Once Upon A Beautiful Nightmare...

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I ran as though my life depended on it. Branches tore at my ankles and legs. My bare feet - caked with blood mud and who knew what else - slammed into the forest floor, again and again and again. It hurt. Everywhere hurt. It didn't hurt enough.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Once Upon A Beautiful Nightmare...

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



We'll be home soon, so dry your eyes, you'll be okay, we'll be okay ~Asking Alexandria

"Jack?" I called out, opening the back door to scan quickly scan the garden "Where are you?"

Seeing as exploring our tiny garden further in hopes of finding someone that clearly isn't there seemed pointless, I closed and locked the back door before walking upstairs.

"Jack, If I can't find you, mum will kill me when she gets back"

I crouched down next to his bed, leaning forward to peer under his bed

"Jack" I screamed, running into the bathroom checking behind the door, checking the bath, nearly ripping the shower curtain in my haste

"Jack! This isn't funny anymore" I fumed as I ran into mum's room, which was also clear of all life.

I ran into my room, and it was a mess, my make up was smudged all up the walls, my clothes were thrown on the floor.

I took a step into my room, every silent apart from the pitter patter of light rain on the windows.

"Boo!" Jack came running towards me wearing my foundation and one of my old white dresses that only just reached his knees

"Jack, honey, you look like a ghost" I chuckled

"I know" he gave me a big cheesy grin, showing his single dimple on his right cheek.

"You gave me a scare" I stuck my tongue out at him "Now, come on. Help me tidy up this mess"

My fourteen year old brother shrugged his shoulders and then started to pick up my clothes, with his head hung.

He had black hair, in the typical emo cut style, dyed black hair and blue eyes, but he was taller than me, 5"9 to my 5"7, even though I was older than him at 18.

As I was tidying up my dresser, I glanced at myself in the mirror attached to it. Half shaved head, dyed black hair, all thrown over one side. Blue eyes. Snake bites, bridge pierced and my cheek bones. A spider was tattooed at the top of my other cheek bone.

"Melantha" Jack whispered from the bathroom, where he was probably taking the make-up off "You better come see this"

I frowned and walked towards the bathroom, seeing Jack's face even paler with fear was something I wasn't expecting, Jack never got scared.

He was pointing out the bathroom window, and I stuck my head out, and there, at the bottom of the garden were two... creatures, devouring our mother, who had obviously just come home from her date.

I'd seen enough horror movies to know what was happening.

"Right" I whispered "Grab what you can. Grab a weapon. Grab warm clothes, and pack a bag full of tinned food. Ok?"

But Jack couldn't tear his eyes away from the scene in front of him

"She's dead Jack" I scream whispered "Get your fucking ass into the bedroom and do as I've told you. Please"

Screaming was starting to resound down the road

Jack looked me in the eyes, tears brimming but he wouldn't let them fall. Not until later. Not Jack.

As Jack scampered into his bedroom, I wondered why I wasn't feeling anything about the fact I'd just seen my mother get eaten.

it's probably just shock a reasonable voice muttered in the back of my head.

I pulled my phone out, and went to speed dial.

"Hey, Devlin. We have an issue at hand" I told my best friend "Zombies. and lots of 'em" 

"If I didn't know you better Mel, I'd say you were pulling my leg. I'll be over in 10, stay inside until I arrive, grab guns, baseball bats, crowbars, even a fucking saucepan if you have to, and food, no perishables"

and he hung up on me.

I walked into my bedroom and pulled my thick black Slipknot hoodie on, pulled on my black skinny Jeans, and did up my knee high flat combat boots.

Jack came out in pretty much the same gear, only his was a Chelsea Grin hoodie.

I walked downstairs and broke into my mums locked cupboard, removing my old knives from the place where she'd put them when she'd confiscated them.

Jack went to the knife block and picked up a meat cleaver

"I feel so bare" he muttered

"So do I" I whispered, but it felt good having my knives back, comforting.

"Don't use them for anything stupid" Jack whispered, looking at me

"Don't worry, that was in past, but right now, these bitches need sharpening"

Just then, lights lit up the kitchen and a black fiesta pulled onto the drive

"No time" I screamed, grabbing the bag I'd brought down with me and just dragging random tins into it

"GO!" I screamed, running for the front door, Jack hot on my heels

There were already zombies dragging their feet to try and get closer to the car.

"shotgun" Jack called triumphantly

"Get your fucking ass into the back, this isn't the time Jack" I shouted at him

Jack's face fell, and he swung himself into the back seat, slamming the door shut at the same time I rolled over the bonnet of the car and got in the passenger seat

"GO DEVLIN GO!" I screamed and he reversed, the front wheels spitting up grass and dirt as we reversed at speed, knocking a few of the closer zombies to the floor

"Shit, they're close" Devlin exclaimed, his black tattooed eyes wide, and his mouth so open I'm suprised his jaw hasn't unpopped.

as he floored it, only one thing stuck in my mind

The way my mother's mangled and torn face had smiled and chuckled through the back window at us.

And then I cried.

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