Don't feel alone / the full verson

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luara is 16, and she has to hlep a ghost named lorietta alexander. Lorietta died when she was just 18. lorietta sent luara off to ind a special item of hers. If luara doen't find that item of loriettas lorietta will be boomed to stay on eartg forever. Will luara fail this quest? Will lorietta be boomed to stay on earth forever? Find out by reading " Don't feel alone" the full verson. XD

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Don't feel alone full verson

Submitted: October 12, 2009

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Submitted: October 12, 2009



Chapter 1
Around every dark corner there could be something creeping about. It's coming to get you. It's right behind you! You turn around and it runs back into the darkness. Haven't you always had a felling that something is watching you when you're all alone? If yes, then you might just have something living with you that you just never have known about till now. Don't be afraid it won't hurt you, if you show no fear of course. You think your safe but your not. One day I was walking home from school all alone, I thought I heard foot steps behind me and when I turned around nothing was there. After I got home I went to my room. I felt like something was watching me. I fell asleep when I awoke I wasn't in my room anymore I was in the dark. In the middle of nowhere. I was scared. I didn't know were to go. I saw a light hovering in the air. It lead me to a grave yard. That light wasn't a light it as a orb. It was showing me a grave. I looked at the grave and it said "Lorietta Alexander Born 1991 Died 2009". She died in a tragic accident. Wow, she died when she was 18. Then the orb turned in to a ghost. "Who are you?" I asked. "Hello, I am Lorietta Alexander," I gasped. She looked so beautiful, she had blood all over her. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you," she spoke gently. "Okay. How did you die?" I asked. "I was walking home from my friends house it was dark out. I saw this light I couldn't see anything but that light. At the time I didn't know that it wasn't just a light, it was a car. I got hit by the car. As I lay on the road the person just kept driving." "Oh, wow. I am so sorry." "Don't be, It was my own fault, I wasn't even suppose to leave home while my mom was out, but I went to my friends house any away and the reason I was following youwas becauseI..." "wait you were following me?" I asked, a little surprised." why were you ?" I asked "Because ... I want you to help me." "How? I don't know how to help you? " you should leave cause its getting late ". "I will come back tomorrow to see you." I said a little frightened. I started to walk away. "Wait!" "Look I will be back tomorrow, Okay? Bye." I said in a hurry. "Okay" she said but she didn't get to answer my question.

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