soulmates forever

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



chapter 4

my phone started to ring at first i thought it was bailey i assumed it was but it wasent i look closly at the phone and who ever sent me the message i have no idea who they kind of freaks me out i look side to side it doesent seem like anyones following me so im good.on the screen it says i know what you hands are know shaking i wonder what there talking about.i text back and ask who they are.but i get no answer this is fustrating id like to know why someone would do that.when i get home my dads not there i hope hes not looking for me.but he probably is.i sit on the couch and cover my eyes.and wonder why oh why does life have to be so mom wants to talk to me after leaving me,my dad is always yelling at me,and on top of all that im in love with my best friend who is dating this complete moron.what next?.

the next day at school goes by fast i dont see bailey anywhere so i assume that shes at im walking by the hallway i can hear marcus.and from the sound of his voice he doesnt sound to happy.and thats when i hear bailey.i take a closer look and thats when i realize that shes being pushed into the locker by marcus.

'' do you honestly think im stupid''marcus asks

'' let me go marcus'' bailey says

'' i saw you two lezbos kissing yesterday you fucking bitch'' marcus says

'' well its not like you've been faithfull yourslef'' bailey says

'' im not talking about that right know'' marcus says

'' i dont give a fuck'' bailey says

'' listen bitch you ungratfull slut fine i cheated on you i happy'' marcus says

'' i dont get it you cheat on me and i forgive you and i cheat on you and your all pissed off and angry'' bailey says

'' its different'' marcus says

'' your really are fucked up are you'' bailey asks

'' listen to me bitch your not dumping me get it or else i'll tell your parents and the school about the kiss hear me out bitch'' marcus asks

'' i hate you'' bailey says

'' bullshit''marcus says

'' i should of never went out with you i dont love you'' bailey says

'' let me guess you love anna'' marcus asks

'' what do you think stupid'' bailey says

'' watch it bitch or i'll hurt you'' marcus says

marcus looks like hes abut to hit her so i step and take marcus from behind and smash him to the ground bailey looks suprised but dosent move.i make another move towards marcus.but i get shoved to the ground.marcus is cursing at me and looks like hes going to kick as fast as i can i reach out and trip

'' your dead''marcus says

'' never'' i say

'' anna get away from him''bailey says

'' no bailey not tell im done with this ass'' i say

'' your really funny chick if you so make a move for her im going to tell the whole school about the kiss''marcus says

'' it was you who sent the message wasent it''i ask

'' wow for a blond your quiet smart'' marcus laughs

know my anger is really fueling up with that i kick him as hard to the ground as i can he tumbles over and he sounds winded perfect.that gives us enough time to get away.i grab bailey and we run as fast as possiable.we get into the janitors closet.i look at the clock its supposed to be math right know.but i dont care.its pitch black the only thing i can feel is baileys arms around my waist it feels good.i can hear her crying and just the thought breaks my heart.

'' oh god bailey dont cry'' i say

'' you where right i should of dumped his ass'' bailey says

'' i caint belleive he saw us i dont really care though''i say

'' i love you so much please forgive me'' bailey says

'' you dont need to say your sorry and i love you too'' i say

'' always''bailey asks

'' always''i say

bailey reaches up and i can feel her lips agaist  mine the feelling great.if i could i would stay like this forever.then another thought comes to mind.what if marcus tells the whole school.i try to push the thought aside im sure marcus doesent have the guts to do it.

'' i think we should go'' i say

'' no i just want to stay here with you besides what if marcus is looking for us'' bailey asks

'' i'll protect you bailey he wont hurt you i promise'' i say

'' okay'' bailey says

we both share one last kiss before we leave i wonder what my math teacher will say looks like im going to have to come up with a stupid lie.

when i get to math class my heart jumps marcus is sitting at a desk when he sees me and bailey he gives us a dark looks and looks at bailey not to mess around or else. i wish i could run up to him and kick him in the ass.but i decide to control myself in case marcus decides to open up his big mouth.bailey looks at me then goes and sits beside marcus who smiles at her know.i feel like throwing suprised marcus isent in the hospital right know.i can see from the corner of my eye that he has a big bruise on his side.that brings a smile to my face.but it quickly goes away.cause no matter how much me and baley try to be toghter marcus is going to drive us apart and just the thought makes me almost cry.

when class is over im officaly pissed off i have to confront marcus once and for all i can see that marcus is with bailey at his locker i go over and marcus turns around.

'' dump her right know'' i say

'' you got to be kidding me remeber what i told you bitch'' marcus says

'' i love bailey okay i dont care tell the whole fucking world okay im in love with bailey and im not going anywhere tell shes mine'' i say

'' but'' bailey says

i cut her off

'' dont bailey you and i belong toghter and marcus can try to drive us apart but you know that wont work'' i say

'' so wonder women you think your so tough and that your so good have her but once everyone knows your life is over and you'll be weak and stupid'' marcus says

'' no marcus i wont but i bet thats what you want go ahead tell everyone'' i say

'' you think im stupid right i told the teacher he sent a call to both of your parents looks like your not so tough after all and trust me once everyone knows at the school your going to be a freak'' marcus says

'' fuck you'' i say

with that marcus leaves bailey stands there looking at me i can tell she scared but shes also is smiling.

'' i dont think i can confront my parents'' bailey says

'' we have to we might as well get this over and done with and bailey i dont care what people at this school think of us i have you know and thats all taht matters'' i say

'' i should of realized what marcus was'' bailey says

'' ya but we all make mistakes'' i say

bailey and me stand close toghter it feels good to be close i dont care if anyone is watching me right know i dont care if im going to be alone with bailey for the rest of my life.just me and bailey is good enough. and if shes the only person that will talk to me so be it.i dont give a shit.

''your not a mistake'' i say

'' i love you'' i say

'' me too'' bailey says

im guessing it wont extacly be fun tonignt when we confront this situtation to our dads but nothing will keep us apart and if they caint except that im moving out.

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