soulmates forever

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - soulmates forever

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013



chapter 9 

its been two days know since i got out of the hospital im happy to be out i caint stand hospitals the smell the billions of people i hate being left alone for even just three minutets i have to figure out a way to entertain myself. know that im out it feels good.the fresh air and breeze on my skin and hair is a relife.i feel free again. bailey called her older brother last night so he can pick us up and i figured he was the only place left to go.its not like i can go back home. at first it was hard for me to except that my dad wasent okay with me liking girls and all but know i dont give a crap.why should i if hes not happy well to bad for him cause i aint changing for anyone.

the light breez is refreshing and the feeling i had of over heating is gone bailey is standing beside me and i can feel her soft hand in mine shes smiling at me and i know why.its because where toghter last night we finally decided despit what everyone thinks of us we wont listen to them.where gonna be toghter no matter screw them. 

'' did i ever tell you i hate hospitals'' i say

'' no but i was guessing that anyway'' bailey says

'' im glad where toghter bailey'' i say 

baileys smile is wider and she pulls me into a hug i love the way her hair feels as i brush my fingers across her hair i really want to kiss her and i think bailey can see that she looks from side to side to see if anyone is looking but i lightly grab her by the shoulders and pull her into a kiss i can see shes a littel nervouse and she looks at me for a mintute before speaking.

'' i dont care what anyone thinks and if anyones looking at us'' i say

'' i know anna your just gonna have to give me some time to get used to this ive never been with a girl'' bailey says

'' ya same here'' i say

i hear baileys cellphone ringing and i fish her cell out of her pocket but i groan a littel when she answers it shes talking to kevin and she keeps nodding her head and from the looks of it it doesent seem good i wonder what it is.baileys hands are shaking at she looks beyond pissed i want to reach out and touch her i do and her hand squeezes mine tightly. i wonder what is going on and it takes her fifteen mintutes before she can get off the phone.

'' shit fucking shit'' bailey screams

'' what is it'' i ask

'' its marcus he went over at my brother kevins house and he started screaming at kevin and asking for my where abouts and thats not all he spray painted the side of the house and it  seems he gave kevin a black eye too and dam all cause of me'' bailey screams

'' bailey its all my fault i should of never got into that fight with him'' i say

we both look fearfully into each others eyes and know instead of fear im replaced with anger i feel my fist tighten up and try to breath so i dont break something. or get another trip to the hospital. when we get to kevins house i can see kevin is yelling at marcus who looks like hes about to knock him first i conseder calling the cops but im not sure if thats so smart. when marcus sees us i can see know that he has a dark evil look on his face.and all i can read on his face is pure anger and hate toward me probably maybe kevin too though i have no idea why he would hate kevin.  but he doesnt fully reach me before kevin blocks us.i dident seem him coming.bailey is still holding me and i can still feel her anger. marcus is laughing as if this is some big joke.

'' im not done with that bitch she gonna pay for taking bailey away from me'' marcus says

'' you aint gonna have time to kill her marcus cause im gonna kill you and you bet i will do that if you dont get off the fucking property and you better watch it'' kevin says

'' oh well well well know your playing mr tuff guy you werent so tuff when i gave you taht mark on your eye'' marcus sneers

'' if you as so try to hurt anna or my sister im coming for you and not just me i know people and they will hunt you down and they will kill you so dont be stupid'' kevin says

'' got my eyes wide open but will you be prepared for what im gonna do to you if you so as try to hurt me'' marcus asks

'' i dont give a dam marcus you dont scare me now get out'' kevin screams 

with that marcus leaves the property and i feel a littel bit relieved but the tension in my muscels havent left marcus scares me know and im sure he'll stop at nothing to hurt me. i look up and i can see kevin is sweating a littel bit.he gives me a smile and pats me on the shoulder.i attempt at faking a smile but i dont think he was any good. i feel weak know and i feel like i havent ate in ages. 

'' kevin it took lots of guts for you to stand up to him'' i say

'' thanks kid if you dont mind i think im gonna go get some ice'' kevin says

once hes out of sight i reach over and hold bailey back in my arms her lips are cold on mine and they tremble a littel bit and to be honest im scared as hell to but all that matters know is being here with bailey in this moment


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