Imprisoned, In Love and Imperfections

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Eva Longate is what you'd assume is just your average fourteen year old girl, her head full of homework, boys and fantisies of what she could look like. But when Luke turns up claming things that make no sense to Eva should she listen or just ignore him? Where will her desistion lead her...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Imprisoned, In Love and Imperfections

Submitted: January 29, 2012

Reads: 83

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



Hey, I've decided to upload a new novel sorry if if it's a bit long winded I'm just trying to introduce the character please comment/like I'd love to hear your feedback:D if you enjoyed it please become a fan and of course I'll return the favour! Tildaxoxo

Ever wondered what it would be like to be torn from your own life? From everything and everyone in it? Well I know what that's like...

There I was in deep, luxurious, floaty sleep lost in my own world when suddenly the vicious bark of a dog invaded my peacefull heaven. I groaned to my pillow, I can't believe I ever imagened a barking alarm clock would ever be a good idea, well at least it the job. I sleepily sat up in my mess of a bed, rubbing my eyes. The hot, pink vibrant colour never failed to shock me back to reality. I also can't believe I ever thought hot, pink would be an appropriate colour for the walls of an over sleeping fourteen year old. Yes I am aware I'm not exactly the smartest when it comes to buying things. I'm not stupid though I was in top for most things except PE. My worst enemy apprate from swimming and maybe running I hated PE I mean I couldn't quiet understand how chasing a ball around a feild could be classed as fun.

Anyway getting way of subject as usual. I tried (but miseray failed) to enthusiasticly swing my legs out of bed like you see in the American movies. But in my my case there was abueslutely nothing remotely enthusiastic about my morning routine. You know when you get a bad feeling in the morning that puts you in bad mood for the rest of the day. Today was one of those days, it happened to me quiet often but strangely on the days I was feeling down sosmthing bad tended to happen it was never anything life changing bad just the small, irritating things in life. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't deny the strong knot of worry in my stomach. Telling myself I was feeling silly I threw my uniform on.

I sat down at my dressing table and gasped at the horror that lay before me; limp, lifeless hair the only volume coming from the kink from yesterdays pony tail. Panda eyes, even though I spend about twenty minuets every night removing my makeup it never seems to leave the premises of my eyes. Pale, blotchy face, I had no excuse for that one.I quickly grabbed my foundation and rubbed over my face, it was the same pale shade as my skin but seemed to even out my mess of a complexion I removed the black from around my eyes, making me look slightly less like an animal. I applied some mascara, conceler and eyeliner. Natural but not bare. I quickly straighter my hair and back combed it a little then held my breath as I sprayed a little hairspray.Don't jugde I'm defanatly not one of those appearance obsesed slays that would die without the colour orange I just didn't want to look hideous. I risked another look in my mirror. Pale faced girl with big grey eyes and plump lips, chocolately brown hair that reached my elbow. It doesn't sound that bad but trust me it's not a pretty sight. I couldn't be arsed with the process of putting my contacts in so I just settled for my glasses. They weren't so bad there were big Gok Wan like one, like the 3D glasses you got at the cinema but with normal lenses obviously. I didn't really mind if thought they were nerdy it was the kind of look I went for.

\"Eva,\" that was my name, \"are you ready for school?\" my mum shouted up the stairs with tinge panic in her voice, I might of know she would be running late for work. She couldn't be on time to her own funeral, well she wasn't to Gradmas.

\"Yeah,\" I replied, shouting down stairs picking up my black Floral print bag and slinging it over my sholder I headed down stairs.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs my hurried mother was helplessly trying to cram herself and all her teaching supplies out of the door. Panting from the effort she stopped trying for a second, \"Eva, can you just hold this a second love?\" she said desperately. I smiled taking the model of the solar system out of her hands. My mum was a primary school teacher, she absueluetly adored kids well she should she had four of her own; Lisa my oldest sister who was currently at university studying law, then there was Wales my other sister who was also in university but a year below Lisa, then me Eva fourteen in year nine and then my little brother Liam who has just started year one and unfortunetly for him he has mum as his teacher.

\"Bye then Hun don't forget to brush your teeth,\" she smiled taking the model of me stumbling out the door. A little embarrassed looking boy with red curly hair and shocking green eyes trudged out the door behind her. If you haven't guessed the little boy is Liam don't panic we don't keep random children in our home. Though there was a time we kind of almost did, well I'm just going to leave it there before you start to badly judge my family. We are not that bad just a little unusual.

I quickly ran upstairs and gave my teeth a brush then ran downstairs. Oh gosh it was half eight I had to get a move on I was meeting Chrissie (my best friend) in five minuets. I'm going to have to give breakfast a miss. About five minuets later I was outside McDonalds scanning the crowds of people for Chrissie's blonde head. She wasn't here yet, I thought I was going to be the late one I sighed to my self.

As I was searching the crowds I noticed the most outrageously gorgeous boy I've literally ever seen in my whole entire life staring right at me. I quickly looked away cheeks burning. Why the he'll was he staring at me like that was he some sort of peado? I now I'm being superstitious but when you've never been noticed by any boy ever it startels you when some stares at you. I risked a glimse back he was still there staring at me, awkward moment, I turned around not wanting him to see me blush. He was so unbelievably gorgeous he had dark, brown hair that flopped over his forehead slightly, his skin was tanned and flawless (not the orange fake kind of tan the one that needed hours in the sun to create) his big, brown eyes were the most memorising though they glittered in the July sunshine every time he blinked. So why look at little old me?

I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turned around. Chrissie's beaming eyes met mine, I laughed feeling a lot less uneasy. I think that was one of the main reasons we were such good friends we understood each other we could be as weird and random and crazy as we wanted around each other and we would understand, it's almost like we spoke a secret language that no one else could understand. I love my other friends but every seemed better when Chrissie was around. We were the most unlikely friends her tall, blonde, confident. Then there's me brunette, small, shy. We are hardly two peas in a pod I that's even the right saying.

\"Hot guy at twelve o'clock,\" smirked Chrissie.

\"Chrissie!\" I was atsontised, \"I thought you were serious about Ben!\"

\"I am he's for you silly,\" she laughed, I blushed.

\"What does he look like?\" I asked already knowing the answer

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