away.”


Mrs. Connor’s voice startled me.


“For the rest of the class we will be working in partners again to write an essay about the Roman Empire’s Achievements. Your essay must be five paragraphs long, and it must be turned in by Thursday. Oh and one more thing, don’t go choosing your own partners because I will be choosing them for you.”


The class groaned. Instantly my hand shot up, but I wished it hadn’t.


“Yes Winnie?” Mrs. Connor snapped.


“Will we have time to work on it in class? And will be have to read it in front of the class?” I asked nervously.


“Those are good questions. Yes you will have time to work on it in class, and yes you will have to present to class as well.” “Did that help?” 


 I nodded in reply.


“Okay then about partners. Alex, you’ll be with Carli, MaryAnne you’ll be with Brock, Hannah you’ll be with Jake, Colby you’ll be with Winnie, and Selena you’ll be with Max.” I heaved a sigh of relief as she called out Colby’s name with mine.


“You may begin working now.” Mrs. Connor said.


Colby sat down in the desk next to mine, and opened her notebook.


“So how do you think our paper should start?” 


“I think we start by explaining about some of the achievements that will be in our paper before we start the first paragraph.” I replied somewhat proudly.


Colby stared back in shock.


“What?” My eyes seemed to ask.


“Oh its just that I have never met someone who seemed so excited to write an essay.”


I felt my face get red with embarrassment.


“Anyway lets get started, and hopefully we will finish three paragraphs today.” With that Colby began rapidly writing away, and for a second she looked like a type writer in progress.

The bell was the only thing that stopped our hard work.


“Okay you can switch to your next class.” Mrs. Connor shouted above the sound of desks moving.


“Winnie let’s go to my house after school we can finish the rest of the essay. I”ll meet you at the front of the school after dismissal.” She shouted above the noisy hallway.


I started to shout okay but only realized that she was already entering her next class. I looked around searching for Mr. Dexter’s science class but I couldn’t see a sign, only the room numbers. I fumbled through my binder searching for the map of the school. Suddenly the bell signaling that second period had begun rang loudly. I finally found the map and looked up hoping to find someone in the hallway, so I would know I wasn’t too late. But no one was there. It was like they had all vanished into thin air. Great. I thought to myself now I’ll surely get a detention for being late. I read the number 213 and searched the doors. I was about to give up when I stumbled upon the classroom. I reached for the doorknob hands shaking. I slowly opened the door so as not to disrupt the class. But my plan didn’t work. I pair of annoyed hazel eyes met mine.


“You’re late Winnie, very late.” He spat at me.


“Take a seat next to Drake.” I walked over and sat down next to a tall boy with floppy dark brown hair.


“Hi my name is Drake.” 


His voice is like honey, and he is so handsome I thought to myself.


“I’m Winnie, I’m new to this school and country.” 


“Welcome to America then, do you like it here so far?” 


“Yes… It is lovely here.” I stammered.


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