Just A Dream

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Report Cards

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



Chapter 7: Report Cards


 “Good morning students I have a few announcements today. First of all report cards go home today and don’t forget to remind your teachers because sometimes they forget. Other than that have a great day.”


Ughh. I groan with a disgusted look.


They always make the announcements sound super cheesy. It’s just like no you won’t have a good day its school for crying out loud. The rest of the class seems to agree especially when our first period teacher is screaming today is going to be fun.


I’m sure everyone is thinking “Shut up”


“Winnie can we please talk for a minute?”


I turn around facing Colby with a stern glare.


“I don’t need to hear what you have to say, so leave me alone.”


“But you won’t even give me a chance!” Her face turns red as she tries to reason with me.


“I don’t need to give you a chance, you went  behind my back! YOU LIED TO ME!”


“Just let me explain!”




“Hey loser.”


“Selena leave me alone please?”


“Why should I?” She taunted with a nasty smirk.


“What is so wrong about having dyslexia?”


She went silent for a minute pondering the question.


“I don’t like you.” She stated her voice rising in the empty hallway.


“I know you don’t. But why don’t you like me?”


“Well since you asked you’re a fake, a liar, a brat, and you’ll never be as good as me.”


“That’s not a very good reason to hate someone.”


“Does it matter?”


“Yes what did I ever do to you?”


“Well… I’m late for class.” With a grin she jogs to her English class just down the hall.


She’s dodging the question, it’s almost like she’s afraid of saying the wrong answer. Which means she really does have a stupid reason for hating me.


“Winnie Fox please come get your report card.” Mrs Connor snaps.


Bad mood, she’s been in it all day.


I rip open the smooth lime green paper praying my grades are at least okay.


I can’t believe my eyes once I read them.


An C+ in History. B- in Science, D- in English and an D+ in Math.

My mom is going to kill me.

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