A Patient Named Vince

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A dream I had that I wanted to turn into a novel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Patient Named Vince

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013




As I step out of my car, I look up at the big grey building that matches the grey sky. It looked like it was going to rain today. I sigh I really didn’t want to be here to talk with Vince he scared me more than any of the other patients and it was only me he cooperated with. I stand outside the big building wasting time I wanted to be as late as possible so we could spend as little time together as possible. I feel the rain drops on my head so, I head inside on time, ugh this was going to be tough. I go into my office and look at my new diploma I was only a grad student dumb enough to take this job and only a few days after Vince arrived. I gather his file which I had accidentally left on my desk the day before and I put it into the file cabinet. I grab my note pad and take my seat. My office is small it looks like just about any other office except for the picture of my family and me on vacation. I’m roommates with my best friend veronica. My phone buzzes as Vince is lead into the room by a couple of orderlies.

 “Hey Vero, what’s up?” I ask into the phone. The orderlies stay when I mouth the words “I have to step out for a moment.” They just nod ok.

“I’m going to be home late tonight ok Akira, no need to wait up for me.”

“Ok Vero is there anything else I have to start my session with Vince he just walked into my office.”

 “Akira be careful around him he gives me the creeps.”

“Ok Vero, I promise I’ll be careful and I’ll see you tomorrow.” We hang up and I go back into the office. “Sorry about that I just had to take that call my best friend left town and I needed to know when she was getting back.”

“Its fine miss Akira.” The orderlies say and then leave

“Hello today Vince and how are you doing?” I ask knowing that it’s something I have to ask all the time.

“I’m fine, seeing you always makes me so much better.” He smiles at me. Vince has light sandy blonde hair and dark ebony eyes. He doesn’t usually smile which makes it even more eerie. “Ok Vince do you want to continue where we left off yesterday or should we finally begin exploring your child hood?” He stops looking at me and looks down at the floor thinking hard.

“If you want we can just continue where we left off…” I start to say but he interrupts me. “Akira I want to start talking about my child hood. It’s about time I opened up about it It’s been killing me inside for a long time.” He says without hesitation.

My mother and I had been abused by my father for a long time. We were afraid that if we left he’d follow us and kill us like he always threatened to do. I was about five when my father hit me for the first time and I had hoped that he would never hit me again. He didn’t for a while but after I turned ten that’s when he started beating me more and more.

 I stop him because we don’t have much time left. “Vince we only have about twenty minutes left. Would you like to stop now and do a calming exercise or would you like to continue?” I ask hoping he would choose the exercise instead. “I think I would like to try the exercise for now.” He replies. I offer him a small smile while I get up and head to my desk again.  On my desk I look for a couple of pieces of blank lined paper so we can do our exercise. “May I ask you Akira why you chose this line of work?” I hear Vince ask behind me. “I didn’t really ‘choose’ this career it kind of chose me.” I reply after finding the paper I wanted and a few extra pens. I pick up one of my books I brought to read and I hand it along with one of the sheets of paper to Vince. “Ok, Vince what I want you to do is write two letters one to your mother and one to your father explaining what it was like being raised by both of them, then if we still have time I want you to write a third letter to yourself noting what it is that you learned.” He looks at me after having stared at the floor for half an hour. Then he begins to write very angrily. I look at my notepad and I begin writing myself.

A few minutes later I hear the door open I look up from my notepad and see the orderlies standing there. “Vince, time’s up.” I say breaking his concentration. He stands up and hands me his papers I grab them and I stand up “I’ll see you tomorrow ok Vince?” he turns to face me “Akira, tomorrow I think I want to share with you what I wrote today. Will that be fine?”

“Yes, Vince we’ll discuss it tomorrow.” Then he’s lead back down the hall to his room the big orderlies standing on either side of him. I close my office door. I walk back to the desk and I quickly open my file cabinet grab his file and place his letters inside it. I then quickly place his file back in the cabinet and eagerly await the next patient.

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