A Patient Named Vince

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013




I had finally gotten home after a long day of talking to crazy people. Of course it isn’t fair that I call them crazy but, after working there a year it was very hard not to. I walk into my tiny apartment that I share with Veronica, I head into the kitchen which is right by the front door, I grab a glass out of a cabinet and go to the small water dispenser. While waiting for my glass to fill I think back to this morning and Vince his story was one that a lot of children go through all the time, yet I had felt like there was more to his story that we hadn’t even made a dent in his story. I had dropped my back pack on the small couch along with a couple of file folders I had to look over for the doctors and Vince’s was one of those.

The doctors wanted me to examine his folder and see if he should have any shock therapy. Mostly because Vince was always depressed and they thought it might help his depression I was starting to think that he wasn’t going to need it because of his changed behaviors today. I’m pulled from my thoughts when I hear the front door open and my best friend say, “I thought I told you not to wait up for me.” I smiled. I hadn’t realized it but after I had gotten my water and went looking for the files I had sat down on the couch and lost track of time.  

“Hey Vero.” I say quickly picking up the files and closing them.

“Hey Akira what did you have to bring work home with you?” she asks seeing the files on the coffee table.

“Yeah, these patients need me to check and make sure that shock therapy can help their depression and possibly help cure them of mental illness.” I explain. Veronica looks over at the files without opening them and then she spots Vince’s file which she quickly grabs.

“He’s cute especially with those eyes, to bad he’s a crazed killer.” She says laughing which makes me laugh a little myself.

“Veronica after you called today I went to start my session with him and his behavior wasn’t normal. I mean he at one point smiled at me which he never does and he wanted to talk to me about his childhood which he always avoids at all costs.” I feel strangely scared and nervous.

“Aw come on Aki he’s finally admitted to himself that he likes you and he’s decided to open up and share his gruesome past.” She says smiling at me. I just nod in her direction the long day finally taking its toll on me.

“I’m going to bed I’m tired and I have to get up early to the same thing again.” I say yawning and going to my small bedroom. She laughs behind me and says something I can’t hear. I climb under the nice soft sheets decorated with snowmen and fall fast asleep.

I can’t stop thinking about our visit today, if only I’d had more time with Akira and not just an hour everyday I’d show her that my feelings for her are real and that I could love her. She’s the only person who’s nice to me at all and actually listens to my disturbing stories. I know it’s only her job to listen to me but, none of the other psychotherapists ever really listened which is why I specifically asked for her. Besides, her listening skills she’s more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever met. She’s a kind person like my mother was before I killed her. I can’t sleep I guess I should have taken my sleeping pills but, then I wouldn’t get to think about her. The pills don’t even help me sleep anyway. I spend my nights wondering what would’ve happened if I’d grown up differently and had a future would I have gotten to marry Akira and have the perfect life with her? I guess it all depends on if we’d ever meet. Tonight’s different though I only imagine a future where she helps me get better and I get out of this darned place, and we make a relationship happen we could spend the rest of our lives happily ever after. I close my eyes after that last thought and I finally sleep a peaceful sleep.

 The next morning I wake up early. “I had the strangest dream last night.” I say to quiet morning in my almost nice looking room. After I took off last night’s clothes I didn’t bother with putting on my oversized t-shirt and shorts like usual I just climb in and left my pajamas on the floor along with my work clothes. I notice that’s its only 5:30 not even time for me to be up. I just take a shower and get ready for work then with time to spare I make a little breakfast for me and Veronica who gets up at 6 on the dot.

I get into my car and head off for my day. Once there I don’t even try to waste time I just head straight up to my office files in hand and I call for Dr. Harris the one who wants to give my patients shock therapy. “Good morning Mr. Harris.” I say when he walks into my office

“Good morning Akira what do think about those patients’ files I had you look over last night?” he asks going straight to the point.

“I think everyone except Vince should get shock therapy. I think since Vince is still learning to trust me we should wait because I don’t want him breaking any of the trust and progress we’ve made so far.” I say and he just agrees without another word and leaves quickly. A few minutes later one of the orderlies from yesterday sticks his head in

“Are you ready for Vince?” he asks

“Yes, bring him in when he’s ready.” I say. Shortly after the door opens again I open Vince’s file with his letters and I grab his letters from yesterday. I sit across from Vince and I look at him. “Good morning Vince, how did you sleep last night?” I ask

“I slept wonderfully Akira!” he says with enthusiasm I just smile and note that he keeps looking at me with his dark ebony eyes.

“Yesterday, you said you wanted to discuss the letters you’d written for your exercise. Would you still like to discuss them or would you rather we discussed something else.” I ask.

“I still want to discuss the letters please.” He says quietly and I hand them back to him.

“I haven’t read them at all I promise.” I say knowing that if I had he would’ve known and chosen a different subject to talk about.

“I want to read two of them to you I want to read the one to my mother and my own personal letter to you.” He says. I nod in agreement

“Go right ahead if you like.”

“Dear Mother,

Even though I killed you I hope that you could find it in your heart to forgive me. I only did it out of rage and anger but, afterwards I regretted it deeply I killed my hero. I killed the woman who gave life to me and the woman who comforted me when all was wrong with our lives I wish I could back in time and take it all back. Mother I’m very sorry if I disappointed you with how I turned out I know you only wanted to do right by me.

Sincerely yours,


I noticed that he felt remorse for killing his mother I think he was only afraid that she’d turn into the monster after his father was gone and he wanted to preserve her memory as she once was.

“Vince that was beautiful.” I say the only words that I had to describe his letter to his mother.

“Dear Vince,

You have become a murderous monster who killed his mother the only person who ever cared for him. Vince I hate to see your face in the mirror because it’s only a reminder of that terrible night. I see myself falling for someone special who’s trying her hardest to help me. I wish she could see into my heart and know what’s going on inside my head. I’m afraid I’ll hurt her somehow. I’m just a monster who can’t help but, kill I’m not sure I can really love I’m not even sure if I know what love is. I only have a slight hope that love will kill the beast inside and make me normal again like I once was before my life fell apart.

Sincerely mine,


I feel a little shocked at his letter which he hands back to me along with his other letters. I had noticed that his behavior had changed with me but, I had thought nothing of it. Now I knew Veronica was right he was in love with me.

“Akira are you alright?” I hear him ask it just sounds like it’s coming from a million miles away.

I look up at him “Yeah I’m fine you just caught me off guard with your second letter.” I say quickly then I look at the clock on the wall.

“Vince we have only five minutes is there anything else you’d like to say?” I ask. He ponders my question for a minute. Then I notice he hasn’t said anything for a while and we just keep quiet me trying to shake the shock off from what he read to me.

The door opens “Are you two finished?” one of the orderlies asks I nod and they step further into the room as Vince stands up.

“I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” he just nods his head in agreement. As soon as he leaves I sit down at my desk and log on to the computer I quickly pull up the internet and my email. And I send an email to Veronica explaining what just happened.

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