Just A Dream

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Rainy Days

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



Chapter 6: Rainy Days


“Here let me help you.” Drake called to me while I stood drenched by the rain.


He slipped his fading gray jacket over my shivering shoulders.


“Is that better?”


He asked with such gentleness that I wanted to scream.


“Yes, much better.” I reply with a shy smile.


“Umm Winnie there’s something I wanted to ask-”


“I’m sorry Drake but my bus is here I have to go but we can talk later okay.”


He nods his head in reply.


I slide my tray across the table to where Drake sits. Colby stares at me from across the lunch room her eyes pleading for me to forgive her but I just can’t. What she did was way to cruel for forgiveness.


“Can I ask you something Winnie?” Drake’s voice snaps me out of my daze.


“What- oh yes.”


“Will you go out with me?”


I couldn’t respond it was like my throat was somehow glued together. I felt my heart stop all together.


“Are you okay?”


“Yes it’s just that I’m surprised you would ask me…”




“I don’t know.. it’s hard to explain.”


“Well I like you so that’s why I asked you.”


“That’s sweet and yes I’ll go out with you.”


“Tonight at 7.”


“Okay see you then.”


As I leave the lunch room I can’t help but feel like the happiest person in the world.


“Drake asked me out!” I screamed to my mom as soon as I got home.


“Who is he? What does he look like? Is he an A student? I swear if he hurts you I’ll pound him.”


“Whoa mom relax, he’s really nice.”


“I’m going to trust you on this.”


“Does your father know?”


“No not yet. Where is he?”

“He just left for another business meeting. He didn’t want to get you upset if he told you he was leaving again.”


I can feel my heart sink down lower then my chest. Right down into the pit of my stomach.


“When did he leave?”


“About an hour ago, I’m so sorry sweetie. He wanted to wait until you got home but then he found out his plane was actually scheduled to leave a 1:00 instead of 3:00. He nearly missed his flight.”


I wish he did. But I say it in my head so mom doesn’t hear.




The phone rings which I’m thankful for because I have no idea what else to say to my mom. I pick it up listening to my own voice echo through the phone as I demand who is calling.


“Hey Winnie it’s Drake I hate to say this but I have to cancel our date tonight, there’s something going on with my family and my mom won’t let me skip. I’m really sorry but I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at school.”


 “Oh… okay I have to go now Drake.”

It’s all I can manage to force out of my mouth, which feels stiff. I hear the familiar pitter patter of rain on the roof. Sometimes even my perfect days can end in rain.

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