The Underground Vampire

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There's this girl.
There's this guy.
He's called Marco.
But she's mysterious.
What's going on in her world cause he's intrested and thats odd.
She's never quite there but always around.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Underground Vampire

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



She had light caramel hair which fell graciously down to the short of her back, in helter sckelter swirls. Her deep jade eyes reflected her smooth olive skin. She wore a red frilly v-neck blouse and a black fishtail skirt emphasising her elegant figure. Her four inch heels gave her an impressive stance of power and greatness. Her beauty overpowered onlookers and her natural skin was obscured by nothing.
Walking to her night job as the late night receptionist at the Valdini Hotel she noticed a figure staring at her from room 24; Marco Valdini's room. Marco was the cocky son of Antonio Valdini, the owner of the hotel. Every night he checked into room 24 with whatever whore he had picked up. Occasionaly they would walk in later than him, as if to make it less obvious, but we all knew. He would go for the blonds or the red heads, never fat and always caked in make-up. Today she suspected would be no different, a different Jane, Laura, Cassie, Chloe or Mercedes, a different signature on the register but the same looks from all the staff as the tart did her walk of shame.
The next morning, we on the graveyard shift would see Marco walk down the stairs in a hurry, finding a ramdom lipstick stain or a hickey on his neck and growl with fury. I now come prepared, to save him shouting at us. I carry concealer in his shade and i make sure he always has a spare shirt hanging up by the desk and occasionally when he is drunk (well more drunk than usuall) he brings back a real dirty looking skank, in this situation i would order a full but identical outfit and have it waiting.
"night Jessie" i called as the day time receptionist: Jessie left. Sweet as strawberry pie, blond hair, blue eyes and always wore pink. She supported millions of charities, running races or taking part in some sort of marathon, she picked up her sponsers at the hotel seeing as the customers were filthy rich and her baby face always made them feel guilty if they didn't donate. She was a bit like me, three jobs but all of her's were better paid and more decent. I wasn't a prostitute but i did get groped alot within my bar maid job and my job as the maid within the Valdini house. But i needed the jobs to pay my rent on my flat so i just accepted it.
"night, have fun, oh and Marco had already checked in to room 24, i give his 'fun' about fifteen minutes to get here, seeing as he wasn't so drunk." She laughed, waved and passed by me swirling into the revolving doors in her child like manner. On my shift was Clara, she was the maid, Kevin was the doorman - though he didn't actually do anything, he just stands about looking handsome, Sam is our bodyguard because there are some real strange characters at night. And then there is Jas the chef, she makes the best curries and is very quiet, Jackson the bell boy and his cousin Peter the room service guy. Peter's job is quite funny, you can tell what type of guest he is feeding, the thin ones ask for the salads with no dressing and the fat ones who ask for triple chocolate cake and a burger but hold the cheese because it might be fattening - but what does that make the cake?!
So i stood behind my desk, pinning my badge on my shirt and plastering a fake smile on my face. That smile, the smile everyone see's but no - one understands. That smile, the one i hide behind as if everything was ok and just fine. That smile which fakes how tired and worn down i had got over the months. Working at The Dog And Creek Pub from 7 at night until 10 and then going straight to my shift at the hotel until 6 in the morning was tiring but then having to go from the hotel back to the pub to clean up the punters mess until 8 am and then finally i would travel up the bumpy beaten road to the Valdini's house to work as the one of the lowest maids until 2pm, only then i could go home to my little flat and sleep for about four hours before getting ready to start the malicious work cycle all over again.
My days feel backwards, they seem to start at 7 in the evening and finish around 3 pm the next day, they are long and within every job a full effort is needed because every employer expects the most. How could i disappoint? Mistakes have concequences and i cant afford to loose any job, i have to pay my rent, otherwise i would be homeless and that cannot happen! I look after a kitten too, ChiChi she follows me around everywhere except the Valdini's house, she would always wait outside the pub for me and in the office behind the desk in the hotel, within the hours i was at home she would sleep in my bed after eating whatever little food i had took from each job. We lived in the same style, eating little tit-bits from each place except the hotel where Jas would give us both a meal and charge it to Marco. She never got caught as it was to cover Marco's personal life from his Dad, a meal makes it more realistic you see. We both had little sleep and even less time to keep clean, well she would clean herself every so often seeing as she didn't have to work but i would strive to keep clean at every free second.
I stood behind the desk and waited, i would wait for the whore to enter; whatever her name, wait for her to reach the front desk and then i would smile. Normally she would return the gesture. To be polite some more i would turn around as she signed her name by Marco's and with my back turned i would tell her to go straight up and ignore what anyone says. I didn't like these girls, they sold their bodies to men, they looked revolting and spoke in a common manner and accent. They would try and sign their names in posh swirls if they could be bothered but none had yet been sucessful. I'm guessing today would be no different. But then she walked in.

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