soulmates forever

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



chapter 6

as im walking inside the house i see that dad is sitting in the living room he looks pissed off which scares me but he scares me even more when he tells me to sit down i wonder whats going on.he looks at the floor for a mintute he caint even look at me.shit that probablys is bad.for a mintute he dosent say anything.then he looks at me but shakes his head.

'' i got a call today'' dad says

'' from who''i ask

'' from the principle'' dad says

'' oh okay what did she say''i ask

'' she said that you and bailey are toghter'' dad says

know my heart starts to shake i dont know what to say i feel tears in my eyes but i breath to control myslef i wonder how she knows then a though comes to must of been marcus he told the not stupid im a hundered percent sure he told the principle i think my dads waiting for a response or some sort of explaination.but i caint seem to be able to come up with an answer.know im not scared anymore instead its replaced with going to kill marcus i dont care if i get thrown in jail that ediots going to pay.

'' dad its true what the principle said'' i say

'' i dont think you should be around bailey shes not good for you'' dad says

'' no dad dont say that look baileys ex told the principle and know hes going to tell the whole school'' i say

'' anna its your fault okay you caused this im not going to let you behave like that your not gay''dad says

'' i am dad caint you see that ive tried telling you but its been really hard and i knew if i told you that something like this would happen but im going to make things clear im not going to break up with bailey and you caint break us apart'' i say

'' stay away from bailey or else im sending you off to your grandmas house'' dad says

'' i hate you dad and you know what im never going to forgive you for this'' i say

dad just looks at me and doesnt say anything i can feel more tears but i quickly brush them off and march to my room and close the hands are really shaky as dial baileys number into my phone.

''hey anna''bailey says

''shit marcus told the principle about us and know i think hes going to tell the whole school im so sure its him who told the principle'' i say

'' what are you talking about'' bailey asks

'' the principle told my dad and im so sure it was marcus who told the principle and know if he tells the whole school i dont know whats going to happen'' i say

'' i dont care what they think its going to be okay'' bailey says

'' you really dont get it bailey my dad says i caint go near you any more'' i say

'' oh no please tell me this is some joke i dont think i could go to school if i knew i couldent be around you'' bailey says

'' meet me at the park'' i say

'' okay'' bailey says

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