a whole new world to live in

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Stacey Evans is about to start a new school in a new town and she is pissed off at her parents for making her move. Stubborn and angry Stacey goes to maple view high school and is sure she'll hate it there tell she meets Mr. Conrad her English teacher who is not only smart but absolutely good looking and every girl is practically melting around him but he only has eyes for Stacey. Stacey and Conrad quickly become good friends. But they both cant help but fall in love with each other.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - a whole new world to live in

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



 chapter 1as we are getting out the door im smacking the  door closed and pissed off at the world right know really pissed off just two months ago we moved here because my dad had to find a new job.i get it that he needed  new job but it still doesnt make things any easier. i was practiclly whinning th whole summer there was nothing to do and no matter what my family tried to do nothing could make the summer any better.and the worse part of this is that not only did we move but where we moved makes all the diffrence and my parents i have to admit made the stupidest choice ever. its called maple grove and its the smallest town ever. we jsut moved from new york and one thing i realized is theres not any action in maple grove nothing. heck the only good thing about this town is the fact that they have a bowling alley. mom keeps telling me i should be happy about starting school but seriously i think shes gone nuts and i told her so. she just glared at me when i told her. '' you know mom maybe if we would of moved somewhere else maybe id be a littel happeir'' i say. mom doesnt say anything and is still unpacking some of our stuff that we havent bothered unpacking during the summer.  i look around at the dull looking room and groan.this room is just as dull as the town itself. mom seems to like the place and i have no idea why she does she says its like a fresh start in life. ya sure she dosent want a fresh start in life i know what it really is shes really running away. shes running away from her problems. five years ago mom wen through a horriable divorce and was so despret to date again so she dated this guy she happend to know because she worked with him. it went well for a while then of course it dident espically when he wanted mom to turn jewish and he stared pressurring her into being jewish. any way that only messed her even more up so she dated other loosers and everytime they broke her heart it was usally expected of us to pack our bags so we could move to a new town and let me tell you i hated that so much. and another thing i reallly hate is talking to my so called dad. i havent talked to him or even bothered talking to him for three months and when i did talk to him mom forced me to.until i yelled at her and told her i dident want anything to do with the bastard. mom wasent particulary found of him either but she would constantly remind me that he was my father and that i need to spend time with him or else i would regret it later on. i dont think i can ever forgive him and i dont think he deserves to be forgiven i know i sound totally babiesh but i caint help it. why should i be fine with what he did. mom is passing back and forth and shes on the phone i wonder who shes talking to and i realize it my father.i get dizzy and just hope and pray to god that she doesnt make me talk to him. but of course im wrong mom comes into my room and hand the phone to me i look at it and take a deep breath  and force myself to do it. '' how are you kiddo'' dad says. '' seriously dad im not a littel kid anymore did you know that why did you call'' i ask. '' to see how your doing i just wanted to hear your voice'' dad says. '' well thats really great dad but i have to go'' i say sarcasticlly. i can hear that my dad is about to say something else but i dont give him enough time and i hang up. mom looks at me like if just commited murder i know she wanted me to talk to him more but i give her  a look that tells her theres no way that im gonna ever talk to hi again. '' you know your gonna have to talk to him soon hunny you caint keep avoiding him this way'' mom says. '' watch me mom ive done it for a long time know i can do it again'' i say . with that i take my phone and leave outdoor and im angry and bitter. sheesh i had enough of a screwed up summer i wonder why he just has to make it worse. but to be honest hes not the only thing that pissed me off this summer. mom to. i think im angry at everyone. i hate moving i hate that i keep getting close to people and loosing them.in my moms littel way shes a littel bit self fish she knows ive always been sensitive and that i tend to get close to people quick yet we move.

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