soulmates forever

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



chapter 7

we both get to the park withen seconds i quickly reach for bailey.we both hold each other i caint seem to form a word im in total not going to let my dad break us apart.where both crying know.i want to stop crying but the tears keeping coming out anyway.

'' i hate him so much'' bailey says

'' me too'' i say

'' schools going to be hell tommrow'' i say

'' im scared''bailey says

bailey looks really scared i wish i could go back in time and fix things but i know i caint which scares me even more what ever happens tommrow where both just going to have to deal with it.if marcus thinks for one second that this is going to make me even weaker he wrong. i bailey tells me about her dad and how he reacted from what i can tell he sounds exatcly like my dad when i told him.and then i have an idea maybe i could talk her father.i dont know what would happen but maybe it would make things a littel bit better but boy was i wrong.

as we both enter baileys house her dad grabs bailey away from me like im some alien that really shockes me and im not sure what to say.bailey tries telling her dad to let go of her but he ignores her.the room is super quiet i know i should say soemthing.but when i do find something to say her dad gives cuts me off

'' stay away from her you hear me my daughter is not gay you may be gay but you wont turn her gay do you understand i dont ever want to see you again'' he says

'' i love her i always have and im not just going to give up on her why caint you accept that'' i ask

'' i need you to step out of this house know dont ever come back here'' he says

i look at bailey wishing this was some night mare but it isent it really is over weither i like it or not and the pain is killing me i look at bailey one more time but shes too busy looking at the ground.i hate hearing her crying.but theres no way i can reach over and touch her.espically when her dad is giving me the death stare.

without a word i leave the heart is pounding two times faster then it was when we entered her house i feel like im going to have a hard attack so i slow down ive been running a bit know and its getting still crying and i feel sore all over.i just want to go to my bed and forget this all happend.

when i get to the door of my house i can hear my dad walking in the house hes cursing and im guessing that hes been looking for me everywhere.when i open the door i see that hes more then angry hes pissed off is more the word.his hands are in fists and he looks like hes going to break something.

''where have you been'' dad asks

'' why do you care'' i say

'' why why what the fuck do you think ive been looking for you for at least  three hours you brat'' dad says

'' fine i was at baileys okay'' i say

'' i told you to stay away from the bitch'' dad says

one minutet im just staring at him in anger and without thinking i slap him across the face.i stand there stunned never in my life have i ever slapped is even more shocked i guess he wasent expecting that once i recover from shock i look at him right in the face.

'' i hate you so much bailey was everything to me and you took her away i just want you to know taht if you even care and i dont care if you dont like it that im gay im proud of who i am and if you caint except that then its your problem not mine'' i say

''im doing this for your own good this could ruin your life'' dad says

'' your wrong dad it hasent for once in my life i know who i am and im not scared anymore i used  to be but not now and if you caint love me anyway that also isent my problem i dont need to be ashamed of myself'' i say

'' go to you room i have nothing to say to you'' dad says

the next day im suprised i made it to school the hallways are crowded as usual i caint find bailey i wonder where she is that when i see marcus.i wonder if i should confront him.i make my way through the crowd.and i stand infront of a group that is surronding marcus.the group turns around and looks at me.marcus is so busy talking that he doesent realize that im there.hes friends start shaking his arm and thats when he sees me.he gives me a grin.i give him the middle finger and they start laughing i wonder whats so funny.

'' move it,marcus your dead'' i say

'' what happend chick'' marcus asks

'' i know you told the prinicple my dead hates me know and i caint even go near bailey you ruined everything'' i say

'' well tahts what you get for stealing my girl bitch'' marcus screams

with that i shove everyone into the locker swing my fist right into marcus jaw.i can hear a cracking noise and i know that isent good.marcus is on the ground yelping in pain.i can see blood on the guessing i must of scared his gang cause there all walking away from me.but im not done with marcus yet.i grab him know and shove him into the locker.banging his head into the locker.

'' your dead'' marcus says

i try to say something but before i can say i get kicked in the knees and the side of my face i end up on the floor and im suprised that im not dead by know.i try to breath the pain is ubreable i feel like my knees are going to break.i wonder what i should do.but marcus isent attempting to do anything else.from the corner of my eye i can see that marcus is laying on the floor.theres blood everywhere.

'' move people move''i hear a voice but im not sure who it is and suddently my vision goes waky i dont know why i see a figure and i think there trying to talk to me.i force myslef to listen but it doesnt work and slowly i fall into darkness.

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