soulmates forever

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



chapter 8

when i wake up my head is pounding for a minutet i forget where i am and what happend so that i get here but then a flash back comes back to me and i realize that me and marcus got into a fight. i try to breath but my lungs hurt and wonder if bailey knows where i am. also i wonder if dad is here. i get my answer when i see my dad walk into the room. he looks at me but doesnt look upset and he takes a seat across the room.

'' dad listen too me i gotta tell you something'' i say

'' doesnt matter anymore you dident listen to me i told you to stay away from that girl'' dad says

'' dont call her that dad her names bailey and you know what i caint help it if i love her okay and i just dont give a shit anymore if the whole school finds out im not leaving bailey'' i say

''once your out of the hospital pack your bags your out of this fucking house i told you to stay away from her and you dident listen know your gonna pay for not listening'' dad says

he looks at me in disgust and takes his things and leaves i dont care anymore he can do what he wants but theres one thing i  know is that im not leaving bailey and no one can make me do it. the nurse comes in and checks that im okay i ask her if theres a girl here by the name of bailey and she nodds her head and i ask her if she can let bailey in. when bailey comes in a smile lights up on my face.but she doesent look to happy and to be honest she looks pissed off. for a minutet she doesent look at me and i wonder what shes thinking all i want is for her to say something to me. anything. i can feel her hand in mine know as she sits beside me. it feels good to hold her hand at the moment and all the other shit around in my life escapes the room. i bring her hand up to mine and kiss it.bailey finally looks up at me and starts crying. her head is close to mine and i lightly touch her hair and she doesnt stop crying. i feel so bad and i wonder if she went to see marcus at all. i hope not. when she stops crying we stare at each other for a few minutets and there doesnt seem to be anythng to say.

'' bailey'' i say

'' please anna dont say anything okay i get it marcus was totally bad news i should of never got involved with him he was a mistake and when they told me that he beat you up man i was so pissed of i went to his house and told him i was so glad i broke up with him and that if he ever hurt you again i was gonna beat the living hell out of him and then i told him that i loved you and that i dident care if he told the whole school'' bailey says

' oh god bailey i love you so much'' i say

'' me too always'' bailey says

'' i caint go back home and i was wondering if there could be some place you might know that i could crash for a night'' i say

'' well that makes two of us my dad doesent want me back home'' bailey says

'' can you you do me a favour'' i ask

'' anything for you'' bailey says

'' stay with me tonight okay i need you to be by my side'' i say

bailey doesnt say anything and i can see a smile on her beautiful face i crawl over so i leave her room to lay feels so good to be holding her right know.we both stare at each other. i feel her lips on mine for two mintutes and it feels so good. and then a scary though comes to mind what will happen if i got to school tommrow. i just hope that i dont have to see marcus face anymore. and i can just invison the whole school laughing at me as he tells the whole school how he beat the shit out of a lezbo. thats marcus. i doubt he'll ever change. i guess i must be really scared cause bailey whos still kissing me stops and looks at me. i realize that im shaking. i attempt at faking a smile but even i caint trick bailey into anything.

'' what wrong anna'' bailey asks

'' oh nothing bailey its okay'' i say

'' your hiding something'' bailey says

'' how do you know'' i ask

'' your not hard to read you know'' bailey says

'' you know me to well,its just i know im not scared if the whole school knows but then i am scared which confuses me because know once i again ill have to deal with marcus being around and i can just see how he's gonna make such a big deal about beating me up'' i say

'' its not gonna happen i told him if he did anything to hurt you id personnaly beat the shit out of him'' bailey says

'' your mine bailey dont forget it'' i say

'' i know i am always and forever'' bailey says

'' i think we should go to sleep bailey'' is say

'' ya i agree'' bailey says


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