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The early life of the warrior queen Boudica in a series I'm writing. Not the real Boudica but she's named after her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Boudica

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013




  I was barely sixteen when my parents sold me into slavery. I honestly don't know why they sold me when my whole life before that terrible day they told me that they loved me they're the ones that took away at least two years of my life and they're the ones whom I hate and want revenge on. That morning I was swimming in the river behind our cottage. We lived near the woods. That morning I saw my mother coming towards me which was very unusual. "Come in your going to have a big day." I went in with her got dressed brushed my hair and sat with my parents at the breakfast table when there's a loud bang on our fragile door. My father walks over opens the door and in walks two of the most wicked evil looking men. “Is this the girl you wrote about?" I suddenly feel uncomfortable, and want to leave to get up and walk away. The two men come in and sit down at the table. "So how's this going to work?" asks my father as I begin to tremble slightly. "We'll take her and sell her and however much we make we'll give you half." they sounded serious. I tried to get up and leave but when I did the one closest to me grabbed my arm tightly and yanks me making me fall down to the floor. "Where do you think you’re going?" asks the one who won't let go of my arm but leaves a bruise on my arm. "Why are you doing this!" I yell at my parents after realizing that they're going to let these guys take me away from the only family and love I'd ever known.

"Take, her away now!" orders my mother and both guys each grab an arm and start tying my hands together and yank me out of my house and to my destiny. That day we walked for hours and hours hardly stopping. They would pull and pull on my hands and wrists trying to make me trip and fall which most of the time happened and when I fell they would laugh trying to keep me on the ground, making it hard to get up. I was growing weary and wanted to sleep when it started to get dark in the sky at first I thought it might be a storm but I soon realized it was just the sun setting. Finally they stop and make a camp tying my rope to a tree branch. They left me there like that all night the only warmth from the fire before it turned to cooling embers in the fire pit.

The next morning I wake from the little sleep I got and try to stand up only to find that both my legs had fallen asleep. I see the kidnappers Stir and I'm trying to get my legs awake before they get up. I hear a loud grunt and I'm forcing my self to stand even though it hurts, feels like a million pins stabbing my nerves. "What are you doing? Trying to get free?" I shake my head no hearing what my mother screamed before I was taken it echos inside my head making me wish I had never been born to either of my parents. The other guy wakes up and comes over right away untying my ropes and pulling which makes me stumble. I see the two guys talking to each other but I can't hear what their saying when they walk back towards me."If you cause us any trouble at today we'll hit you we're almost to the castle where we can sell you as a slave or servant girl after today we'll probably never see you again. Do you got that." I nod my head yes afraid that if I speak I'll do nothing but cry at how alone I am, so instead I try to suffer through it inside where no one can see my tears.

We had been walking for hours when we enter a village that looks almost empty there they lead me into a tavern where they find the man they were looking for. He's wearing a long black cloak with the hood hiding his face. "Are you Peter?" "Yes, is she the girl the king is going to get?" "Yeah, she is." they hand my rope to Peter who takes it and says thank you handing them a bag full of gold and sliver coins. They exit the tavern and as soon as they do Peter turns to me unties my hands and says "I'm sorry you had to be dragged away from your family. I'm sorry for anything that happened to you that  didn't have to happen." I look down at my wrists and a red mark appears on both wrists. Bruises from my small adventure of kidnap and I wish at that moment that it had also included death for me. He pulls my face towards him and there's a bruise where I had been smacked earlier, he makes me look into his eyes and their beautiful blue color. He helps pull me off the chair and leads me away from any hope I might have had. We walk in silence me with my head down to avoid the stares of the village folk who would laugh at the slave girl.

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