The price of innocence

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The dawning of a Saturday morning and Marcia is on her way to Angel's Way Falls, a small town of serenity and a world away from the busy life of Las Angeles. Her father sits silently in the front, not taking his eyes off the road. It's a new start for both of them and it's not like they could ever return from the decision of moving.

The life they once lived was over, plain and brutally abrupt. Only they knew of what was behind them...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The price of innocence

Submitted: February 07, 2013

Reads: 114

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



“Are you okay, dad? You’re not hurting... Right?”

“I’ll manage... But you? You look a little pale...”

“I’ll be fine, just tired. We’re nearly there though. So I won’t sleep.”

Chapter One

The car fell silent with the exception of its engine, though its groans were soft and near soundless. Marcia leaned carelessly against the clear window aside her and peered out with a tedious sigh. The sight was something that was more than familiar hours ago; trees, trees and more trees. The mountain sides were flooded in the warm bask of the rising sun and trees, though the ground of them was veined with a contineous blue ribbon of river. It was glistening and pleasing to see; perhaps they were moving near a beach. Or better yet, onto one. She hadn't much time to look up the place on the internet, just up and left with her father in the middle of the night. No questions were asked. And none were answered. The road seemed to curve steeply and sculpted down over a hill. At its end were yet more trees but at the center of it all appeared to be stiff and heavy clouds of smoke, in individual lines as if from chimney's. At the heighest point, just before the downhill drive, the head of an old clock tower came into veiw.

"Is that where we're staying?"

"Yes. Angel's Way Falls..."

The man at the wheel grinned as they past the welcoming bill board at the entrance of the forestry. In an instant, the atmosphere darkened. Shreds of sunlight barely lit the way through the thick woodland, he had to flick on the headlights. Until they came onto cobbled ground where the evening light filled a clearing of a town. The place seemed modern despite its location, she thought, actually beginning to find interest in her new home. There was no sign of residents roaming the streets or shops despite the time being 1:30 pm. All the houses curtains were shut and as they came to the end of the street they were driving down, the houses seemed to look more and more run down, finally coming to nothing more than ruins of rooms and fallen wooden beams charred from an obvious past fire. Odd. It changed her mind, made her stare at her father aside of her in an attempt to search for some concern. He looked unfazed. It was eerily unnatural how he was acting.

"Dad?" She blurted with an adjustment of her glasses.

"What is it, Sweety?" He replied brightly.

"We're not living in the town?"

"No, there's a few houses just on the skirts of it. Here we are."

A shudder of the Landover as it parked into the house's driveway marked the arrival of the two. Marica didn't waste time in stepping out of the vehicle and stretching her legs. Her father was a little less eager. He knew that this would have to do... Though he could never make up for what he did in Las Angeles.

"Kiddo, go pick your room. I'll be up in a few minutes, just..." Darius jingled the front door key over the roof of the car after he got out.

"Are you okay dad?" She took the key with a frown.

"Yeah, my back hurts a little."

"As does mine... It's not easy having to change so quickly..."

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