Just A Dream

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Good News & Bad News

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



Chapter 10: Bad News & Good News


“Winnie there is something I need to tell you.” My mother calls from the kitchen.


Her voice is cracked, and filled with sorrow. I can already tell something is up before I plunge downstairs nearly jumping right over the railing.


“Yes. Mom.. what’s wrong?”


“Oh Winnie I don’t know how to say this. It’s about your father.”


“Mom what’s going? What happened to him? Where is he? Is he okay?”


I keep spitting out questions fearing the answer.


“There was an accident, the plane malfunctioned- it crashed.”


My jaw drops.


“Wait- WHAT?”


I can’t hear, or think. It’s like all my senses vanished.


“Your father’s dead.”


“No. You’re lying.”


“But I’m not Winnie.”

“Please tell me this is some trick.”






“Winnie listen to me. It’s not a trick, I would never trick you like that. He’s…. gone.”


She hugged me close against her warm body sobs racking hers, tears slipping down the bridge of my nose.


“He called.”




“H- he called before the plane went down.. he told me to tell you that he loved you, and that he’s so proud of his little girl.”


I lost it.


Tears blurred my vision, any words floated past my brain which died.


“It will be okay.”


“How can you say that! Dad is dead Mom.. he’s dead.”


“I just know it will get better as time goes on but the pain will always be there. Sort of like a needle at the doctors office.”


I couldn’t think straight. My dad is really dead. I still didn’t believe her so I called him.


Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Nothing. Voicemail.


Dad I love you so much. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done even though you haven’t been there most of the time to experience it first hand. I will always love you no matter what. I… miss you.


I hang up the phone with a sob before retreating to the safety of my room where I nestle underneath the covers.


Today we will have a moment of silence in memory of John Fox, Winnie’s father. Who tragically died yesterday in to a plane crash. He will missed, and honored for many years to come.


The class turns their heads in somber stares. Then like a forest fire ripping through the breathing trees eating them up and there is only a pile of smoking ash, the whispers start.


So that’s what happened.


I heard about it on the news last night, but I it was so boring I turned it off.


Oh well, at least it wasn’t my dad.


Hey, now there is one less Fox to suffocate the city.


How can they say that? I want to punch them, make them feel my pain inside. Instead I clench my fingers around the side of my desk until the knuckles turn white.


“Winnie I’m sorry about your dad, he seemed like a great father.” Lila says with a sympathetic look.


I feel the tears spring forth from my eyes. Sadly this time I can’t contain them and sprint to the bathroom. The silence is refreshing, it warms my body with a stroke of a wing. A touch of kindness, a dash of hope. It’s all I need to fill my broken human form.




The silence is shattered like glass.


“Winnie you in here?”


The sound of Lila’s voice so filled with concern is heart warming.




For some reason I don’t want her to know that I’m here, but my sniffles give me away.


“Winnie I know you’re suffering from the loss of your dad, he sounded really nice kind of like my dad.”


I sniff heavily from behind the lime green stained with marker, bathroom stall doors.


“Please come out?”


I hesitate before opening the door to find Lila standing her back facing the mirror with a concerned look on her face.


“It will get better, I promise.” Lila starts.


Suddenly the door swings open interrupting our moment of despair.


“Well, well, well if it isn’t the loser girl.”


“Leave her alone Selena.” Lila shakes a sharp fingernail at her.


“Crying over your poor excuse for a daddy are you.”


“I said leave her alone!”


“Shut up Lila you’re just more of a loser ever since you started hanging with her!” Selena’s eyes narrow until they nearly slits of cold green envy.


“Why do you hate me?” I ask her with the same determination as when I last asked her.


“Same answer as last time loser.”


“But it’s not a good reason.”


“It doesn’t matter!”


She smiles before stalking her way out of the now stuffy bathroom that is filled with bitterness.


“Winnie you shouldn’t have said anything.” Lila chokes on the words.



“I’m not supposed to tell you this but before you came to this school, when Selena first came she was dyslexic just like you are. The teachers put her on an IEP plan but she conquered that. Even though she is popular now she was also bullied when she had her dyslexia. She hated when she was bullied and vowed to get her revenge. She did by becoming the bully herself, putting down other students. It brought her right to the top of the list. Claiming High School as her throne, and we are just her slaves.”


I can’t find any words to reply with.


“Really. She was bullied just like me?”


“Yes. She even wanted to be your friend but she couldn’t bring herself to drop to a lower spot on the list. Obsessing over power as well as popularity.”


“Wow. I can’t believe it.”


“I know right.”


“Umm.. we should get back to class they are going to announce the Honor Roll soon.” Lila taps her wrist like a watch is strapped there.




“Attention students we will now begin announcing the Honor Roll. Starting with the High Honors and the A’s. Ashley Author, Will Aztec..”


The names dragged on and on.


“Hey loser you’ll never get High Honors let alone Honorable Mention.” Selena’s icy voice breaths disgust into my veins.


“I might not but I hope you get a good place.” I give a smile which shocks the living daylights out her.


She huffs and slides gracefully back into her seat.


The names drag on and on, my head nearly slammed into the desk when they got to the F’s.


“ Drake Field, Roger Ferry, Delia Fern, Winnie Fox..”


The homeroom erupted in cheering for someone named Winnie Fox.


OH MY GOSH THAT’S MY NAME! I scream not bothering to think that I probably look like a total fool.






Lila shakes me by the shoulders roughly making my head spin.




I look over at Selena, she is glowering with burning hatred at me. I tried to be her friend but she refused. I tried to make a difference between us but I failed. It doesn’t matter though, what matters is that I tried my best because I know I can achieve my dreams if I stay strong through thick and through thin. Just like my father used to say No matter how bad things get always remember on the other side of the storm is a beautiful rainbow.


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