Hayley Potter, The Girl Who Lived

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Birthdays

Submitted: August 31, 2010

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Submitted: August 31, 2010



It was just after eleven on the 30th of July and James Potter was sat in his living room staring at a magical photo of his wife, just after she had given birth to their little girl, as he watched the photo, a healer passed Lily a tiny bundle wrapped up in a light pink blanket, as she peered into the bundle, lily was overcome to emotion and a single tear slid down her cheek, she looked happier than James had ever seen her, and it was all down to that one little girl, lily’s little girl, his little girl, James leaned back and let his mind wonder back to the day she was born.

Lily sat blot upright in her bed, panting, it took her a moment to realise what woke her, but then, as another agonising pain shot over her heavily pregnant stomach, she knew, it was time, her baby was coming. “ JAMES … JAMES WAKE UP NOW !” she screamed at her still sleeping husband, he shot up as though just been hit with a stinging hex and rolled off the bed “whoa… wasn’t me .. It was Padfoot… wait what... hell Lils screaming at me for woman , I was sleeping then you no” James, still groggy and itching to get back into the land of sleep, picked himself up off of the floor and looked accusingly at his wife, “oh sleep, you want to go back to sleep do you , fine , just thought you might like to know that THE BABYS COMING” James’ face dropped and he had a look like a dear caught in the headlight look on his face, “what , you sure , oh Merlin, are you ok , what do we do” “James calm down, I’m fine, we need to fire call the healers though” she tried to calm her husband as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and hoisted herself up “come on James, I need you , the baby needs you, where’s all of that Gryffindor courage gone” James shook his head and walked round to lily, wrapping his arm around her to steady her and helped her walk down the stairs into the living room of their house.

Another crap shot through Lily, causing her to yell out, so James, not sure what to do decided the fire call would be the best thing to do right then, at least then he would no what to do. One frantic fire call later and James was running round the house like a lunatic looking for Lily’s bag that she had packed a few nights ago, “got it” James yelled victorious as he grabbed the offending bag from on top of his wardrobe and ran back to Lily, “is that everything?” he asked looking round the room to see if he could see anything else his wife might need, “yes that’s it all, you need to call moony first though before we go, or if they turn up here they might panic, and you no how Padfoot gets” James nodded his understanding and ran over to the fireplace once again, throwing powder into it and yelling “paddy’s place” before throwing his head forward.

It was dark when his head came through the other end, not surprising considering it was only three thirty in the morning, “if I have to be up, so do they” James thought menacingly before yelling at the top of his lungs “GOOD MORNING MY FELLOW MARAUDERS, I AM HERE TO REQUEST YOUR ASSISTANCE IN SOME URGENT MATTERS … SO GET UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” from his place in the fire he could hear Sirius shout” what the hell … JAMES” followed by stomping along the landing leading to the living room. When he barged into the room, it was obvious he had just woken up, which, after sharing a dorm for seven years, James knew always put him in a bad mood, so he was unfazed by the daggers he was been thrown. Before Sirius could let rip on the abuse James was sure he was building up, Remus walked up behind him and asked “so James … not that we don’t love you or anything but … why are you in our fireplace at three in the morning?” “Ah moony I'm glad you asked because you see it’s like this … THE BABYS COMING!” that was all it took to get Sirius to perk up “really , oh god man right what you doing here then prongsi, get gone over to that wife of yours” Sirius’s grin was so large it almost looked painful “whoa slow down paddy, I had to tell you guys, we’re going to St Mungo's, can you meet us there?” “We’ll be there James, now go on get out of here, and get back to Lily” Remus answered as he steered Sirius back towards the bedroom.

The rest of that day was just a blur of pacing outside the rooms doors, after the healers were worried James was going to pass out they had asked him to wait outside, and when they was still no baby by 6 o’clock Sirius turned James and asked “ are you sure she’s actually having a baby, I bet it was just an excuse so she could eat more pie” “ SIRIUS BLACK UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO COME OUT THERE AND KICK YOUR SORRY MUTT BUTT I WOULD SHUT THE HELL UP NOW YOU THINK IM HAVING FUN IN HERE DO YOU, AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE PIE !” Sirius paled dramatically and turned back to James, who along with Remus were trying not to fall over laughing “how does she do that” he whispered dramatically” “I have no clue my brother and I live with her” answered James honestly, it was true, Lily always knew when they were up to something or when they said something that they really didn’t want her to hear.

After the scare Sirius got from questioning Lily, the three men continued to pace endlessly well into the night, hardly speaking, all wrapped up in his own thoughts, it wasn’t until almost half ten in the evening that the healer called James back into the room, telling him it was almost time, half an hour and a whole lot of screaming later, the baby was born, after not wanting to know throughout all of the pregnancy, neither James nor Lily knew the sex of their baby, but they both claimed not to mind, in fact the only person who said he did mind was Sirius, he had claimed it had to be a boy as he wanted a new prongslet around, and it had to be a trainee marauder.

When the healer handed Lily the bundle, she asked “would you like to meet your daughter Mrs potter” and Lily looked so happy she might burst “ a girl, a daughter, James we have a daughter” lily held the baby in her arms, just staring at her for quite a while before looking up at James, who was staring down at his little family with tears in his eyes, and saying “Hayley, I want to call her Hayley Elizabeth, after my mum” “ perfect” answered James “ but can we add one more name” Lily nodded as James went to go get his best friends, his brothers, who were still waiting outside the door.

“Guys come on in, I want you to meet someone” he opened the door and allowed the two men to come inside, they both stood at the foot of Lily’s bed, as Lily handed the bundle over to James, who, through tear strained eyes, spoke more softly than either of them had ever heard before, “moony, Padfoot, meet Hayley Elizabeth Lily Potter” a very audible AWWW could be heard even outside the room, as Remus walked past to James, patting him on the back, and over to kiss Lily on the cheek, “ aww guys she’s perfect, look at her she’s so small, but she already looks like lily, even has the green eyes and red hair” “thanks moony, here do you want to hold her, Hayley meet your uncle moony” James said as he passed the tiny pink bundle over to Remus, Remus looked down at the perfect little person in his arms and vowed there and then to love her uncontrollably and never let anyone hurt her.

James walked over to his best friend and put his arm around his shoulder “ so Sirius are you too disappointed about her been a girl, not to want to be godfather anymore?” he asked teasingly” wait what, you want me to be godfather?” Sirius asked in complete shock, “well sort of yeah, you see, we have come up with a plan because in the stupid prejudiced wizarding world moony can’t be godfather but we want both of you so, in the wizarding world, yes its going to be you, but then we’re going to do it in the muggle world too, where they are not so bothered about werewolves and moony will also be godfather, that’s of course, if you want to?” Remus walked over to his lover and his best friend and passed the baby to Sirius before lifting James up off of the floor and spinning him around “really, I get to be godfather oh Merlin I can’t believe it, thank you so much” “ha-ha thanks moony your welcome, erm… can you put me down now” James asked with a huge grin plastered on his face.

They both turned to face Sirius who was so mesmerized by the little life in his arms he had totally missed the whole episode, he had tears strolling down his face as he whispered to the baby in his arms “ hello, I’m your uncle Padfoot, me and your uncle moony here are going to look after you, and spoil you rotten, and I’m going to teach you how to prank your old dad and drive your mum crazy, and ill take you shopping so often that you will have more shoes than your mummy over there, and that will take some doing, I’m here for you baby, ill always be here for you” as he looked around at everyone else in the room he realised they had all been listening and all had tears in their eyes, Lily looked over to him through her tears and said “ I thought you wanted her to be a boy” “ me no never I wanted a girl all along, your getting old Lils, senile you no”.

For the rest of the night Hayley was passed around the four people in the room, each of them marvelling at the perfectness of her, until the morning when a healer came in and told them they should all rest, as they left James turned round to look at his wife who was holding their daughter like she was the most precious thing in the world, and he knew he would do anything he could to protect his perfect little family.

As the flooed home Remus turned to the others and said “it’s a shame wormtail is on a mission, he missed something really special there” “yeah answered James, “but he can come meet her next time we have the rest of forever to enjoy her don’t we”

It was the clock chiming midnight that woke James from his reminiscing, he stood up from his chair and silently walked up the stairs and into Hayley’s bedroom, “you should be here Lils, celebrating with us, you’d be so proud of her, I no I am” James whispered as he stroked his baby girls hair, eleven, wow eleven years since that faithful night, and his love for Hayley Elizabeth Lily Potter had grown more and more each day. He kissed the top of her red hair and walked out the door, vowing that when she woke up she would have the best birthday she could ever have, he would make sure his little girl had everything she wanted, because she was all he had left of Lily and she was still the most precious thing in his world.

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