The Sun Medallion

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



Shero smile then said: “That’s great is there anything we can use to defeat our enemy?”
He answer: “yes there is how to use the lighting”
When Shero heard that he become so happy that’s why he said: “What you waiting for? Come on teach me I want to try”
Takua: “Do any move”
Shero: “Only that?”
: “Yes. Yes”
Shero raise his hands and grip it, but nothing happened, so he asks: “Why nothing happened?”
Takua: “I don’t know” then he look again to the book then said: “Sorry I wasn’t pay attention to all what it written .It written you have to make a move and say sentence using Light word”
Shero smile then said: “So easy”
Then he raises his hands one more time then said: “Give me the power of light” when he finished his sentence lighting shock him, so he said: “I don’t mean what I said” then he fall on the ground, so Takua run to him and ask him: “Are you okay?”
Shero standing, but he hurt.
Shero: “At least we check its strength all what we have to do is to train on how to use it”
Takua and Shero train to use it all the day but they fail in control it and they so tired.
Shero: “It’s too late we will train tomorrow”
Takua: “You are right. Okay then sees you tomorrow”
After that Shero go home and have a dinner then sleep, but Takua walking in the street and remember what happened today. When he was doing that he meets Meena, so he stops her then said: “I know it’s not the right time but why you avoiding me Meena? You know I love you right?”
Meena: “I know that and that’s why I avoiding you”
Before she leaves he holds her hand then said: “Why are you doing this to me? Am I not good looking enough?”
Meena: “No. Not for that reason”
Takua: “Then why? Is there somebody in your life?”
She doesn’t answer so he shouting in her face: “Why? Say something”
When Gardy saw that he go to them and said: “It’s the time to know the truth”
Takua: “What a truth you talking about?”
Gardy: “After you calm down I’ll tell you everything” after few minutes Takua calm down, so Gardy start talking: “Meena refuse your love; because you are her brother”
Takua shock from what he heard, so he said: “What?!!!!!!!”
Then he let Meena hand, then Gardy continue: “It is the truth. Meena is your sister from your mother and the medallion you wear now that your mother gives it to you and it has her picture inside Meena has exactly the same”
Takua doesn’t said any word, so Meena get out her medallion and show him her picture with her mother then he sure that this women is his mother which mean Meena is his sister.
When he saw that he can’t control himself, so he run away and crying then he go home to sleep and forget all what happened.
In Darkador city Zaldy cut their heads; because they didn’t bring the map and when he was walking and thinking he heard one of his followers talking with his friend.
: “It’s a powerful medallion and its shape looks like the sun”
When Zaldy heard that he get closer to him and raise him from his cloth then said: “What did you said?”
Dalas: “A young man wearing a powerful medallion and its shape looks like the sun”
Zaldy let him then said: “It’s the medallion we looking for, so you will go tomorrow to Kadilak city and bring that young man with the medallion. Now leave”
In the next day Shero wake up on people shouting, so he looking for his parent in the house but he doesn’t find them. All he finds is a written paper said: “Dear Shero. We go to defend our city. Your father” After what he read he can’t stay home, so he gets out.
Outside the smoke was in the entire place. When he walking a little he finds his friend and Meena, so he said: “We don’t have time to talk let’s go to safe place”
This time the black magic users want the medallion and they will do everything to bring it, so they come and bring with them a lot of Gryphon.
When Takua, Shero and Meena moving they find in their way an animal has head, wings and claws of giant eagle and tail, body in addition to back feet for giant lion's, so when they saw that they shouting then Takua and Meena getaway of the Gryphon, but Shero can’t move; because his legs shacking from scared.
The Gryphon doesn’t wait Shero to move, so he stands on his back feet and moving his wings making dust cyclone then it get closer to Shero and hit him with it claw, but Shero defend on his self by putting his hands but it hurt him.
Takua can’t bears to see anything bad happened to Shero his best friend, so he has to help him even if he scared too.
Only few step before he get closer to Shero, he saw Shero hair color change to red and his cloth change to black, but what make him surprise is when he saw Shero run quickly and hold the Gryphon from its tail then throw it away and it impact with another one.
So when Takua saw that he said: “sh…Shero”.
When Shero heard his name he turned his head then look at Takua with his red eyes. At this moment Jackop and his friends come to the same place.
Jackop: “You!!!!!!! Not again” then he runaway.
When Takua saw that he look to where Shero is but he doesn’t find him, so he take his sister and follow Jackop then he hold Jackop hand then ask him: “Why are you runaway from Shero?”
He answers: “You mean Dark Shero?”
Takua repeat: “Dark Shero?!”
Jackop: “That his name. He told me his name after……………………..”
He told everything to Takua and Meena, so they surprise and they didn’t believe him, so they decide to search on Shero or Dark Shero as Jackop said.
Because of the enemy strength Gardy called Icesis. Icesis is giant legendary Ice man and it is the Kadilak city guard.
In this moment Dark Shero was fighting the Gryphon and the magicians with Icesis side by side; because he so strong and can fly.
Icesis: “Thank you Shero for helping me”
Dark Shero smile a cold smile then said: “Everyone has a way to die and this is not yours”
Then he go to one of the enemy magician and he raise him in the air then stop him from moving and pull all the magic energy then with a cold temper he burned him then killed him then he do the same way to more than one magician.
After that he get down two lighting shock on the one of the Gryphon wings, so it fall down then he approach toward another one and get out an ice sword then cut its head.
In this time Meena and Takua come and joined to Gardy, they all was shock from what they saw.
Gardy: “It’s great I don’t believe that Shero become so powerful”
Takua: “great in horrible way”
After few minutes Dark Shero start feels boring, so he said inside himself: “I didn’t expect they are so weak like this if I’m their leader the situation will be different”. Then he smiled and said: “It's a wonderful idea, but how to do it?”
When he starts thinking he saw two black magic users hiding and speaks with each other.
Dalas: “We are defeated. We can’t fight them with this power”
Leon: “You are right we have to retreat for now”
Dalas: “Have you lost your mind? He going to kill us if we didn’t bring the sun medallion, so let us search on that young man first”
Leon: “Okay let us find him”
When Dark Shero heard them he said: “It’s my chance”
Then he stands in his place to make them saw him. When they saw him Dalas shock him with the lighting. Dark Shero inside himself: “It’s so weak it doesn’t even effect’s me but I have no choice” So he make that he is hurt and feel pain then fall down unconscious.
Leon: “let us take him and get out of here”
After that they give their army signal mean our work is finished, so let us get out of here, so all the army retreat.
Then they take Dark Shero to their leader and when Zaldy saw the sun medallion he can’t say how happy he is in word, so he just smile and get closer to Dark Shero.
Dark Shero open his red eyes then said: “I hate to say this word but thanks for bring me here”
Then he hit Dalas and Leon and raise them in the air also he fixed their move then get out the magic from them and burned them to death.
Zaldy is shock from what he saw, so he said: “What is that?”
Dark Shero smile then answers: “It’s called taking the magic before dead and now; because I told you I have to kill you”.
Zaldy: “In your dream”
Then he moves the walls and hit Dark Shero with it then laughing.
This moves is the strongest one in all the black magic moves, however Dark Shero doesn’t hurt, so he standing and clean his cloth from the dust.
When Zaldy saw that he open his mouth from the shock then said: “That’s impossible no one survive from this move before”
Dark Shero: “If it was the strongest move you have you don’t deserve to be their leader”
Then he raise Zaldy in the air and repeat the way he use to killed Dalas and Leon with it and killed him.
When the entire black magic user saw that they know that they will die with the same way, so they shaking from scared.
After that Dark Shero standing for while then sit on the golden chair and said: “From this moment I’m Dark Shero your leader and if any one objected, he will have the same fate like that loser, so any one like to try?” No one dares to say “yes I’m”, so Dark Shero said: “As prize from me I’ll give you all the magic I take from them”
Then he stand near the chair and closed his eyes then light magic balls get out from his body and divided on all the magicians, so the scared feeling change to happy.
After Dark Shero heard them he opens his eyes then smile and said: “Tomorrow we are going to attack Kadilak city, so get ready”
All the magicians said in one voice: “Yes” and raise their hands.
Long time later after the black magic army retreat from Kadilak city and Shero doesn’t show up, so Takua and Meena decide to search on him and when they was searching on him they saw one of the enemy army hurt but not dead, so when Meena saw him she said: “He is moving” but before she kill him her brother stop her then said: “who knows maybe one day we will need him let us take him”
Meena doesn’t like what her brother said however she do it; because she knows that what her brother said is true, so they take him with them. Few hours later they tired from searching, so Takua said: “Let us go and tomorrow we will search again. Now I’ll take this man with me”
Meena: “I agree” then they both go home.
In the next morning the weather was great before the black magic user attack again but this time their new leader Dark Shero with them. This time their number is less than before however they are stronger than last time they attack so they burned the city and killed the innocent but Dark Shero just watching them from the air without doing anything like he watching a film.
Few minute later he saw Meena and Takua stand side by side with Gardy and he called Icesis.
Dark Shero: “He called him faster than I imagine”
Dark Shero go to Icesis but this time is different; because he is here to kill him not to help him.
Dark Shero: “Finally we meet face to face Icesis”
Icesis: “Shero you! Why? Yesterday you were fighting with me and now you want to kill me!”
Dark Shero: “First of all I’m Dark Shero, then yeah; because yesterday I thought them strong but I was wrong, so I told myself maybe Icesis is in my power and as we both know you will not fight me until I become your enemy and to make you more angry I’m their leader and what they are doing now make me so happy”
When Icesis heard this he opens his mouth and get out a cold storm. Dark Shero put his hands infront of his face and try to stay in his place however the cold storm throw him away. At this time everybody include Meena, Takua and Gardy who saw Dark Shero fight against Icesis are shock.
Dark Shero approached toward Icesis and clapping then said: “Not bad” then he get back few steps then said: “Do you try before what the vegetables feel when it poaches? Take that”
Then a large fire gets out directly under Icesis, so it couldn’t move and it starts to melt. When everybody saw that they leave the enemy and focus on hit Dark Shero to make him let Icesis even Gardy himself but Dark Shero doesn’t affect and he still focus on Icesis until its all melt. When Dark Shero killed Icesis he raises his hand as victory signal then retreat.
All the Kadilak city people are shock and angry in the same time; because their guard now is gone, so the city is not safe anymore and what make them more angry is one of them who killed it that’s why Gardy decide that Shero is not one of them anymore and the person who will become his side his fate will be like him.
Takua doesn’t like what he heard so he objected by saying: “Shero is not evil” then all the people look at him with angry. When Gardy saw that he approached toward him and put his hand on Takua shoulder then said: “It’s difficult even for me but there isn’t any other solution”.
When Takua heard that he become angry and move Gardy hands, then runaway and start crying then said: “Impossible. Impossible Shero become an evil why they don’t believe me?”
Then when he was walking in a corridor and repeat the same sentence an old man standing behind him then said: “I believe you young man”
Takua become so happy when he heard that. Finally there is somebody believes him, so he turned back and his eyes wide from the shock when he saw the old man.
Takua: “you but how? I buried you with my hands”
Old man: “The person you buried is my twin brother Armando and my name is Alex”
Takua: “What? But……………”
Alex: “There is no time to be sure of what I told you. Do you want to help your friends or not?”
Takua: “Sure”
Alex: “Your friend is a good person why he uses the evil way to take the sun medallion?”
: “Evil way?! What do you mean?”
Alex explain: “When you use the blood to take the sun medallion that’s mean you want to use it for evil”
Takua: “But we didn’t……………”
Before he finished his sentence he remember when they was in the temple and how the arrow hurt Shero and then they use it without clean it from the blood to take the sun medallion.
Takua: “But we didn’t know that, so from where that guy come from?”
He answers: “This isn’t anybody else he is your friend himself”
Takua: “But you said……….”
Alex interrupts him by saying: “I know what I said, but the person that you saw before few hours is your friend Shero and; because of the way you take the medallion with. It gets out his dark side”
Takua: “Which mean if the person uses the blood and he is already evil he will become more evil?”
: “That’s right. Now do you want to get back your old friend?”
Takua: “Yes”
Alex: “So is there anything Shero love, to make him come for it no matter of what?”
Takua think for one minute then said: “Shero loves me and Meena and he doesn’t bears to see us hurt”
Alex: “And I have the right place to detention him but we have to find away to tell him that something bad will happen to you and Meena if he doesn’t come”
Then they both think how they going to tell Dark Shero, so they think all the night.
In the next morning Takua put his hands on his head but before he lost the hope he found the idea, so he is happy.
Takua: “I found it. The man that I and Meena kept him a life”
Alex surprise of what he heard, so Takua explain him everything, so they go to Takua house where the magician is and they tell him to tell Dark Shero that they are going to kill Meena and Takua if he doesn’t come and they give him the place name. The man is refuse at the beginning but when they told him that if Dark Shero gone he can become the black magic user leader he directly accept.
After that they take him safe out of Kadilak border then hurt him to complete their story. 
The magician goes to Dark Shero and told him everything. Dark Shero doubt of what he said however he goes to check by himself and before he enters to the place he told him about. He said inside himself: “Meena will scare if she saw me like this” that’s why he enters as Shero. When he enter he saw one guard and Meena and Takua were

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