Chapter 4: The Last chapter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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restricted inside the prison, so he couldn’t bears what he saw and somehow he encourages then hit the guards and make him fell on the ground unconscious then he take the key from him and open the prison then enter.
At the moment he touch Takua the prison door is close also Takua and Meena 3D picture disappeared, so he know it was a trap, then he try to open the door but he couldn’t. After that Alex and Takua enter to the same place.
Takua: “Shero is that you?” then he saw brown hair and normal cloth, so he knows it is Shero.
Shero with sad voice: “Takua Why?!”
Before Takua talking Alex said: “It’s my idea; because if we want to control your dark side we have to detention you first”
Shero repeat: “My dark side?! What do you mean?”
So Takua explain him everything he knows.
Shero: “Impossible, so I lost everything; because of that medallion. At least let me check by myself that my parents don’t want to see me too. Please”
Shero look at Takua with sad face and Takua doesn’t bears, so he go to the prison door and want to open it, but Alex stop him from doing that then said: “Don’t be weak now”
When Shero saw that he has no choice, that’s why he asks the medallion help: “Please. The Sun Medallion allow me to see my parents with this shape then do whatever you want with me”
Shero this time ask the medallion help from his heart that’s why when he finished his sentence the medallion glowing then get out his dark side (Dark Shero).
Takua: “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo”
Alex: “Relax, Even Dark Shero can’t run away from this prison; because it’s made against all the kind of magic”
When Dark Shero heard that he smile then disappeared infront of their eyes, so they said in one voice: “Impossible”, then they heard Dark Shero voice coming behind them: “This is not magic”. When they look at him he disappeared again infront of their eyes.
Takua: “Where did he go?”
Alex: “To his parents house let’s go”
The sun medallion makes Shero order and now he standing on the living room where his parents sit and before he enter he heard them talking together.
Elisa: “Answer me my dear how we are going to tell him that we are not his real parents and Zaldy the person he killed is his real father.”
When Shero heard this he shock, so he enter to the room and said: “Impossible”
Then he starts running to get out of here.
Elisa reach her hand then said: “Shero” but he doesn’t say anything.
Alexander: “He knows now. Are you satisfied?”
Shero still running, but this time he cries; because he lost everything, so he running without noticed the stone in his way and he fell down on his face and break the medallion jewel into two sides after that he standing and saw that the medallion has broken then a white smoke get from it also the weatherchange in that area into darkness and the smoke collect together then making human shape.
When the smokes get away Shero is shock: “Impossible. You! But how! We are one person.”
Dark Shero: “Well I’m shock just like you, but perhaps it’s my prize; because I help you”
Then he move to the left and right; because he happy, finally he has his own body.
Shero: “Helping me, you destroyed me and now it’s time to pay”
Dark Shero: “Relax. Do you forget we are one person and as prize from me I will not kill you and even I’ll not hitting you”
Shero angry then said: “This will not change anything”
So he starts the battle with kick, but Dark Shero holds his leg then said: “You can’t even protect yourself, so how you are going to defeat me?”
Shero doesn’t give up and he continues throw punches and Dark Shero blocks it.
Dark Shero: “My patience is over and now you will see how big you are”
So he only throws punch then kick but Shero can’t blocks any one of it; because his power is nothing against Dark Shero power, that’s why Dark Shero laughing. When Shero saw that he become angry, so he kick Dark Shero, but this time with the kick a fire get out.
Dark Shero: “impressive, I didn’t know you can use the fire before this time. You make me proud of you that why I’m going to use the fire against you so get ready in any minute”
 In that moment Takua and Alex arrive to Shero house then Takua ask: “Where is Shero?”
And before Elisa answer Alex said: “Is his hair was red or brown?”
When Alexander heard that he said: “What?!”
Takua repeat the question: “Where is Shero?”
Elisa: “He gets out before half hour”
After they heard the answer Takua and Alex get out in hurry, but this time Alexander with them; because he want to know what’s wrong with Shero, so they all starts searching on Shero.
Dark Shero: “What is that Shero? I didn’t use the fire yet and you didn’t bears. You make me feel boring” Then he get out an ice knife then throw it on the ground near to Shero then said: “perhaps this knife will make you stronger Shero, so take it”
So he takes the knife then tries to kill Dark Shero.
Dark Shero: “That’s great it make you strong, now I can use the fire. Take this”
Then he throw a small fire ball, and when Shero blocks it the knife is melt, so the fire ball hurt him then throw him away and get him out from the darkness area where the people standing.
When Dark Shero gets out from the darkness area everybody shock; because there is two of Shero.
At this moment Takua, Alex and Alexander come and after what they saw they stand infront of Shero.
Alexander: “I love you Shero you will stay my son forever”
When Shero saw that he cry and embosoms his father, so Dark Shero clapping for them then said: “That’s great. Can we continue the battle now Shero?”
Shero: “Of course”
Shero is hurt, so he can’t move from the pain that’s why Takua, Alex and Alexander get ready then in one voice: “We will fight you” and before he says anything Gardy and Meena come then said: “We too”
Dark Shero is the happiest person in the world now; because there is three of five can use magic against him.
The battle is began they all use their strength and all the magic they know to kill Dark Shero however they still weak and Dark Shero feel boring again that’s why he said: “Shero if you didn’t continue fighting me I will make you wish to die. Do you hear that wish to die”.
If you were in the same situation, what you will do?
The end

Submitted: December 20, 2009

© Copyright 2020 Lost Girl. All rights reserved.


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hmm, i think the ending was rather abrupt. anyway, i think you can sort of keep your sentences shorter, and read it through. write in Microsoft Word and edit your work before you publish it. =]

Tue, December 22nd, 2009 2:11pm


I will do that thank's :D

Wed, December 23rd, 2009 12:47am


Lost Girl:

Intriquing and interesting for it's deeper levels of detail. Good beginning.

Gave it an "I Like It" vote. As with your 1st 3 chapters. Well deserved.

You will attract more readers and increase your popularity if you remember to always skip a line between intended paragraphs. There needs to be a separate paragraph for each time a character may speak in his/her turn.

Thank you for becoming a fan. Most appreciative.

Happy 2010,

Ed Bradley.

Tue, December 29th, 2009 12:48am


Thank you very much :D I will keep what you said in mind for next time to use it:D

Mon, December 28th, 2009 11:38pm


This is addictive, lol. Good job again.

Thu, December 31st, 2009 9:42pm


Thanks for reading my novel to the end ^_^

Fri, January 1st, 2010 11:32pm

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