Just A Dream

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Worried

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



Chapter 9: Worried


 The end of the year is lurking closer snapping its vicious teeth telling anyone in its way, that the time for final grades is coming. The High Honors list is called over the speakers same as Honors, and Honorable Mention. I know I won’t be getting High Honors I can already tell. I’d be lucky enough just to get my name whispered. It’s like I don’t exist here so maybe if I beg my parents hard enough we can fly back to Ireland. Over the last year we have scraped together more money than we made in one year  back in Ireland, dad says it’s enough to by me dog if I wanted one. But my mom still thinks I need to be punished over my grades which was three terms ago. She can’t seem to drop it, and she probably never will. I miss Ireland so much back there I was never bullied for my dyslexia. Everyone was considered equal no matter what race you were, what learning problem you had, or even an annoying habit you couldn’t seem to break. We were one big family. Here in America it’s different. Groups. Groups. Groups. That’s all it is. Popular, Nerdy, Weird, Dumb, Idiots, and the most painful one the disability group. Every student for themselves if you have no friends. If you do well gee good, at least you have a chance to survive High School.


“Good morning class, as you all know the end of the school year is drawing to a close.”


The class erupts with shouts of joy, in a few weeks they can roam the streets, check out fancy cars, waste their money they got from grandparents over worthless items, and junk thinking they are the coolest people in the world. I plan to stay at home, conceal myself inside my house.


“Yes I’m excited too but don’t forget I can still give detentions so keep your mouths shut. The final report card will be handed out on the last day of school as well as Honor roll announced over the speakers. Many of you in this class will be on the High Honors list although you may not know it yet.”


Is she really trying to make us feel better by saying most of us on the High Honors list. I start to wonder if Mrs. Connors is going insane.


“Anyway first period is about to start you may go to that class.”


“Winnie! Winnie wait for me!” It’s Lila.


“I just wanted to say I’m sorry for treating you like a loser I realized that you don’t need snotty, stuck-up friends to be happy when you have friends that actually care for your opinion. So what I’m trying to say is will you be my friend.”


“Of course! By the way you’re a really nice person to be around Lila.”


“Thanks wanna hang out later?”


“I can’t my mom wants me home so she can check my homework. But maybe next week after school gets out.”


“Oh okay here’s my number. Call me.”


She scribbles her phone number poorly on a piece of notebook paper, I can still read it though.  


All I have to do now is survive the last week of school before the sweet relief of summer break.


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