soulmates forever

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



chapter 3

when i get home i find my dad is sitting in the living room he doesnt look to happy actually to be honest he looks pissed which kind of scares me.when he sees me he gets up i wonder why hes so down.i dont say anything but instead i just stare at him and wait for him to say anything.

'' where the heck where you'' dad asks

'' i was at baileys house'' i say

'' you should of called'' dad says

'' sorry'' i say

'' your sorry for god sakes i thought something happend to you and i tried calling your cell and you dident answer me''dad says

'' it was shut off''i say

'' still doesent explain everything'' dad says

''what do you want from me'' i say

'' for you to tell me where your going when you leave'' dad says

'' im not two anymore''i say

'' i have a note for you its from your mother'' dad says

i take the note my hands are shaking i wonder why she decided to send me message she never bothered to do that for a long time.i care fully open the says

dear anna,

i know you will be mad at me and i understand that i hope

you can forgive me i would love to see you some time

but its your choice i hope you know that i will always

love you and please dont ever blame yourself  for my desicon

ps.......happy birthday

once i read the note i crumple it up and throw it in the garbage the note makes me more mad then anything she just thinks that i can forgive her.i dont want anything to do with her.she makes me sick.i feel tears going down my takes a deep breath and tries to comfort me.but i just glare at him.i wish he never gave me the note.

'' she wants to see you'' dad says

'' no way in hell am i going to talk to her i hate her and i hope she dies''i say

'' dont say that shes your mother and you still havent explained why you left''dad says

'' i dont give a fuck dad seriously shes a stranger to me and you want to know why i left here it is baileys mom died today in a car accident and i went to see if bailey was okay'' i say

'' im sorry'' dad says

'' whatever i have to go''i say

''where''dad asks

'' anywhere but here'' i say

with that i barg out the door i dont know where im going maybe to the park but anywhere but home is good my hands are shaking bad know.i try to take a deep breath but even that wont work.i fish out my cell phone out of my pocket and text bailey to see me at the park.withen two seconds she tells me shes going to be there.that brings a smile to my this is probably the first time ive smiled since forever.when i get there i see that baileys sitting in our favirote guessing she dident expect me to be crying because the look on her face says it all.

'' are you okay''bailey asks she know in my arms it feels good to hold her

'' no its my mom she suddently wants me talk to me after all these years i hate her'' i say

'' at least you have a mom'' bailey says

'' im sorry'' i say

'' its okay'' bailey says

'' i need to ask you something'' i say

'' ya what is it''bailey asks

''do you love marcus'' i ask

'' well ya i guess'' bailey says

'' you guess bailey i mean why the hell are you with him he treats you like shit and flirts with every girl he sees i think you deserve better then that'' i say

'' i know'' bailey says

'' and you know you also confuse me one mintute you say you love me and i feel great but your not even considering about breaking up with marcus'' i say

''its complicated''bailey says

'' it doesnt have to be'' i say

i caint even look at her know its buggs me like hell i dont know how she can like a guy like marcus he doesnt even treat her right and always blames her for all his stupid problems.i look at the ground i can feel baileys hand touch mine i want to look at her but its hard to.

'' im sorry'' bailey says

i just nodd my head bailey is looking at me and hasent said anything for at least two mintutes its really starting to bugg me i start to say something but bailey quickly grabs my arm and kisses me.we kiss for at least fifteen mintutes it feels so good to hold her.i bring my hands to her shoulder and feel my fingers in her hair.when we both go up for air.where both stunned i dident expect it to happen but im sure glad as hell.

'' i love you'' i say

'' me too'' bailey says

'' i need you so much it kills me to see you with him''i say

'' anna im always going to need you and im always going to love you but i need to fix things around and i need time before i go out with you and i need to deal with marcus'' bailey says

'' so its not a no'' i ask

'' its not a no just time'' bailey says

we both hold each other and i know without a doubt that i will wait for her and when shes ready i'll be right at her side we both hold each other and right know all that matters is this.

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