The Sun Medallion

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: December 20, 2009

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



This was not a difficult puzzle to Shero; because he likes these mysteries.
Shero: “these weren’t difficult puzzles as before, so I think we are closer to the medallion”
Takua: “maybe”
Now they are in the chamber of medium light. This time Takua who enter first. Once he makes his first step an arrow gets out from the wall. Takua doesn’t pay attention to it, but Shero is, so he jumped on his friend and save him from the arrow but it hurt his face.
Takua: “What’s going on?!” then he looks at the wall and saw the arrow and knows what’s happened, then he look at Shero and saw wound in his face, so he ask him: “Shero are you ok?”
Shero: “yes”
After standing, a few meters away they saw in the room the medallion putting inside a glass box and its glowing and on the wall there is a small hole.
Takua and Shero together: “It must be the medallion”
As soon as Shero put his foot on the ground a yellow electric began to spread on place, so he get back of that ground, then everything return to normal.
Shero:  “What are we going to do now?”
Takua: “I don’t know but there must be a solution”
After that they look at the place again then together: “the arrow”.
Takua: “But what if the plan didn’t succeed?”
: “We will think in something else but now let’s try”
Then they agreed that Shero who will move the arrow; because he is stronger than Takua in it and Takua who will put the protection shield on the arrow.
Shero reach his hands then Lift the arrow and start moving it and Takua put the protection shield around it. It wasn’t difficult; because they put the arrow for this purpose.
 When the arrow gets in the small hole they heard sound.
Shero: “Is this mean……….”
Takua reply: “let’s try”
Then they approached again from the ground, but nothing happened, so they encourages and get closer to the medallion step by step and; because of the  medallion  glowing they put one of their hands infront of their eyes to avoid  the light.
When they become near to the medallion it’s attracting them; because it’s look like the Sun in its red shine that surround it and in the middle yellow jewel, the jewel holding by an orange crystal. Even of its small size it’s beautiful. When Shero saw that he directly put it in a golden chain that he was wearing on his neck.
Takua: “It’s really deserved to come for”.
Shero: That’s right. Do you think it has power?”
Takua: “Yes. Now remember to save it no matter of what”.
Shero: “Of course I will. Let’s look for a way out of here; because we don’t want to go back to the same place right?”

Before Takua answering he surprise that the medallion glowing then the wound in Shero face disappeared, so he smiled without saying anything. Then they search for way out but they didn’t find.
 Takua: “There is no way out here”
Shero: “That’s what it seem. I wish there is way out of here, but we have no choice, so we will search for the last time then we will go back”
Few minutes’ latter Takua shouting: “It’s a door”
Shero smile then said: “Let’s get out of here”
And before he open the door Takua hold his hand then said: “We don’t know if it’s really way out”
: “We will not lose anything if we try”
When they open the door it was way out, so they get out and when they get out from the temple it disappeared under the sand again and the time still afternoon.
Shero: “let’s go home”.
They didn’t take lot of time to get back home; however it’s night in their city.
Shero: “Thank you for everything. See you tomorrow” then he leave and go home, but Takua before go home he ask himself question: “Strange. How the wound in Shero face disappeared? And I’m sure there isn’t any way out, where the door comes from? What confusing me is how the time in the temple is afternoon and here is night? We only take half hour to get back home, so how? It’s too late I have to go home and get some sleep” then he go home.
In the next morning before the school time ending few minute a teacher with four eyes or that what they called him; because he wearing glasses standing infront of Shero medallion (The Sun Medallion) and tried to touch it, but it dropped him away. The students are surprise of what they saw but not for long time; because the bell rang and everyone get out.
Shero feeling bad today; because of what just happened and Takua doesn’t like to see him like this, so to make him happy he said: “Come on let’s play some bowling”
Shero with sad voice: “Not Today”
Takua know that Shero loves the challenge, so he said: “you can refuse; because you know I will win today. Right”
Shero answering: “That’s not true and I will prove it to you lets go”
Takua know that it’s not the first time Shero won and not the last, but he do that; because Shero feel bad.
In the bowling hall Meena and her friend Sanay was challenging each other in the bowling.
Shero and Takua both like Meena and want her to become their girlfriend. Everyone can note that Takua care about Meena but Shero doesn’t do any movements indicate that he care about her.
Takua: “Meena You look tired. Do you want me to bring something to drink?”
Meena: “No thanks”
Sanay: Takua again. You don’t tired of trying”
Takua look at Shero then said: “In how he feels today I don’t even think he can win this time”
Then he goes to Shero and said: “I’m the one who challenge you so I’ll start first” and throw the ball.
The magician bowling is little different than the normal one; because they throw the ball then by using magic they move it and try to hit the moving crystal. When Takua throw the ball he hit most of it.
Shero: “not bad at all. Now I will show you something you never saw before”
Then he holds the ball but before throwing it he remembers what happened today at school, so he forget to move his fingers away and the ball pulls his full body with it and hit all the crystal. After what just happened everybody in the hall laughing on him except his friends. When Takua saw that he run to Shero and ask him: “Shero Are you okay?”
After what happened his face change to red that’s why he gets out from the hall in a hurry and Takua following him.
Shero look at the ground then said: “I make them laughing on me, how fool I’m”
Takua smiling then said: “Don’t worry one day happened to me the same thing”
Shero knows that his friend said this to support him, so he smiled.
Few moments later they met a young man has a huge body, strong muscle, blond hair and blue eyes in addition to brown skin and everybody know that he loves to hit the weak people.
Jackop: “Shero give me the medallion”
Shero: “In your dreams”
Jackop angry then said: “Do you know you talking with whom?”
Shero: “Yes and I don’t care”
When Jackop heard that he become angry so he start hitting Shero and he avoid it, but when one of Jackop group saw that he pushes Shero, so Shero gets all the punches. Takua can’t stand without doing anything while Shero hurt, so he fight them with Shero but; because they are stronger and more number than Shero and Takua they defeated so easy.
Jackop: “If he’s weak this means his medallion weak too. Let’s go” after he said that the medallion glow.
Shero: “Are you okay Takua?”
: “I feel pain all over my body”
Shero: “Me too. I wish if I can beat them”
Takua: “yeah. Okay Shero see you tomorrow” then he leave.
Shero go home too and enter to his room without his parent feel of him, then he threw himself on the bed; because he is so tired and looked at the mirror in his room roof then said: “what shame. How I can protect the medallion if I can’t protect myself?”
When he finished his sentence, he saw that his reflection talking to him.
Dark Shero: “Don’t worry Shero sleep and leave everything to me” then he doesn’t even take a minute and sleep.
In the school hall a young man has red eyes and red hair wearing the school uniform but in black entered there. When one of Jackop group saw that he said: “red hair. The circus is there” And pointed with his finger.
Everybody laughed including Dark Shero that why Jackopasked: “What do you want?”
He replied: “beating” When they heard the answer they laughing again, but Jackop stop them by  saying: “Why are you laughing on him if that's what he wants I will make his wish” So Dark Shero look at him with a clod smile on his face.
Jackop starts with punch but this time is different, so Dark Shero holds his hand then twist it and dropped him on the ground. Jackop group surprise, so the surrounded him and tried to hit him, but he use the fire to burn their cloth and make them afraid.
Only one was far away from Dark Shero, so he look at him then said: “You always wish to fly, so I’ll make your desire”
Dark Shero moved his left hand and lifted him in the air and then said: “but you don’t know how to fly” then he let him to fell on the ground, when Jackop saw that he asks: “Who the hell are you?” 
He answer: “You can call me Dark Shero”
Jackop look one time to the right and another to the left, but he doesn’t find anyone else doesn’t suffer except himself, so he look at the door. When Dark Shero pays attention he said: “want to leave, allow me to help you”
Then he put his left hand on the ground and it’s moving then it become like a wave and hit Jackop into the wall then make a sound. After while, Dark Shero feels that there is somebody will enter to the hall, so he disappears.
One minute later a man enter and ask: “ What's going on here” Then he saw all of them feel pain and when he go to check them Dark Shero get out from the door, but when the man look to the door he doesn’t see any one get out only heard the door.
Dark Shero returned to the house quickly; because he is very fast in moving then he sleeps. Shero sleep for long hours, so his mother awakened him for dinner, but he answer that he doesn’t want then he sleep again.
 In the next morning he woke up early and eats his breakfast then goes to school. He meets Takua in his way which is still feeling pain; because of yesterday, but Shero doesn’t feel any pain.
Takua: “How you heal quickly?”
Shero: “I do not know perhaps the medallion has healing power”
: “Maybe”
Before they enter to school they meet Jackop and his friends again, but this time was different; because they was looking at Shero and their feet tremble from fear. It’s clear that somebody beat them. Takua look at them and asking himself: “what happened to them? Why they are looking to Shero and tremble of fear?” Then they entered to school and it was regular day like any day.
In other side, in Darkador city specifically in the headquarters of black magic there was large room with a golden carpet with black trim in addition to chair made of gold there was a man has brown skin, long brown hair and blue eyes, and he wearing sleeveless shirt, long cloak, pants in addition to shoes and they all in black of curse.
The man was walking and his follower on the both side and he seems so angry.
Zaldy: “all this happened; because of your stupid if you pay attention to the map before bring the fake one, we will not have to attack before the time. Get ready you will go to attack Kadilak city” then he look at the two who bring the fake one then said: “If you didn’t bring the right map I’ll spread your head of your body” Then he sat on the chair and closed his eye.
The magicians went to the Kadilak city then start burning the city and killing people, so the Kadilak city need every one know how to use the magic.
The news arrived quickly to the magic school, so they canceled all classes also all teachers went to defend the city and the students have been sent to their homes.
Before Shero and his friend go to their home Shero said: “all this happened; because of them. They have to teach us something to defeat the bad guys, not to defend ourselves. What will happen if the shield is broken? It will be our end”
Takua: “You right they supposed to teach us something strong like fire or something like that. Didn’t they know that the best way of defense is attack?”
Shero smile then said: “Do you thinking of what I’m thinking?”
Takua answer: “The spell book”
Shero: “That’s right, so we will wait for perfect time to go”
After few hours the enemy armies retreat from the street, so it seems empty. When Shero saw that he said: “It is the right moment to go” but when they become at main street a magician was flying in the air and they don’t pay attention to him, so he approached to them and tried to burn them with fire, but the sun medallion put the protection shield look like half big ball on Shero and Takua. When the magician saw that he said: “Amazing, but is the shield going to protect you if I get closer?”
Then he gets closer more and more but when he tried to touch the shield the medallion threw him away then the shield disappeared.
Takua ask: “When you learned that Shero?”
: “not me it’s the medallion remember when it threw our teacher”
Takua: “I remember that” Then he smiled and continue: “it must be a strong medallion to do that”
Shero: “Yes, now let’s go before another one coming”
So they go to school exactly to the place where the student shouldn’t be there.
Takua: “Now how we are going to enter Shero?”
Shero pointed with his finger where a small hole covered with a piece of wood. Takua look at Shero then said: “we will become like a mouse if we go from here”
Shero: “Do you have a better place?”
Takua doesn’t know so he moves his head to the right then left. When Shero saw that he said: “So let’s go” then he move the piece of wood and enter. After one hour they get out from a hole near to the book.
Shero: “We get closer let us go”. But Takua doesn’t move; because he was scared to death; because of what he saw, so he said: “Sh….Sh... Shero is these things guard it?”
Then he pointed with his finger where a giant snake has three heads. When Shero saw that he swallowing his saliva then said: Hydra, but where it came from?”
The most important question is: “how to kill it?”
Shero legs shacking but he said: “They teach us that if we cut one of its head it will be double or something like that and…….and. I don’t remember anything. What are we going to do? I hope if I was attention for that lesson”
Takua: I remembered we have to cut its entire head in the same time.”
Shero: “And how we are going to do it?”
: “I do not know”.
When they were getting back Shero saw a sword, so he take it then said: “at least something to defend our self”
Takua: “small sword it’s not enough to killed that thing”
Shero hold the sword with his hands then said: “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to beg the medallion?”
Takua answers: “It's a wonderful idea”.
 So they get out the shield and start to ask the medallion help and they cried, but it doesn’t do anything, so Shero gets angry and take it away from his neck then said: “useless” Then threw it toward the Hydra.
The medallion start growing and become in Hydra size then it cut its entire head in the same time and killed it, then it returned to Shero hand as a small medallion and that’s how they killed the hydra.
Shero is happy and in the same time shocked: “I don’t know how, but thanks you saved our life” then he kiss it and wore it again after that they continue their way.
Now Shero hold the book then open it and he saw the same language in the temple.
So he said in angry voice: “All these things for birdy language” then he gives it to Takua and he open it again then said: “I know this language” then he read some word then continue: “It’s really a book for learning magic”

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