how me and my best friend fell in love

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hey guys this is a true story this is about how me and my best friend cindy fell in love with each other and our love story i hope you enjoy

Chapter 1 (v.1) - how me and my best friend fell in love

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chapter 1 

right know if anyone ever told me id end up falling in love with my best friend i wouldent belleive them never in my life would i find myself realizing that the reason i was feeling this way was because i was in love with my best friend. i somehow always knew i was diffrent i felt weird around girls but i finally found out i was bisexual when i was in sixth and this girl name kalcee how used to be an old friend of mine had decided to go to my house for a sleep over i dident think much of it and said the sleepover went like normal since there wasent alot of room for sleep my friend decide to sleep in bed beside me.i was okay with that since i never though anything could happen if two girls shared a we slept then i woke up and i could sleep anymore i stared at the ceiling trying to count sheep but that only made things worse.i then poked my friend and she looked at me.we both stared at each other for a few mintutes and we started joking around while trying to be quiet so as to not wake my dad.we kept making each other laugh.and i dont know how but at some point she was on top of me but not completly she  held herself with her arms and she just stared at me.

i couldent think of anything to say or do she was kind of smiling and so she stayed like that and kept talking about random stuff making me laugh and the more the conversation kept going the more it kept going towards reletionships.and then it was my turn to talk but before i could say what i wanted to say i felt her lips on first i was totally shocked she was a good friend of mine but i never had any feelings for her but some how i liked this alot. i was finding that i dident want to pull away so i kissed her back.and pretty soon we where making out.when we both came up for air my heart was pounding.and thats when i realized that i really liked her i dont know if you could call that in love but i defintaly liked her.after the kiss we both went to sleep and the next morining we got up and we acted as if nothing happend.

but for some reason i couldent get this kiss out of my head.when we went to school the next day we dident even talk about the kiss and that made me wonder if she regreted do thing for sure i dident regret it.i hope she me and kalcee where walking around another girl when up to us and started talking to us about random stuff.kalcee looked at me and was talking to the girl and she started laughing about something at frist i wasent sure what she waa talking about tell she asked me if i liked girls she was also laughing which confused me.i looked at the other girl and lied to her and siad the point i was mad at kalcee i was actually pissed of when she started to talk to me though she was acting all innocent as if she dident do anything. 

after that our friendship began to fall apart we started getting into fights and stupidly many times because of her my friendship with others would fall apart.and she made me betray my brother by going on her side.i did stupid mistakes by going on her side.and then there came a moment that we never really where friends at the beging.we where only friends when she needed me.and if i did something that made her unhappy she would freak out and demand for me to give her all the stuff she gave to me when we where friends.

other then her i never had lots of friends so after that elementry school became a living hell i dident soclaliz with alot of people only a few and the only fun past time i could find myself doing was when id look over and watch the littel kids.and id some times keep a close watch in case they got hurt.on the other hand though i dident make that much friends.i was lucky cause i had some idea of what i wanted to do as a career.and taht was to be a kindergarten teacher. 

and littel did i know that this same year later on i would meet my best friend who would later become my girlfriend and the first girl who i ever kissed.

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